4 Creepypasta Websites You Should NEVER Go On

There is a website that offers. It’s used as the chance to experience the to quote Ultimate horror this website called blind Maiden calm It’s supposedly a site dedicated to a doomed spirit that will enter the home of people who are viewed that site However, no matter how hard you try your browser won’t allow you to enter the site You see to access this site. You must wait until exactly 12:00 a.m. Making sure the night in question is in a new moon night You must be on your own in your home with all the lights turned off Only when these conditions are met You will be granted access to the site As soon as you enter you will see a montage of pictures being displayed quickly These images are of boys and girls without eyes and faces that twisted in tremendous fear after that the text will appear on the monitor saying This website will take you to a whole new level of horror a horror that will use all five of your senses You must be very careful not to click on anything by accident You’ll be faced with a real experience of absolute horror Click the accept button to engage actively in the experience accept and decline If you click decline you will be rewarded with access to the entire archive of these gruesome images Agoura Site pretty much Click exits however, and there will be no turning back You have sealed your fate and trust me you will experience the ultimate horror Upon accepting you’ll see a sinister, silhouette walking towards your home on your monitor The spirits will then approach and enter the same room you are in you Will then see your own back on the monitor? And you’ll feel a presence behind you Suddenly you will feel somebody tapping on your shoulder and as you turn around you’ll see the blind Maidens face and Scream in terror and that will be the last thing you do as she will then kill you The blind Maiden will then pluck your eyes out and take a photo of your face Congratulations you have successfully completed the ritual and as a reward That photo will forever be a part of the website’s picture gallery just like all the other photos of people who are stupid or curious enough to press the accept button and Yes, if you are a thrill seeker, then you’ll love the last few moments of your life One day, I was screwing around at school. I was then a school’s homepage Procrastinating on some random Powerpoint. I should finish On the side of our school’s homepage it showed links for our classes that we use when we go on the computers one of the websites was called www.findingking.com clicked on it But before I did I felt uneasy Like why is this here? It’s not like we’re we’re doing some ancestry project or anything Made me feel odd They made me think of all the stories of things that happened on the internet But I’m just paranoid right the website was rather simple The owner obviously did not care whatsoever about how they were putting things together It was a mostly white page laid out easily with many links To the average person it seemed like a site you’d come across if you mistyped to url in One of the many links laid out was search 87 million grave records As other chill run down my spine This was not right Announced my friend Olivia to look at this site with me. She laughed a bit and logged on to it as well He started the typing names of dead people. We know which their biographies and photos actually showed up another odd thing is Someone has gone around and taken photos of their grave Nearly every deceased family member. I searched a picture of their headstone came up The period Soon came to an end, and I went on with the rest of the school day not thinking about it That night. I got home and I told my mother about it She just laughed and told me how wait it was I? Still didn’t feel right about it Whom their right mind would go round and take photos of random people’s Graves I? asked my mother who the person who added the photo of my great-grandmother’s tombstone was the name was listed and She had no idea in My best interest I decided to prod around the website a bit more I Started typing in names of famous dead people such as kurt cobain There was a feature in a site where you could leave virtual flowers on the grave. Which was kind of thoughtful in my mind But the entire concept of this is still unsettling It was well into the night all of my internet friends are gone to sleep But I drank an entire liter of coke before I thought I should sleep so I was awakened curious Going through the site I started typing random names of a live celebrities to see if they had any one of the same name that is dead then I started to type in people’s names who I knew and myself that was a bad mistake I Typed in my name the Grin spreading across my face when I saw people of the same name I Don’t know why I was so pleased by this, but I was I Clicked on all four of the results looking at where they’re from and what years they died The more I kept looking at those two contributions the more scared I grew I Should have just shut the laptop as soon as I realized that all the dead with the same name as myself are in States surrounding my own The birth dates and death dates were slowly increasing to mine clicking the back button it said showing four of five results Had I missed one I Could have sworn that I went through them already I scroll down further to see the newest Entry I clicked on it We said my birth year and the date of the next day the photo included was me with someone standing behind me at 11:59 just before midnight in the september of 2008 reports of an unexplained Mass suicide, Swept the Globe as thousands of individuals ranging from the age of 12 to 24 Tragically took their own lives for unknown reasons the Very idea of so many youths committing such a terrible act is flabbergasting with no initial explanation Surrounding these events in sight however due to recent reports leaked from Top-secret government files it is now reasonable to assume that the culprit may have been an unusual email sent around the world by an individual whose email account was deemed untraceable by the federal Bureau of investigation Evidence from Suicide notes suggests that this email contain a link to a strange website called Rebeck you’ll fot simcom or Nest of Lucifer backwards The information Gathered surrounding these strange events states that the websites background Betrays Grotesque images of what appeared to be mutilated infant corpses which seem to have a deep red blood leaking from Empty eye sockets and in the Centre of the page a single video It is believed that this video will take a different form to any one individual witnessing it But one factor remains common to all known cases It will constantly portray the observers violent death When interrogated Google employees of claims who have no knowledge of any website called graphical fashion? and it seems the website was actually up for only a month before being closed for unknown reasons the Site has not appeared in any users internet history regardless of whether they deleted it or not The following is a notes recovered from the late Jason Forsythe who tragically took his own life and the 20 of September 2008 to all my family and friends I Beg your forgiveness for this selfish act. I’m about to Commit I Only hope you’ll find it within your caring hearts to understand my reasons for this act When I received the email I assumed it to be nothing more than the tiresome spam I usually receive and I reluctantly clicked on the link contained Therein I saw the video I saw the damn video I Shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have clicked it. But my curiosity got the better of me. I pressed play the video showed It showed me My God, I could scarcely watch the damn thing It showed me it showed me sitting there It showed me sitting at my desk at my computer when this this this thing appeared behind me and the video turned Red The thing looked like a naked humanoid with no visible sexual organs The being did not appear to have any eyes and it opened it opened its mouth and devoured me I screamed as I was devoured oh So so much blood Make me sick I’m sorry sometime after the disappearance of reticle fat centcom intelligence agencies across the world received an email from an unidentified email address saying Don’t worry. I will be back soon smiley face We have no idea if this website will ever return to the internet, but just in case Do yourself a favor that might just save your life never ever log on to refer to Watson comm You have been warned about a year ago I frequented one of those sites where people post a variety of fun pictures videos all kinds of stupid internet Memes I Didn’t do much after school besides sitting on my computer waist and kind back then Sometimes I would browse the newest upload section of a site looking for pictures that might give me a quick laugh or smile internet Connection was slow and laggy So I always skipped over posts of videos Being too impatient to wait for any of them to buffer just to see some 30-second clip of a guy getting hit in the crotch or whatever There was this one time I made an exception I spotted a video called radio host and called Which quickly captured my interest I? Figured something like that was worth waiting a minute or so to watch the video clip turned out to be audio only with a black screen for the entire duration I Probably should have expected that considering the post title did say it was a radio host The man in the video who is being prank called Ran an internet radio show called the Real Eagle Where he apparently spent a few hours twice a week thinking about how the white people are the only real Americans another racist Nonsense like that The guy sounded kind of old maybe in his 40s or 50s and talked another low, sort of grumbling tone He also Went by the Alias dusty Not surprising that he wouldn’t use his real name But what was mainly important here? Is that during the last 20 minutes of every show? He would do a segment where he started accepting phone calls from the audience Needless to say there was hilarious Every single call the guy received was a joke let me tell you it made the guy mad sure, the jokes the caller’s pulled in him were pretty lame, but it was dusty’s reaction made it, so entertaining At one point towards the end of the show you could hear him throw something at the wall Curse far away from the mic as if he were about to leave the room in his anger After I’d seen that video. I started visiting dusty’s webpage at the radio blogging site to listen to the show flies Even without the barrage of prank calls. It was funny enough just been listening to his idiotic events on their own He would say crap like Well you need to purge the blacks and Mexicans from us soil almost on a daily basis The site had a chat room box on the side where everyone that visited mocked the hell out of him during every broadcast Dusty never paid attention to it though the side the host of the show offer had a chat box for every individual broadcast by default So I guess he either never noticed or just didn’t care I Spent the next few months listening to dusty whenever he was on Every Monday and Friday from 8 p.m.. To 11 p.m. He was on the air spouting the same nonsense with the little rewording Despite all the prank calls he received. He would always still receive with a phone call segment at the end of every show New thing by then he would learn his lesson and call it quits But he never did Similarly you could say the same thing about me Nothing really changed of the months that I listened to dusty I wasn’t even one of the people that consistently prank-called in every show to me Listening to the real Eagle was just another way to kill my boredom Sure, the shell was funny But it never really caught on or grossed a huge following At most there were maybe a hundred and fifty people that turned into the show lies at once And I can almost guarantee that every single one of them were there to mock and laugh at him For these reasons what happens during one particular episode took me completely by surprise It was the start of the last 20 minutes of the show Everything up to that point was ordinary My parents are out so I being part to my living room couch with a laptop and headphones Listen to the Pathetic Rantings of dusty now waiting the almost Routine barrage of prank calls from his fans This is where things begun Forget heart Rather than starting the last segment like he usually would Thus the instead they gotten strangely quiet, and then got up Leaving the room without a word several minutes have passed without a sound Everyone in the chat room was going berserk Clearly peeved that they weren’t getting the chance to Harass their favorite bigger Some had even started leaving most likely think that dusty had simply had enough of their crap just left them to sit there like idiots for the rest of the show I Was about to give up and leave the live stream myself Until the distant noise of a door opening sounded through over the broadcast curious to see what dusty had come back for I stopped myself from closing the window listen as I heard dusty re-enter the room there were muffled sounds of him shouting stuff along the lines of Get in here in a few different variations followed by the muted sounds of someone Sobbing I Was now even more curious? Dusty had never once brought another person Gonna show before Every other broadcast it had only ever been him alone doing the show But besides the obvious questions of who this new person was and why they were there Or concern me more is why they were crying Why does do a shout then in such a threatened voice? All of this that caught me off guard Now starting to feel a sinking feeling brewing in my gut The soft crying noise grew louder this dusty and the second person approached still turned on microphone Now closer the crying from the other person was clearer now The sound quality of the microphone dusty used to his show was far from great And you can only hear him clearly when talked directly into the microphone But I could still tell that this person was a woman The Tuner Cries, I could hear her softly pleading please she begged stop it I Wasn’t sure at first due to the scratchy audio, but it sounded like the woman had a accent of some kind I Can tell you which but I think you can understand why that would be relevant to mention? Before my head could fill itself with any more questions dusty himself Began speaking into the microphone With the same threatening authoritative tone it just ordered the woman in In this beautiful land. We live in filthy cretin by these wandering and paint the progress of the true Americans His words were nothing different from anything else. I’ve heard him say in previous shows hearing him say them in the current circumstances carried a sense of dread with him I Was more than a little unsettled at this point. Now is greatly reconsidering the option of leaving the broadcast The chat box which was usually flooding with heckling at the show hosts had noticeably decreased an activity? And imagined that everyone was most likely focusing directly almost on the show right now Dusty continued on speaking more nonsense about a pure race How he would cleanse the us of all who dared attainted I? Can’t probably recall everything he had said at this point as I was more focused on a sound of a woman’s crying This went on for a few moments with me listening attentively Hoping that everything was going to be okay that this one was not actually in any kind of danger Suddenly Rusty’s wealth came to an abrupt stop and was immediately followed by a loud clicking noise the woman began screaming in reaction Her yells gaining an echo as she ran away from wherever the microphone was placed The pleading words from earlier were now intensified in desparate Now loud enough to be picked up by the mic at a distance Please don’t do this just stuff that Was when it hit me I? Couldn’t tell it first to the previously mentioned audio quality issues For that clicking noise must have been a cocking of a gun Dusty was going to shoot this woman My mind did not want to fully accept the belief that this woman was in serious danger There’s no way to deny it now it couldn’t have been a prank the woman’s cries for help sounded too Real I Was now convinced that dusty had caused this woman into the location of wherever it was that he hosted the show from and planned to shoot her I Had completely frozen off In the house, I suppose didn’t man What was in as if I could just pick up the phone and call the cops? This was a radio show on the internet. There’s no way. They’d be able to do anything at least not immediately anyway Panic Began to overwhelm me as a struggle to think of something Anything I could do the woman’s Beggin had Suddenly grown louder It was hard to hear over at a shouting because they also began to say something The ways voices muffled indicated that he had his back to the mic You’ve ruined our land you’re a disease and I’m the cure Unable to do anything else the woman once again pleaded with her attacker You don’t have to do this woman shouted how I’m telling one, please just let me bang Silence all of the noise ceased And the only sound I could hear was the rapid beating of my heart The loud bang it’s an adult through my body Once again, I was frozen in place Not knowing what to do And then my brain finally finished processing Everything I just heard Dusty just killed that woman Upon realizing this my mind began to panic And I started to try and convince myself that this was all just a dream or elaborate hoax all the while hear nothing But the static from the broadcast through my headphones with no sound coming from the Gunman I Shook my head desperately trying to remove the gruesome image of a woman’s dead body from my mind several more minutes of Silence passed I Don’t know why I didn’t just close the browser I Just sat there listening Unable to do anything else atever how long discontinued for But eventually some of my sense began to return to me And I moved my mouse towards the red eggs in the top right corner of the screen But then something stopped me in A tone that sounded as if he were grinning dusty spoke into the microphone one last time They snuck into our country by the ways of the ocean. I’ll make sure they go back the same way one piece at a time And clicked and closed the browser you

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100 thoughts on “4 Creepypasta Websites You Should NEVER Go On

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    jk i was in the listed relatives part of a deceased relative's description, but I was sad over my dead relative.

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  4. And that mass suicide one is why I’m glad that I don’t use my email very much. The thing is basically one giant trash bin.

  5. That last one literally made me feel disgust and hatred for people like that, I know it's just a story but it's terrible that people are actually like this. They use there media to portray hate and anger.

  6. I'm laughing at the findagrave.com thing. I worked for a genealogy site and we used that all the time to help customers find pictures of ancestor's graves. It's just a tool for people who are making family trees, and people take pictures of the graves specifically to help out the sight. I'm just laughing so much.

  7. I actually contribute photos to findagrave.com, it is just a regular site. Usually people who know their ancestors are buried in certain graveyards specifically request photos of it be uploaded.

  8. I see Findagrave all the time. If you look up any deceased person including rock stars ie., Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison. I had no issues with it. (Just for those who may think the site is actually haunted).

  9. I got on find a grave before this video looking for my friends great great uncle (yes he met) aka Jack (dusty) Kliess… I didn't find it and I couldn't find my great great grandmother heh

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    I took my rifle+head flash light 💡 +flashlight. My bf was like “ idk how you can go outside at this time at night, after hearing those videos!”

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    I refuse to test the URL directly.

  14. If a ghost places her hand on my shoulder I'd stroke it and romance the ghost.
    "When interrogated the google employees didn't know about X website" – Yeah no wonder, that isn't scary to not know a stupidly named website that is also backwards just to make it even more annoying to remember or stumble across.
    If you think waiting to see someone getting kicked in the balls is not worth it you deserve (insert creepypasta fate)

  15. These stories were great and Creeps reading of them is very, VERY good so why in the hell would anyone give him a thumbs down is beyond me. I'll definitely be back for more scares Sir Pasta!!

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  18. On the note of "Find a Grave" some records of this could be kept by Mormons. They believe they can Baptise you after death. Though typically none of this involves visiting a grave site I could see a group doing this and have even known of people who kept the location of burial.

  19. The findagrave one irritates me so much. Me and my grandmother use it for genealogy records, etc. and just… Ugh. Stories created from ignorance about certain websites can be very annoying.

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    (Also im not giving away any V-bucks, sorry)

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  22. Okay, I'm a dummy. I clicked on this video thinking these were actual websites to read creepypasta, not creepypastas about websites.

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    Where's smell? smh…

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  28. September is my birthday and it seems that I was a year old when these events were occurring….

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