4 Must-Haves for Your Small Business Website’s Layout

Your site’s design is responsible for 94%
of first impressions about your business. And it will take your visitors less than half
a second to decide if they like your website or not. That’s why your site’s layout is a really
big deal. It has the biggest impact on user experience
and conversions—which means convincing a visitor to contact you. These are the site-design elements your business’s
website should definitely include. First, your small business’s website needs
to be easy to use. Visitors should be able to find what they’re
looking for without having to think too hard. That means keeping your site’s navigation
menu organized and intuitive. Make it predictable. Second, your site should be efficient. Cut out the filler—it’s gotta go. Tell your visitors what they need to know
to make a decision, such as the services you offer, what they can expect you to do for
them and whether they’re in your service area. Keeping your content clean, organized and
succinct will allow you to take advantage of negative space on the page, which helps
visitors focus on what’s most important. Next, make sure your site includes powerful
calls to action. The goal of your website is to convert visitors,
so make sure you’re giving users a clear opportunity to contact you. Strong calls to action (or CTAs) should entice
visitors to click, call, fill out a form or schedule an appointment. It’s a good idea to include a call to action
at the end of each section of the page. Finally, make sure your site is responsive—or
mobile friendly. The average person spends over four hours
a day on a mobile device, so not all of your customers are going to find your website on
a computer. If your site visitors have to pinch to zoom
and read your website, you’re doing it wrong. Now that you know the elements of great web
design, take a look at your small business’s website. If it doesn’t follow these guidelines, making
a few adjustments could help you convince more visitors to become customers. Did you enjoy this video? Give it a like, and be sure to subscribe for
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