4 Essential Tools I Use To Automate My Business

To run a successful
online business, you need tools to help with
systems and automation. Today I’m going to share with
you four of my favorite tools that I literally cannot
live without in my business. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here are some of the benefits
for using tools for automation. It saves time. It works while you’re sleeping. You can service more people. Automation will allow
you to build and expand your online business. Before I dive into
all of these, I want you to understand
that Morgan on the SBZ team handles all of these tools. The first tool I want to
talk about is Ontraport. Ontraport is a business, sales,
marketing automation platform. It literally is what
runs our entire business. This is where we manage
our customer relationships, where we sell and
deliver our products, where we run our
affiliate programs, and where we run our
membership sites. Plus, it does so much more. And yes, we pay for
this amazing tool, and it is a little pricey. But they recently
added a basic version that is significantly
less expensive, and it has a lot
of great features. Here are some of the
benefits of Ontraport. You can track customer contact
and interaction information. First of all, it’s a CRM. It holds our customer
contact information, as well as their information about
emails that they’ve actually received, read, clicked,
and we can tag them. We can tag what campaigns
that they’ve interacted with, what products they have
downloaded or purchased, and we can also tag
interactions that they’ve had with any of our
membership products. Another benefit of Ontraport
is that it empowers us to automate the sales process. So it allows Morgan to
create an order form, process payment, and
build out a set of rules to occur so that we
can automatically deliver our products. You can also automate
your marketing efforts, so if you want to send
out an email based on a customer-specific
action, you can do that. So say you want to send out an
email four days after they’ve purchased the
e-book, and you want to check in to make sure
that they like the e-book. Or say you want to
send an email a day before you have a
consult to remind them of that consult. Ontraport does
all of this and so much more. The next tool I’m going to
talk about is Leadpages. Leadpages is a no
coding required solution to DIY landing pages and
online marketing tools. We’ve been using
Leadpages since day one. They have awesome mobile
responsive landing pages for sales pages,
opt-ins, thank you pages, and everything else you
can think of for your business. Here are some of the
benefits of Leadpages. There are templates
for almost any use, and because Leadpages has so
many templates to choose from, it can be a huge
help, especially if you’re just starting out. Another benefit is that you
can look at the conversion rate for each
template, so Leadpages collects data for the template. And you can sort the data
based on the conversion, so you know which
ones perform, and then you can make an informed
decision based on that. Leadpages has other
awesome features as well. One of our favorites is using
lead boxes for pop-up opt-ins. And a tool that I simply could
not live without is Calendly. Calendly is a simple
scheduling online application. This is where I
send links to people who want to do a
15-minute consult with me, or if they want to
do an hour consult. I need to know on my calendar
when these appointments are scheduled, and it all
happens from Calendly. Here are some of the
benefits of Calendly. It’s free or a very
inexpensive paid option. They have a free
tool that you can use for one event type or a
paid version for multiple types. Event types are just different
kinds of appointments, so our appointments
vary in length of time. As I mentioned, it’s usually a
15-minute free call or an hour consult, but
sometimes we’ll also have the event be
a 30-minute link. When I say link, it
allows you to have a link that you can share with people
so that they can book a time. So now there’s no more back and
forth emailing for scheduling. And one of my favorite
benefits of Calendly is that it syncs with
our Google Calendar. It also syncs with other
email calendar providers. So if I already have something
booked on my calendar at that time, it shows up as
unavailable to my customers. And the fourth tool I want to
share with you that we just cannot live without– or
should I say Morgan can’t live without– is Zapier. Zapier is an online
tool that allows you to automate
moving information between your favorite
web applications. Here’s some of the
benefits of Zapier. It integrates tools that
aren’t integrated regularly. It connects hundreds of
tools and allows them to share information,
so we use Zapier to connect our appointments
with Ontraport. Without this tool,
Morgan would have to manually download the
appointment contact information and upload it to Ontraport. Instead, it gets zapped. It’s a very clever name, and
it zaps them over to Ontraport. This tool is very
inexpensive, and it does not require any coding. All you overachievers,
take note. Yes, that’s you, solopreneur,
entrepreneur, or creative. I do not want you to go out
and do all of these at once. I am simply introducing
these tools to you to see if there
is a spark that’s going to go off for you in
your business in a way that’s going to help you automate
and have more success. If you learned
something new, let me know which tool was
your favorite right here in the comments below. And if you’re watching me
for the very first time, go ahead and click
that Subscribe button. I share a lot of
great information here all around
Instagram marketing and how to grow your
business online. I am thrilled that you’re here
with me, learning with me, and I will see you
on the next video.

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  1. all tools looks good and calendy definitely will be my first. Thank you Sue for taking your time to share this great tools

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