4 Sneaky Ways to Get More Business From Your Website | Learn How to Get Leads Fast

You have a website. It’s getting traffic
traffic is amazing but if no one turns into lead what happens you don’t make
any money hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to teach you how to
generate leads from your website the first thing you can do is include
contact forms if you don’t have contact forms on your web page no one’s going to
convert into a lead if you don’t know how to create contact forms no worries
just go to woo phu kham it’s a free tool that you can use
you go to ruku and you can create contact forms with any fields out there
you can even log in to Luke foo to see all the lead that you’re generating it’s
that simple the second thing you can do is use hellobar it’s a free tool and
through it you could do pop-ups upon exit or you can duel armed Bell right
that showcases on the bottom right of your website and after 10 or 20 or 30
seconds whatever setting you want to put it to it pops up and within there you
can add in form fields so then that way you can generate leads from any page of
your website the third thing you can do is within your blog posts or content
pages link to pages that have form fields so I’ll link to my contact page
because there’s a form field there right or I link to my consulting page or I add
in ads within my blog post and that are as for my own web pages right it’s my
own site that drive people to pages that have forms that way it can collect more
leads from all my blog visitors the fourth thing you can do is within your
sidebar of your web pages make sure you add a contact form it’s really simple so
that way no matter what page people are on they can submit their information if
you don’t want to do that within your sidebar you can put a link to the pages
that have your contact forms so if you just use those four simple tactics
you’re going to generate more leads from your website today

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7 thoughts on “4 Sneaky Ways to Get More Business From Your Website | Learn How to Get Leads Fast

  1. Hey Neil. I am loving this new series, a lot of priceless content. Just a tip, the audio sounds a bit too echoey, i recommend you get some sound absorbing panels ( A.K.A acoustic pannels) and stick them to the walls.

    You can also improve the audio quality in post production with programs like Adobe Premiere.

    I found this video really useful : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPYt10zrclQ

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks again,

  2. Love the Bell idea. It's not as distracting as a pop-up, but still creates interest enough for most people to click on it. Nice!!

  3. Thanks for the great video Neil. A couple of questions.
    1) If we already have online chat installed in our website do you think contact forms are still needed in several pages?
    2) We want to install a pop up feature to trigger email collection for people who don't register when they visit. Would you go for a) a pop up banner with a good give away when someone enters the site, b) an exit pop up when someone tries to leave the site or c) something more innovative like leadquizzes? I guess you have to choose just one of those in order to avoid being to intrusive right?

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