4 Tips to Well start SEO for your Ecommerce site

4 Tips to Well start SEO for your Ecommerce site SEO is a fast-evolving machine, which follows the latest trends
of search engines algorithms Since the beginning, everyone is trying to find the easiest way
to the top of search engine result pages, with minimal efforts It’s very important to keep in mind that search engines always try to
rely on real user’s perception and thinking to make their judgement So don’t overthink your SEO, and try to make the best
experience for your users, it’s a long-term investment – Tip ♪1 – Build a clear
architecture and organization Firstly, your website should
be easily understandable The main e-commerce solutions offers you
categorizing options that you should absolutely use Prestashop has very powerful options that drives
your visitors quickly to the product they need, but also helps search engines to understand which pages
are the most important, and which products are connected So, make sure your visitors can reach any
of your products in 3 clicks maximum! Tip ♪2 Have a content-oriented strategy The second important point is to have
well-detailed, and original product pages Search engines use the content of your pages to see what’s
important in it, and what keywords your page has to rank on The content on your website must absolutely be
original, and not taken from another website Rank Penalties because of duplicate contents, also known
as Google Panda, can be very disastrous for your website! Creating content can be very time-consuming, but you won’t be able
to rank if search engines can’t understand what your page is about! Help it by using related terms
and the entire lexical field Tip ♪3 Increase your popularity Popularity is a very important
matter in search engines algorithms It’s measured by the number and the quality
of links from others websites to yours If you can gain new links naturally from bloggers for example, you can try to get new links
by growing partnerships with other websites in your activity field, and exchanging links By doing that, you might increase the number of qualified
visitors on your website, your popularity and your sales! Tip ♪4 Be yourself! Be creative! The last advice is to be innovative! The quality of your visits, measured by the duration of visits and the bounce
rate are taking more and more importance in your ranking on search engine Prestashop community offers thousands of customizable options
to help you offer a unique experience to your visitors Increase your returning session rate and the duration of the
visits will help you rank on search engine result pages Google Analytics is a very precious resource
in gathering behaviors of your visitors!

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