5 Award-Winning Website Designs & What They Did Right

– So what does a really
great website look like? Well, in this video,
we’re going to run through five award winning websites and the things that they did right. So what are we learning about today? (upbeat music) Hey, it’s Christine from Impact. These days it could be really hard to find really great website online. So, to help you out with your inspiration, we’ve put together five great websites that we’re going to run through right now. So first up, we have Revols. They make earbuds that
can become custom fit to your ear. On their homepage, they
have awesome product images of exactly what the headphone looks like as well as a video that
tells you why their product is so awesome. On their Features page,
they have a list of some of the amazing features
that the headphones can do as well as instructions as
to how to set up your earbuds once you get them in the mail. They do a really great job
of making sure the experience on the website is really
clean so you know exactly what to expect once you get this product. So next up is Opus Grows. They do a really good job of
making dirt look really good. Their homepage has a variety
of photos of different plants that were grown with the soil making it look very
green and very beautiful. If you scroll down a little bit more, you see the soil itself and the different physical properties that put it together. Their product pages does a really good job of distinguishing the four different types of soils they sell, so you know exactly which ones you need for the type of plants you’re trying to grow. So next up we have Zero, a mobile banking card. They have a beautiful
website that showcases stunning imagery of the app, so when you download it, you know exactly how it’s going to behave and look before you even interact with it. The website overall does a really nice job of fading in each
section, so you can easily distinguish each one from another. The hierarchy of each
section is very clear with distinct headers and bold text that help bring emphasis to the things they want you to look at. So next up we have Kin. An HR software for small businesses. On their homepage, they do a great job of showing the features of their product accompanied with really nice images of the product itself. Their pricing page is also super simple, and shows the price per person per month accompanied with a couple
points about exactly what you’re going to get, and some questions and answers below. One of the features I really
liked about this website, was when you clicked on
the Try It Free button in the navigation, it
actually slides in the form that you need to fill out, rather than directing you to another page and disrupting your experience. So finally, we have Morgan Stanley. First, I want to call out their
really amazing navigation. For such a big company,
they did a really good job of showcasing the five
most important places they want you to go, and
making it really easy to get there. Their homepage is also really beautiful. It showcases some amazing
blog articles that they have written in an
amazingly dynamic layout. I also really like their About page, which doesn’t focus on
their company and how long they’ve been around, but instead on their
clients’ success stories and how important their employees are to making their company successful. If you like these five
examples, you can find another 13 in the link in
the description box below. If you really like this video, hit that Like button,
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