4 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need To Fix Now!

Hey guys, I’m Alister, I’m the Operations Manager here at Matter Solutions Nice to meet you Alister.

So Alister, clients are constantly come to us with questions at the digital breakfasts and they’ve always questioned so can you tell me what you think a key
mistake so when you create a Google Ads account there’s a lot of things that can
go wrong but probably one of the biggest things is not listening to your data so
whether you’re building out a new account or you’re working on a currently
enabled account when you make your initial changes give the account least
six weeks to collect data that way when you do make changes they’re informed
based on what the information that you’ve received
okay small and large businesses make often the same mistakes they read about
a tactic they think to themselves hey that’s the thing I should do and then
off they go they make a big mistake by rushing in the direction of one thing or
another and often you need to have a sort of a business entrepreneurial kind
of mindset to really think about which bits of digital marketing work for you
and what I mean by that is that very often in terms of marketing what you’re
doing is you’re working in uncertainty so you’re not just saying oh I need to
do a bit of SEO or I need to do a bit of Google Ads or I need to do some Facebook
Ads what you’ve really got to think about is I need to do something that I’m
gonna invest in it’s gonna cost me money until it starts paying money back so how
much money I got and also how soon is it going to be before it starts paying that
money back because maybe you don’t have enough to just invest in SEO for nine
months before it starts to give you any kind of returns think about uncertainty
if you’re going to move in the direction of doing SEO how do you focus in on the
right keywords the ones that are going to make you some money and in that case
it may well be that you need to do a bit of Google Ads Facebook ads and the
Google ads will tell you which keywords to you
and the Facebook ads will help tell you what messages really struck a chord with
people so it’s more to it than just I’m going to do this tactic or that tactic
you can strategically look and even a simple conversation for a small business
of you know I’ve got this much money we need some leads by Christmas let’s do
something well yeah we can actually think about that at a higher level than
just this tactic so to summarize like what’s the biggest
mistake people make the rush they rush into a tactic and maybe that tactic is
going to burn through all of their money or it’s gonna basically waste all their
time and they’re not going to get sort of a business outcome that they really
want that’s what you need to do is think about your business the biggest mistake
I see is people not having a mobile optimized website 68% of users on
digital platforms and our mobile users so if your website isn’t mobile
optimized not only are you going to have issues getting organic traffic but
Google is actively going to penalize you in the search results a great way of
optimizing your website is using a theme that is already mobile optimized so when
you’re first setting up your website by yourself a theme already good to go so
when you’re putting in your photos you’re putting in your content it’s all
ready to go and you’re not having to go back and build a mobile version and your
normal desktop version or higher-ed with that but I’ve said it once and I’ll say
it a thousand times you should be making sure that your conversion tracking is
correct because if you’re not getting that correct then you’re not investing
your money in the right place and that’s where you’re going wrong or even if you
are making sales you’re going to be wasting the data that could be telling
you how to make even more sales you

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    What mistakes have you made or seen be made? What did you do to solve them?

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