420 WEB DESIGNS – The Biggest Mistakes Cannabis Businesses Make on Social Media

Hunter Saab with 420WebDesigns.com and today I want to talk about the biggest mistakes that cannabis businesses make on social media. Alright, so check it out..and a lot of cannabis businesses are going crazy about some Instagram. It’s from Twitter some pinterest some facebook and a lot of the times the website gets put on the back burner because there’s so many hours in the day and It’s the least on people’s mind with their business because you can attract so many new followers or patients or customers in a short amount of time but that can be your cannabis businesses biggest mistake! Here’s why…you don’t own your social media profiles. Yes You have a unique username, but at the end of the day you don’t own that platform and a lot of social media platforms have been notorious for censoring cannabis businesses and cannabis content. Even if they don’t violate terms and conditions create original content and are not spammy they will even goes far as to take your profile down completely. So If you had 50,000 followers on social platform and you woke up one day and it was gone. What would you do? Hence, why you need the website! Having a website is key for communication. So like we said what if your social media profile was removed well if you had a website your followers or clients can still get in touch with you and that’s what’s really important is about people getting in touch with you no matter what happens! Now, also taking a consideration that with that website and good SEO, or for those of you who don’t know. Search engine optimization. You can also implement people to discover in my by discover I mean, having a good website with really good educational blogs educational blogs are great to show how much knowledge you have on your products or services and that will even bring more readers and more people to your website. That’s something to think about! Search engine optimization. That is your Google ranking for your cannabis, CBD, or hemp, website. You could be on the twelfth page of Google or the first page of Google. Now that all depends on a number of factors such as your original website content, blogs, keywords, and more. Now, that’s just scratching the surface of SEO for your website But the point is having a professional website with a good SEO strategy can really help build your brand or your online presence in the cannabis industry. Direct people to e-commerce Introduce your customers to a mobile-friendly website That you have full control over from homepage all the way to the shopping cart. Create customer profile so you can see what their favorite products are. With a really really good brand, SEO strategy, professional website, educational blogs, you can really take your cannabis CBD you have business to the next level with a rockin e-commerce website! Biggest mistakes that cannabis businesses make on social media which is not having a website and all the potential risks that are involved in having a cannabis presence on these different social media platforms. So what are the next steps? Do you have a current website you need help with or don’t know where to begin? Reach out to 420WEBDESIGNS.com and we can help your cannabis, CBD, or hemp, business grow. Thanks guys. Talk soon!

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