4 Passive Income Ideas for 2019 (How I Make $30k/Month w/ PROOF!)

– Hey, what is up, everybody? ODi Productions here, and in this video I’m gonna share with you four
passive income ideas for 2019, and I’m actually gonna share with you seven passive income
sources on the screen. Gonna show you proof of earnings just to show you what’s real,
and yeah, that’s basically it. So, for anyone that’s new to
the channel, my name’s Odi. I go by ODi Productions. Just a quick backstory, my background is actually as a music producer
making hiphop beats, and my senior year of UCLA,
I actually dropped out with a 3.5 GPA to pursue online business. I’ve been obsessed with passive
income for seven plus years. Count it. Seven years. But by the time that I was
ready to just jump all-in, it was also senior year at UCLA, and I happen to choose the
passive income lifestyle, and I’ve never looked back. No, just kidding. It didn’t really work out like that. What happened was I was
able to pay my expenses, but then I still had to move
back into my parent’s house, and then get a full-time job. So, I was working the nine to five, and I worked there for about seven months before I got fired, unfortunately. I just wasn’t really invested. I was making my passive income streams. And thankfully, three months after getting fired from that job, which is really embarrassing to say, I was able to take my
passive income businesses to over $10,000 per month,
and I’ve been making over $1,000 per day profit for
at least the last two years, and I’ve never looked back. So, I went from being a
UCLA dropout back in 2015, to it’s now early 2019,
being able to wake up in my dream home. I get to drive my dream
garage every single day. I’m a huge car enthusiast. Have a Porsche 911 Turbo,
and a twin turbo Lamborghini. Not to brag, just that’s my reality. And now I’m here on camera
helping you guys out, and helping people to start
making passive income, and just give back. So, it’s awesome. I mean, this is my dream. I get to wake up and design what I get to do every single day. So now, today, what I wanted to do, and it’s currently 3:30 on a Saturday. I haven’t eaten anything today. Instead of eating lunch, and going out, hanging out with friends, I’m
making a video for you guys because that’s just what I was feeling. I’m in that creative mood. And so, basically, in this
video, four passive income ideas, but actually seven streams. So, I’m just gonna jump
right into the video, but the first thing we need to do is we need to define passive income, okay? ‘Cause there’s a lot of
talk about it on YouTube. There’s a lot of people making
videos on passive income. There’s a lot of debate in the comments. I’m reading people’s comments saying, this is passive income,
this isn’t passive income. What’s really passive income, okay? So, passive income,
there’s no such thing as not investing anything,
and then making money. There’s no such thing as
something from nothing, okay? That breaks the laws of thermodynamics. I mean, there’s no such
thing as making money for nothing, okay? So, to put it simply, if you
want to make passive income, passive income is simply
money that you make after putting in the work,
putting in the investment, whether it’s time or money. Now, to make passive
income, you have to invest either time or money, okay? And it’s simple as that
because if you don’t invest any of those, there’s no
such thing as a money tree that’s gonna generate dollars for you without you investing anything. That’s what everybody wants. That’s what everybody is
trying to find on the internet, but it does not exist. And if you’re looking for that,
you need to get out of here. You need to click off this video and stop watching right now. But if you are willing to
invest your time or money and understand that this is
something that’s not easy, but it’s something that in the future can have benefits that
can have so much ROI, then you’re in the right place. So, passive income, okay? Now, for me, there’s
two sides of the coin. It’s offense and defense. Offense means you’re creating
these passive income sources where you invest your time in order to make some money down the road. Now, what I mean by investing
your time is basically, you put in the work up
front to create something. Now, I’m not saying you
have to create a product, but I’m saying that you
have to create something. Whether it’s content,
whether it’s a website, whether it is an actual product. I’ll get into digital
products later in this video. But you have to invest your time in order to create something,
but the good thing is once you’ve invested your time upfront, you’ve made this thing, then
it can make money for you on autopilot and you
don’t have to touch it. You don’t have to remake
it every single time. Now, when you sell like a physical thing, like let’s say this
microfiber cloth right here, every time you sell one of
these you have to make one. You have to manufacture one, right? Now, in the digital space,
online and with the internet, you can create things that
are digital, such as content, and this can continue to make you money without you having to remake
the content again and again. Now, the other side is what
I like to call defense, which is investing your money
in order to grow your wealth, in order to make more money. Frankly, I’m more of the
offensive side because if you had to choose between
investing your time or money, choose time, okay? Especially if you’re
young, choose your time because the flip side is with money, when we’re talking about the
defensive side of things, you’re not gonna see huge, huge returns when we’re talking about investing
safely and strategically. We’re talking about returns
on the conservative side, two to 3%, and on the
less conservative side, the more risk-averse, we’re
talking maybe 10% or so. Now, you need money to make money, right? Even if you have 10% returns,
if you start with just $100, a 10% return, which is huge, is only $10. Now, if you have 1,000,
a 10% return’s $100. Congrats. You just made $100. I’m gonna show you guys
some income sources here very shortly that have made well over $100 without having to put that
kind of money upfront. I just had to put in my time. Now, here’s the thing. People waste time every single day. You’re probably wasting time
every single day on your phone, on Instagram probably
two, three hours a day scrolling through your explorer feed, DMing girls, whatever you like to do. You’re probably already doing it. You’re probably already wasting time. So, if you’re already wasting
time on your day-to-day basis, why don’t you invest some of that time to create a passive income source, and actually get paid for it, right? Isn’t this like a crazy idea? We’re wasting time every single day. I waste time every single day. I hate to admit it. I’m trying to lessen
the time that I waste, and so making a YouTube video, obviously not a waste of time
at all, but on the flip side, me scrolling through
Instagram, me watching Netflix, me playing video games, me
even going to like a car meet is kind of like a waste of time. In the sense of like a dollar perspective because I don’t get paid to do that. I don’t get paid to do any of those things I just mentioned, right? I wish I got paid to just
scroll through Instagram, but the truth is, I am a normal person who has to trade their time
for money, in that sense. Now, wouldn’t you
rather, instead of a job, I used to work the nine
to five corporate America, get a full-time salary, I know how it is, wouldn’t you rather invest
some time, and then make money, and then not have to do it
again, and again, and again? When you work at a job and
you work the nine to five, you work eight hours a day. You have to put in that
eight hours every single day. Every single day for a year,
for years, for decades. Now, if you create a
passive income stream, you can invest eight hours today, and then what if you got
paid eight hours tomorrow but you didn’t do any work, right? And then what if you got
paid the next day after that? You got paid eight hours,
but you didn’t do any work? Wouldn’t you rather put
up some time upfront? You already do it at a job. You already do it. If you’re unemployed, then
you’re probably at home, and you probably spend
your days doing whatever. Again, scrolling through
Instagram, watching TV. A bunch of useless stuff, really. Hanging out with people, partying. I mean, I like to party,
but I don’t get paid for it. That’s the difference. Now, if you put the time
upfront, you can actually create some real passive income. So, the first income stream
I’m gonna share with you guys is actually called affiliate marketing. Now, if you’ve been subscribing to me, you know me as an
affiliate marketing expert. I can’t help it. This is the business model
that I felt in love with, and it’s completely passive,
and it’s something that I just put so much time and energy into, and made so many mistakes
in through trial and error that I became an expert over time. Again, I’ve been obsessed with passive income for over seven years. My main skill or business
model is affiliate marketing. So, for those of you
who are unfamiliar with what affiliate marketing is, affiliate marketing is
basically just referrals, okay? And the way that affiliate
marketing works online is you get links, and basically, you post these on your website, on your YouTube channel,
maybe on Instagram. Any sort of platform, and
if people click that link and buy something, then
you get paid a commission. So, that’s it. Now, the biggest companies in the world have affiliate programs. Amazon started one of the first affiliate programs back in 1996. It’s called Amazon Associates, okay? Now, the biggest companies in the world, Apple actually has an affiliate program. The largest, most valuable
company in the world has an affiliate program. Tesla has an affiliate program. Sephora, the makeup company,
has affiliate program. Bose, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour. Need I say more? You can literally look up on Google, type in the name of a company, and then type in affiliate after that to see which companies
have affiliate programs. And all of these companies, if they have an affiliate program, they’re willing to pay you money for you to have links that you promote, and if anyone buys through
your links, you get paid. Simple as that. So, the first example I
want to show you guys, actual earnings, is Amazon Associates. So, I’m here in my computer, and we’re seeing Amazon Associates. And one thing I want to say first is that the cool thing about Amazon Associates is you can actually have a ton
of different tracking IDs. So, if you have multiple websites, if you have multiple YouTube channels, if you need to separate your businesses, then you can actually
create separate accounts. So, I’m actually showing you one of my Amazon Associates accounts. I have multiple. And I’m gonna show you one
that actually generated in the last 30 days $321.54. So, let me open that up, and here we are in the Amazon Associates dashboard. And you guys can see this
report over the last 30 days, and you can see the day-to-day earnings. Some days, boom. $37.55 that day. And then you can just
look at the earnings. $27, $25. And you’ll see a total earnings, $321.54. The revenue was over 5,000. This is how much I sold, actually. This is how much product
people bought through my links, but this is how much I actually take home. So, $321.54. So, obviously, if you look at the title and if it says $30,000 per month, then $321 doesn’t seem like a lot, but if we think about this,
this is a car payment. This is like a BMW payment. Now, I’ve never leased a car in my life, so I don’t know what the
payments are like these days. I know a lot about the used car market. I know a lot about financing, and I know that $300 a month can definitely afford
to lease a BMW 3-Series. Maybe actually, yes. I know that this can finance
a BMW, a used BMW 3-Series. Might be a little older. Might not be fully loaded,
but hey, you know what I mean? It’s still good enough. So, $321 from Amazon Associates. This is from one of my
Amazon Associates accounts. And just full disclaimer,
I’m not gonna show you guys every single one of my
affiliate marketing sources, but I am showing you five, okay? I’m giving you guys five today, alright? That’s five more than a lot of people will ever even show you on YouTube, so you need to thank me for that. So, let me move on to
product number two, okay? I’m gonna go ahead and log
into product number two, and then I’m gonna show
you guys this source, which is, it’s a pretty big one. Alright, so here we are into
affiliate product number two, and I told you it was gonna be a big one. But basically, in the
last 30 days, $21,126.50. You guys can see the day-to-day earnings, and you can see 997. Close to $1,000 there. $700 there, $1,400, 500, 500. And as you guys can
see, pretty big source. I mean, you know, it’s crazy, too, because the truth is about this source is I haven’t touched this one
in about five months, or so. I haven’t touched it. Autopilot. Haven’t done anything,
haven’t maintained anything. Haven’t created any sort of new content. Haven’t updated the website. Haven’t done any sort of
promotions, or email blasts, or anything like that. Literally autopilot. And I want to mention,
backtrack a little bit to the Amazon Associates earnings because I haven’t touched
that Amazon Associates for that website in over two years. So, I’m talking about
getting $300 a month, but I haven’t touched it in two years. Now, if that’s not passive
income, then I don’t know what is because this is literally
without touching it, guys. And I don’t have to lie. I’ve been doing this for years. You guys can see my videos from 2017 showing affiliate marketing earnings. Again, it’s something that
I have put all my time, and effort, and energy into
learning and mastering. And I’ve been able to
take not just myself to the $1,000 per day mark,
but I’ve been able to take a student recently from zero
to $1,000 per day profit with affiliate marketing. So, when it comes down to it,
this is my bread and butter. So, this is the second
affiliate source right here. I mean, speaks for itself. There’s nothing more to say. So, let me move onto the next
affiliate product right now, and then I will show you guys the earnings from affiliate product number three. Alright, moving on to
affiliate product number three, and I’m a little bummed
because unfortunately, the way that they do the timing
in this affiliate dashboard is that it says it’s March 10th, 12 a.m. But it’s 4 p.m. on Saturday, which is the 9th here in San Diego. Basically, my beef is this was
at 1,100 in the last 30 days, but now it’s only showing
$767 because it updated, but you know what? I’m not going to cry over spilled milk. $767.24. That’s how much we’re getting in the last 30 days from
affiliate product number three. Haven’t touched this one
in I think almost one year. So, pretty crazy, and one
thing I want to say is, just because I haven’t touched
something in like a year, two years, six months,
it doesn’t mean that I can’t go back and then
bring this affiliate source back up to whatever it was. ‘Cause if you guys do the math, this obviously, $767 over
the course of a year, this is about… Math is not my strong suit. Seven times 12 is 84. $8,400, but then you have the 67. So, let’s just say nine grand, okay? Let’s say nine grand. So, over the course of a
year this is nine grand, but you guys can see the lifetime earnings and how much I’ve been paid
is actually over $35,000. So, oh, and this is for one day of work. You’re just gonna have
to take my word for it. This is one day of work. One day of work to make $35,000. To make someone’s salary
in one day of work. If that’s not passive income,
then I do not know what is. So, that’s, yeah, that’s
affiliate source number three, and with any of these sources, again, I can take these back up to the
level that they were before, but because of new business
opportunities that are at hand, and a lot of the stuff that
you guys don’t even see, just stuff that’s behind the scenes, other opportunities and businesses, I’ve decided to just move on from these, but that doesn’t mean that they
didn’t serve their purpose. And I mean, $35,000. I know you can buy a BMW for that. So, let’s move on to the
next affiliate source. Let’s keep it moving. Alright, affiliate product number four, and we are looking at the
last 30 days, $476.40. I know you guys were getting tired of seeing that old dashboard. Here’s a new product. Totally different from the last two. Yeah, you can see last 30 days, $476.40, which again, compared
to the $21,000 product, it doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but I know for a fact that
this can pay some bills. Car payments, it can pay insurance. It can go towards the rent, and you guys can see
that all-time, however, I’ve also generated over $34,000. And this is in my earnings. You guys can see earnings. I know you guys can see revenue. Earnings, revenue. Earnings, this is what I
actually get to take home. So, you guys can see, last
30 days 500 bucks, or so. Not bad. It can pay some bills. But then all-time, over $30,000. This was about a week full of work, and I would say that that
week was probably worth it. So, that’s number four. I’m moving onto the last
affiliate source right now. Alright, fifth and final
affiliate product source. This one’s totally different
from the others that you saw, and you can see in February, I was paid a total of, let me just see right here, $213.50. So, $213.50 in February. And again, so let’s look at the affiliate earnings just overall. This will help us to break things down, and you guys can see I showed
you five different sources. All different, too, by the way, and five different sources,
that means different products, different brands, different networks, and I showed you Amazon Associates. That was the first one. Then products two through
five, and they ranged from $213 in a single month, to as high as $21,000 in a single month. Now, at the end of the day, these are all affiliate products, which means they’re not my own, and they are truly
passive, in the sense that I haven’t touched these in
five months, six months, eight months, 10 months,
a year, two years, three years, even, and it’s
still generating income. And if we even take that 21,000 ’cause it just looks like such an anomaly compared to everything else, if we took this out of the equation and you still added up products
one, three, four and five, I mean, we are still looking at close to, it’s over $1,600. So, $1,600, even if you take
out this product right here, and this is passive income. So one thing that I was thinking about before I was making this video is, it’s about that time that people are getting their tax return, right? Now, I haven’t gotten
a tax refund in awhile. I always had to pay
taxes, which is a pain. But when people get their tax return, I know that it’s a time where people get one big chunk of cash, right? And it’s like a bonus check, basically, and you can invest it,
you can go buy something that you always wanted to buy. Maybe it’s like a new
laptop, or something. And I know it’s a lot of
money for most people, okay? Now, with that being said,
imagine you were getting a bonus check every single month. Instead of just one time a year, what if you were getting a bonus check every single month, right? So, that $1,000 check, $2,000 check. What if this was coming
in every single month, and you were getting
that on top of let’s say, you do work a job, right? You work a nine to five, and you get paid an extra thousand, 2,000 a month. That’s where things start
to get really exciting, especially once we start to talk about defense and investments. Being able to create an income source that generates a thousand a
month, 2,000 a month, but even as low as 200 a month,
400 a month, 700 a month, I mean, this is still a net
positive, you know what I mean? If you’re wasting your
time every single day, and every single week,
and every single year, why don’t you just invest
some of that time to build up some passive income sources so that a year from now, two years
from now, three years from now, five years from now you can
start generating a hundred, 200, 300, 500, $1,000 a month
in completely passive income? Autopilot. It’s very possible to
take these income streams and combine it with your passion, and end up doing what you love doing. For me, it’s music and music production. If I was able to do that every single day and make a full-time living,
which I was able to achieve, by the way, that right there
is the dream, you know? So, with that being said, let’s just add up all the
affiliate marketing earnings for the last month, and
it was just under $23,000. If you extrapolate that
to an annual estimate, it’s $274,862. $274,862.16. Not too bad for an
annual income passively. Passive income, right? So, yeah, that’s the first source, which is affiliate marketing. Now I’m gonna move onto the second thing because by now, you guys
have probably heard me just gush about affiliate marketing, but it’s just because
I believe in terms of creating a passive income
stream, there’s nothing better. But let’s move onto number two, and this is one that
most people on YouTube probably focus on more, and you guys can actually see it right here, which is YouTube ad revenue. Now, I’m not gonna show you guys earnings because I believe the terms of service, you’re not allowed to do
that, so I’m just gonna err on the side of
caution and not do that. But instead, I’ll give you guys a range, which is totally allowed,
and the range on average is between 5,000 to $9,000 per month. Over the course of a year, that’s 60 grand to 108
grand a year from YouTube. Now, I’m gonna say a few things. Get a few things out of the way. One, you know I have a
decent sized YouTube. At the time of this video,
171,000 subscribers. That’s nothing to scoff at. I know it’s not huge,
you know what I mean? It’s not being like a
YouTuber, in my opinion, but it’s a significant amount. Now, with that being said, I’ve uploaded, before this video you’re
watching right now, one video in 2019. One video. Actually, two. Two before this. So, two videos in 2019. One of them was just an update video. The second one was like
my first big video. So, two videos before this video in 2019. It’s March 9th. I’ve uploaded two videos
and it’s March 9th. I will that in the last 30
days, or the last 28 days, whatever YouTube shows in the analytics, the ad revenue is in this range, okay? Wink, wink. So, I can say for a fact that even with just uploading
two videos this year, before watching this one, which
guys are watching right now, it is between the 5,000 to 9,000. So, when you consider that,
that’s passive income. If I haven’t touched this, I
barely touched this all year, and I know there’s YouTubers, they upload three times a
week, four times a week, five times a week, seven times a week. I don’t do that. Why? Because I make passive income, and when you make passive income you don’t need to upload
videos every single day. But I do it when I feel like it. I do it when I want to. And I do it when I feel like giving back. Thankfully, now that things are in place and I got a new camera, which
I’m not using, by the way, I’m using my web cam, now is the time to get back on the YouTube, get back, and I love making content, and I love interacting with you guys. My last video, if you guys didn’t see it, how to make $1,000 a day
passive income, 2019, and the response on that was so amazing. And getting to interact with
you guys in the comments, like, I love it. So, if we can do that again this video, make sure to smash the thumbs up button. Just absolutely, just
destroy that thumbs up button and put a comment below letting me know. And if you guys are interested
in more videos like this, make sure to comment passive income. I want to hear that in the comments. So, sound off, and then
I’ll get back to you guys. If you guys comment passive income and you give me a question, then chances are I’ll
answer your question. So, with that being
said, YouTube ad revenue. This is passive because
you make the video, and then it makes money for
months and years to come. That’s passive income. Now, is being a YouTuber
a passive income job? I would say no because if
you have to make videos every single week in
order to keep this up, and your income is not
determined by your performance, it’s determined by a variety of factors, the algorithm, how many
views your video gets, things out of your control,
you know what I mean? It’s a tough job, I gotta say. And I’m glad that I’m not
like a full-time YouTuber because honestly, I wouldn’t know where the money would
be coming in and out of every single month, you know what I mean? Luckily, for affiliate marketing, I mean, rain or shine you’re gonna
be making some money. If you can make the
sales, you can make money. Rain or shine, doesn’t matter
if you upload once a week, doesn’t matter if you upload once a year, you can still make money. Now, with YouTube, doesn’t work that way. Any YouTuber will tell you. If you don’t upload consistently, if you stop uploading for six months, if you stop uploading for a year, you’ll just see that YouTube
just drop like a rock. Okay, let’s move onto the
third passive income idea, and this is creating a digital product. Okay, so I want to make a disclaimer. I’m not talking about my
entrepreneurship courses, or programs, or education trainings, or anything like that, which I do have. In fact, on my YouTube,
I’ve never showed earnings from my courses or from my programs ever. I’ve only shown affiliate earnings. So, I know a lot of people on YouTube. I’ve seen it and I know it because if they show a stripe account, it’s because they are showing
their course earnings, hint-hint, and they’ve
used their course earnings to try and make it seem like
they made affiliate earnings, to make it seem like they made
earnings from their business like their e-commerce business. But actually, I mean, if it’s a striped dashboard, it’s courses. Let’s be honest. So, with that being said, I’ve never shared that on my YouTube. I’ve never shared my course earnings ever. Why? Because I believe that if my
expertise is passive income through affiliate marketing, the only thing I need to show
you is my affiliate marketing. My actual performance in the
craft that I specified, right? So, with that being said,
creating a digital product. What’s a digital product? Now, I don’t want you
guys to be thinking about an online course, okay? Well, I don’t want you
guys to be thinking about oh my gosh, I have to
make a make money online entrepreneurship course
like all these gurus. No, I’m talking about
something very simple. I’m talking about something like an ebook or a workout guide. I’m talking about something
that’s low ticket. Like if you make a workout
guide that’s 30 pages in a PDF, you show ’em some workouts,
you have some pictures, you sell ’em for about
37 bucks on Instagram, that’s a digital product. Now, what’s cool about a digital product versus the old, traditional
way of working a job and trading your time
directly for money is you make the digital product one time, and you can sell that for years to come. Other than doing some
updates here and there, sprucing things up, I mean,
you make the product one time and you get paid 37 bucks,
37 bucks, 37 bucks, 37 bucks. You get those emails. $37. Ding. Right to your email every
time someone buys it. It gets distributed
automatically through email. We have technology. We have things in place
where we don’t have to actively, we get a sale and then have to send it out via email ourselves. We can literally have
systems that do this for us, and it’s the same thing
with affiliate marketing. I have systems that sell for me. I don’t have to touch them. I don’t have to maintain them. It’s on autopilot, and it
consistently gets sales month over month, over month, over month, and that’s how you see
big results like this. So, with that being said, digital product, in my opinion, is more passive
than YouTube ad revenue, but it’s not as passive
as affiliate marketing because when you’re an affiliate, you don’t own the product or company, so you don’t have to deal
with customer service, or shipping, or distribution, or refunds, or any of that headache. I’ve created digital products before, and the one I’m gonna show you
is actually one I’ve created I think back in 2014 or ’15. This was before I was doing any of the entrepreneurship stuff on YouTube. But basically, I had a course
on a platform called Udemy. Alright, guys, so here is
the platform called Udemy. It’s a website where you can
literally learn anything. And I mean, if you look through these, if you want to learn
how to use the software, if you want to learn more
stuff about business, if you want to learn how to do Muay Thai, if you want to do mixed martial arts, then you can learn that on Udemy. You can learn music production, which is one of the courses
that I actually taught, and I’ll show you guys the earnings. And you guys can learn anything, anything on Udemy, honestly. Well, I shouldn’t say anything. Most things on Udemy, right? So, basically, you can just see all these. Now, the truth is there are so many people out in the world who have, you guys have knowledge about an industry, or you have knowledge about
it could be a certain niche, or industry, or market, or skill, right? That you developed over the years. It could be a hobby. It could be something that you like to do that’s your passion. Now, if you have this knowledge, it’s possible to monetize that knowledge by creating something
like an online course. So, I want to actually show you
guys my earnings from Udemy, and I think I created these courses, I want to say like, 2015. It was a long time ago. Let me just tell you that. It was a long, long time ago
when I was a music producer, and I was still producing. I was making my living
basically, selling beats, and running my first website. But basically, I did
courses on music production, so that’s what you guys see here. Mixing, mastering,
composing, making beats, mixing vocals, mastering
vocals, and so, yeah. So, let me just show you
guys the earnings from that. I’m just gonna click here. And you guys can see
that in February of 2019, so I made $68.18. Nice, right? 68 bucks. Okay, please don’t laugh at that. $68 for something I haven’t touched in let’s say, four years. I mean, that’s pretty good. Now, when you look at the total revenue, I think this is all time. Oh, maybe this is just the last, this might just be the last 12 months. All time? Let’s see. Yeah, okay. It’s all time. So, you guys can see, oh, back in 2015. That’s the last time I touched this. 2015, $5,469.41. Not bad for this is something where I created those courses, right? I created those courses
on music production, which is I’ll just tell
you guys the truth, is not a very lucrative,
money-making niche. I’ve learned that. But with that being said, I mean, being able to take my knowledge, and 2015, I mean, dang, I was young then. I was still in college
at that time, I think. But basically, being
able to make over $5,000 from teaching people music production, which was something that
I already knew how to do like the back of my hand,
it wasn’t hard for me to make this course, basically. And earning over $5,000, I mean, I think most people would
accept $5,000, right? If you were to offer someone
$5,000 for something that they already do and something that they already love like their passion, then I mean, why not take that, right? So, that’s the third thing I want to show you guys is creating
a digital product. Now, the reason why I’m not including my entrepreneurship courses, or programs, or anything is because I want to make this applicable to everybody, okay? Anybody who’s watching
this because the problem is if we talk about make money online, and again, the problem is a lot of gurus like to use their course
earnings to prove that they are business-savvy in their craft, which is not true at all. But basically, I just
want to show you that if you’re a normal person, I mean, there’s probably courses
on basket weaving. I know that that’s a running joke when it comes to taking majors
in college that are useless. Basket weaving, underwater basket weaving, stuff like that, you can still make money no matter what your hobby is, okay? That’s the thing that I
want people to realize is when you look at Amazon Associates and you can promote any
product Amazon, and get a link, and then get commission, that means this opens up the world to any
sort of passion or project. Any sort of hobby that you
have, no matter how weird or how niche that you think it is, there’s probably still some
money to be made in it, okay? Now, I’m gonna move on to the
fourth passive income idea. This is the last one I’m
gonna share with you, and it’s defensive, and
it is investing, okay? So, I haven’t done much talk
about investing on my channel, and the first thing I have to say is since I am not a financial advisor, you need to consult with a professional for any sort of financial advice. So please, just know that. It’s a little disclaimer. I can’t be giving
professional financial advice because I do not have the credentials, so I just need to get that out of the way. And that’s the same for anything. Legal, tax-wise, people ask
me questions about that stuff. I do have experience in those fields, but the thing is, I can’t
give you professional advice because I am not a professional. So, just getting that out of the way. Now, let’s talk about defense. Investment accounts, brokerage accounts, investing into funds, index funds, mutual funds, Vanguard funds. So, one thing that’s really cool, and it’s different from the last three passive income ideas I showed you, the last three passive income ideas under the seven sources I
showed you, are all offense. They are trading my time for money. Well, trading time to create
a product that in turn, will generate money for
months and years to come. That’s not a bad deal
if you compare that to a regular nine to five job. Now, with all that being said, however, the defensive side of things
are saving, budgeting, and investing into your
traditional stocks and funds. And it’s not the most exciting
thing in the world, okay? It’s definitely not exciting for me because like I said, if you were to get two to 3% annual return
on $100,000 investment. So, let’s say you have this account and you put 100 grand into
it, which let’s be honest, not everyone has 100
grand just lying around, over the course of a year,
you would see that grow, and you would earn two to $3,000
over the course of a year. Which is over the course
of a year, that’s not bad. That’s probably more than
most people’s tax return or tax refund, so that’s
pretty good, again. Now, with that being
said, two to $3,000 a year through one of these sources, I mean, you can take any one of these smaller ones and you would see returns
that are at the same level, if not much higher, right? And this is just one product. One product right here, this
over the course of a year is $2,400, a little bit over that. 2,400, but you would need 100 grand with a two, 3% annual return
just to make the same money. So, do you see where I’m coming from in terms of loving offense versus defense? Just to give a little
analogy like with sports, they say offense is the best defense, and the reason why was
shown in the Super Bowl. If you guys watched the
Super Bowl this year, it was not very exciting, unfortunately, but I am a big Tom Brady fan, and I do believe he’s
the greatest of all time. I believed he’s the greatest of all time before he even won this ring. He didn’t need to get another
one to prove it, but he did, and now I think the case is closed shut. Now, with that being said, in that game if you cannot put points up, it doesn’t matter how
good your defense is. If you cannot put points up on the offensive side of the ball, you’re not gonna win the game. It’s simple as that ’cause
at the end of the day, you could have the best
defense in the world, but if you’re not putting
points on the board you’re not gonna win the game. So, that’s why I’m so
offense versus defense-heavy, because I just know that if
you invest the time, right? You can basically earn so much more than playing the defensive side of the ball just by investing your time. Now, on the flip side, saving, budgeting and investing is boring, but it’s actually a crucial part to growing
and maintaining wealth. I should say maintaining because
a lot of people make money, but they can’t hold onto it. They lose it because they
don’t know how to save. And if you guys think
that it’s hard to spend $100,000 a month, just wait until you get your hands on $100,000 a month. Trust me. There are a lot of things in this world that you can easily lose
and spend 50 grand a month, 75 grand a month, 100 grand a month on. I mean, there’s a lot of things out there. There’s a lot of nice things,
a lot of luxury things, okay? So, with that being said,
it doesn’t really matter how much money you make if you
cannot protect your wealth, if you cannot maintain your wealth, okay? And there are so many
people who come and go because they’re able to
have a hot month, right? They hit 100,000 in a single month, and then they lose it all
because they spend it all. Half of it goes to taxes,
which they did not count for. And that’s how people go bankrupt. Simple as that. People, they just don’t plan,
and they don’t plan ahead, and you gotta be smart about this. So, with that being said,
this is the first time I’m talking defensive, I’m
talking about investments on my channel, I believe,
but I’ve actually had a brokerage account, investment account for multiple years, dating back. I’ve had it for at least a few years, and I’ve done my research,
and I’ve consulted with a lot of financial advisors, actually. And so, with that being said, I’m just gonna throw this
idea out there to you guys, but imagine you had this account, right? This investment account,
and whether you work a full-time job, or let’s say
you’re an entrepreneur, right? And you’re making money through these different income streams, if you’re not a successful entrepreneur like right now watching this, and let’s say you are
working a job, right? You are working, whether
it’s minimum wage, hourly, whether it’s salary, I think
the best position to be in is to have something steady like that, and then to be building up
your passive income streams through any of the three
ideas that I shared with you, and to be building that up on the side, and to take basically,
anything that you earned from your businesses and
put it into an account. I mean, the best thing
would be to reinvest into your business to grow them, but if you were more conservative and you just wanted to have
extra disposable income, then if you were to take that money that you earned on the side, it would basically be all profit because at the time, if
you’re working a job, that can cover all your expenses, and then leave a little bit
more for disposable income. Now, anything you earn from your business, whether it’s 1,000 a month, 2,000 a month, or 500 a month, 300 a month,
no matter how big or small, if you were to take that and put it into an investment account and invest
into it every single week, or every single month, right? Over the course of a year, you would really get to see that grow. And I have to admit one thing. Even though I’m super huge on the offense, and for me, I just know that people have the ability to be earning 1,000, 2,000, $3,000 a month through online business,
with that being said, when you’re looking at
an investment account and you see that money
growing, no matter how small, even if it just earns $20
from one day to the next day, the thing about this is that when you throw $1,000
into this account, right? Or $5,000, or 10,000, and you
see it grow every single day, maybe it goes up and down, up and down, but you see it grow over time. So, let’s say the two to 3% annual return, which is conservative,
but it’s on autopilot. You don’t touch it, and
it still is making money. It’s, very, very, very, very exciting. It’s almost addicting
watching that number grow when you’re not doing anything. It’s just fascinating,
to be honest with you. And again, it doesn’t matter how big or small your account is. What matters is just seeing this grow, and also, adopting the mindset that you’re willing to invest and set aside a portion of your income,
whether it’s your job, your salary, or your business. Set aside a portion of that income, put it straight into this
account, and watch it grow, okay? It’s very, very exciting, and I know when you see numbers like 21,000 a month, you’re just thinking, you’re
not thinking about saving. You’re not thinking about budgeting. You’re not thinking about
investing, but I want to say that if you have a smart approach about things where you’re making money but
you’re saving money, as well, and then if you are spending money, which I definitely am not
against spending money at all, but with that being said,
you want to make sure you have your bases covered, you know? You want to have that piece of mind. That feeling of comfort. That okay, everything is covered. My expenses are covered. I have enough cash to pay
for a year of expenses without making any income. That gives you freedom. It gives you peace of mind,
and it gives you freedom to get a little risky, and to take risks, and take opportunities, and take chances when you know you have
this kind of cushion, this safety net, right? So, that’s the last
thing I wanted to share. So, these are the four
passive income ideas, and these are all
passive in the sense that you either invest your time or money, and then it makes you money
basically on autopilot once you’ve done that. And so, I hope that you
guys enjoyed this video. I want to be as transparent as possible and share with you some real ways that I actually make money in ways that I try to maintain the income that I have generated from let’s
say, digital products, ad revenue, affiliate marketing. It means nothing if you lose it all, if you spend it all, if
you blow it all away, and so, I just wanted to just
share that with you guys. And the last thing I wanted
to say for this video before we wrap up, if you
guys like stuff like this, remember, leave a thumbs up, and comment below, passive income. You can include a question if you want. I’m very active on the YouTube comments. You guys can see my YouTube videos. I respond to mostly every
comment that is constructive. And so, with that being
said, the last thing I want to offer you guys is I actually just launched my free two-hour
passive income master class, specifically about affiliate marketing, but it’s about passive income in general, and how basically, I went
from a broke college student to making a full-time passive
income with my first website just by reviewing headphones. And then other than that, I also share what are the three biggest problems that prevented me from scaling
from $100 per day. Okay, so from $100 per day to making over $1,000 a day with
my passive income streams with affiliate marketing. And then the last thing I share is I debunk the biggest myths about
starting an online business that I see every single day. In fact, in my last video, I
saw so many of those myths. Is it over-saturated, right? Do you need a lot of
money to invest into this? Do I need to buy a lot
of products to review? Guys, all of these are myths,
and if you want to see why, you need to watch that master class ’cause I made it just for you guys. So, with that being said,
you guys can sign up for the free two-hour master class. In the description below
there will be a link, and the last thing I just want to share is if you’re interested in mentorship, ’cause I get people who
messaged me about that, and comment about that, my new program Passive Income Lifestyle
has just been amazing over the last three months. And if you guys don’t know what it is, you guys can learn more on my website. But basically, I’ve been able to do like a group coaching and show people an eight week program to take them from complete beginners, zero experience, and I’ve surveyed my
students, and I know that a lot of them came from
zero to little experience, and I was able to take
some of those students. For example, Jonathan from
basically just starting out, finishing the program. He within the first eight weeks, he was able to generate $1,500 in profit, 100% profit margin within two weeks, but then he just had his
first four-figure day. He made over $1,000 in a
single day, passive income, and I’m so proud of him,
and it’s just insane the results we’ve been able to get. But if you guys want to
learn more about that, that’s on my website, as well. ‘Cause I know some
people were asking about affiliate marketing champ, which
was my first online course, and actually, we are closing that. I announced that in the
last two videos, I believe, so if you guys are in the loop, I am closing that program for good. Forever, forever. So, that’s just a heads up, ’cause some people are
still asking about that. So, I figured I’d clear
that out of the way. But so, yeah, with that being said, if you guys enjoy this, remember
to subscribe to my channel. Hit the notification
bell because when I drop a video like this you don’t
want to be missing out on these passive income ideas, right? You don’t want to be
missing out on this content ’cause I’m trying to give
you guys as much value, and as much knowledge and
inspiration as possible. So, if you guys enjoyed it, interact with me in the comments below, and I will see you guys on the next one. Take it easy. Have a great weekend, and
I’ll see you guys later.

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