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Hello friends,my name is Sahil Khanna,you are watching Intellectual Indies and today we will talk about 4P’s of marketing We also call it as “Marketing Mix” So what is 4P’s of marketing? This is basically 4 things : Product,Price,Place and Promotion Mixture of these 4 things is known as 4P’s of marketing These 4 things decides success or loss of any product What is your product,what are its varieties,sizes? How is th packing done?It is of which brand and how is the branding done? All these comes under Product Second thing is Price What is the price of your product? How much discount are you offering? What is your Payment term? All these comes under Price Third thing is Place Where are you selling your Product? Where is your inventory? What is your supply chain network? What is availabilty of your product? At how many places your product is available? All these comes under Place So 4th P is Promotion How are you taking your product to the target audience? How are you telling your target audience that you sell this product? These are the “specifications” of your product. All these comes under Promotion You can do this through ads,PR or direct marketing To understand all these things,let’s take example of JIO I will not go into the history of what have they acquired or what have they done I will discuss about its Product-Price-Place-Promotion Their Product is 4G sim Pricing is free in its current staage In future there may be a plan worth 150 providing unlimited STD calls,100 messages,1-2GB internet which will me more than sufficient So this the way of their Pricing earlier they were available only at Reliance Digital stores. Now they have also started Home Delivery If you are buying any product from Amazon,it shows that you can buy JIO sim with this This is their Place module This is their Supply chain network By which way they want to reach the consumers? So how have they done Promotion? Now there are TV ads about JIO,but earlier there were no TV ads about this,but still everyone had JIO sims They added their “marketing budget” in “pricing” which means they made their product free and added the cost of the product to the marketing budget due to which they got mouth publicity and they were top story the news “JIO,JIO,JIO” was everywhere They have not done any type of promotion,neither TV ads or anything. But still it is a successful product That was their Promotion strategy So guys,this topic ends here. I hope you understood the topic If you liked the topic,please like,share and subscribe. Thankyou

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47 thoughts on “4 P’s of Marketing| Marketing Mix |Philip Kotler |Product-Price-Place-Promotion| Hindi

  1. thnq thnq so much sir😊😊 bht acha smjhya great job even ki mera iss topic mein interst ni tha btw now it's Helps me altt

  2. Your sessions helps a loottttttt Sahil …. amazing way of explaining the things in easy n common words..recently I have been given the task to take MM classes but I wasn’t aware of but the moment I started watching your sessions … it’s just like ….on cloud nine it comes sooooo easy n with ease I am taking my classes of my mba students … once again thanks a lotttt buddy … keep it up great work👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. If u don't know about marketing Sahil khanna, don't tell wrong thing about marketing,u relate place with inventory what's jocking

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