5 EASY STEPS To Start an Online Business FROM SCRATCH in 2019 (FAST!)

What is up everyone? Welcome back to my channel. In my previous video, I told you guys the
eight reasons why you should start a service based side hustle in 2019. Well in today’s video, I’ll be sharing with
you guys step by step on how you can start generating these ideas for your side hustle,
once you’ve decided to take the leap. If this is something that interests you, then
keep on watching. Before we dive into the ways of how you can
start generating ideas, I want to let you guys know of two things. For you to start a side hustle, you have to
make sure that there are two things that you are cautious of. The first is that the idea that you are generating
and starting is something that is profitable. And the second thing is that the idea is something
that you are passionate about, and something that is going to be sustainable for you long
run. Because we want to ensure that the side hustle
idea that you do have is going to be a project that you work on longterm, say five to 10
years, or even more than that. So with that out of the way, let’s get into
how you can start generating ideas for your side hustle. Before you even start your side hustle, the
first thing you should do is to find your zone of genius. And you might be thinking, what the heck is
my zone of genius? Well let me tell you. Think of your zone of genius as the natural
gifts and talents that you innately have within you. Or things that are free flowing and comes
so naturally to you. Start writing a list of all the things that
you’ve mastered and excelled over the years. This can be life experiences, school, or just
anything in general that you are just naturally good at, and things that people constantly
come to you for advice. You will be surprised of how many things you
already know and have mastered over time, once you start creating this list. Some prompts that you can ask yourself are,
what are some things that people naturally come to me and ask me for? Because most likely, they feel like you are
an expert in this field, and therefore they are asking you and seeking for your advice. So when you are generating this list, it can
look like a multiple of different ways. You can have sticky notes all over the board. You can just write it in the list. It could be in a diagram or a flow chart. Whatever you need to do to get all of the
things that you are so naturally good at, and is in your zone of genius on paper. The reason we want to start with your natural
strengths and gifts are that as a side hustler, you actually don’t have much time to work
on your business. Think about it, you’re already working a nine
to five job, and you probably only have around two to three hours to work on your side hustle
and business every single day. So instead of starting from scratch, why not
leverage the natural gifts and talents that you already do have, and start a business
from that? Because we really don’t want to reinvent the
wheel here. And truth be told, the things that you’re
naturally really good at are probably things that you already love doing. Your zone of genius is the sweet spot, in
which you can do something so quickly what might take someone five times the amount of
time to do something. Once you have a list and have tapped into
your zone of genius, start categorizing all of your natural gifts into different categories. The reason for this is because we want to
start narrowing down on your niche, and we will talk about this more in detail in the
next step. However, you might have a lot of ideas that
might be in a lot of different industries. So being able to group these things together
allows you to see bigger picture of what this side hustle might actually turn out to be. Not only this, but it can also help you understand
the breadth of knowledge that you have in a specific area. So for example, if you’re naturally good at
public speaking and digital marketing, perhaps you want to group these two things together
under a bigger category called business. Or if you’re really actually good at project
management, time management and organization, perhaps you group all of these things together
into a category called productivity. By grouping those strengths into different
categories, we can start gathering this data and start forming different idea generation
and niches for what your digital business can look like. Don’t skip this step because it is so crucial,
and you being able to niche down. The last thing we want to happen is for you
to have a list of things that don’t relate to each other, because then when you start
building your business, you’re going to be starting to target everyone. And because of this, you’re not actually targeting
a specific problem, and therefore not being able to attract people that are wanting your
services. And remember this, when you’re trying to serve
everyone, you’re actually not serving anyone. After you’ve grouped all of your strengths
together into different categories, start to dissect these categories and see what is
something that you are most interested in, and that you can possibly see becoming your
business. Like I mentioned before as side hustlers,
we work a nine to five job, and have very limited time to be able to work on our business. And therefore we want to focus on the strength
and not reinvent the wheel. And most of the time, things that you are
naturally good at are things that you’re going to be gravitating towards. So for example, I love digital marketing and
online business, but I also love project management. And it turns out that my natural gifts are
also in these two realms. I currently work in a nine to five job that
is in digital marketing, and I have also worked as a project manager for three years, and
I absolutely love it. And therefore I’ve created my business in
helping early stage entrepreneurs being able to build a online business, which is where
the digital marketing piece ties in. And the other piece is to ensure that these
people don’t build a business with overwhelm and burnout. And this is where the project management piece
comes in. At this stage of idea generation, it is all
about looking at the broader categories, and starting to weave these things together and
see how you can tell a story, and to start generating an idea of what your niche can
look like. Once you’ve determined the different categories
that you want to focus on, this is the step where we start to niche down. Now there are two things that are very important
when you are starting to niche down. The first being is that your business or service
is a solution to a very specific audiences problem. The second being is that you are the bridge
for someone’s point A and point B. You are the solution to someone’s problem. Some ways that you can validate your niche
or be able to understand the struggles and pain points that people are going through
within your niche, are to go into Facebook groups or also to poll your audience. Niching down is probably the most important
part of your business, because once you have this figured out, you’re able to track your
messaging, your content, your marketing strategy, products and services to this very specific
segment of people. Once you’ve validated your niche and you are
crystal clear on the people that you are trying to serve, and their very specific problem
that you’re trying to solve, then your digital business is off to the races. The next step is to take action. Start talking about the pain points of what
people are going through, and how you can help them. Your content is going to let people know exactly
what you’re all about. Start being really raw and authentic if you
have been in the shoes of your ideal customer. Start treating your social media content and
marketing strategies all catered to this one very specific group of people, your target
audience. There’s no more time for you to post random
cat videos. When you’ve decided to take action and build
a side hustle, you have to go full force with it. And like I mentioned in the beginning of the
video, you’re side hustle and idea has to be something that you are so passionate about,
because this is going to be the driving force for you to stay motivated and on track when
you are building your digital business. Start building a tribe by positioning yourself
as an expert in this field. This can look like hopping on Instagram stories
every single day, and providing a tip of the day. Or you can go on YouTube and start creating
how-to videos. Get yourself in front of the right segment
of people and start building a tribe. Obviously, what I’ve talked about today is
very surface level, and there are so many more intricacies within all the five things
that I discussed today, and also things that happen after you start building a tribe. So if you’re interested in this, I will definitely
create more videos about this topic. But be sure to give it thumbs up so I know
this. Now I hope today’s video was useful in helping
you start thinking about generating ideas for your side hustle. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I’ll
see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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  1. Happy weekend, side hustlers! I hope you're having an awesome week! In today's video, I talk about the 5 easy steps to start an online business completely from SCRATCH and FAST in 2019! These were the exact things that I did when I first started so I am literally walking you through my step my step method. I hope you enjoy this video! Leave a comment down below and let me know if these steps were helpful <3 !

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