5 Foundational Skills to Master Before Starting a Marketing Career

In this video, I’m going to give you five
foundational skills to master before starting in marketing. My name is Eric Siu, I’m the co-host of the
daily Marketing School podcast and the host of the weekly entrepreneurial podcast Growth
Everywhere. The first thing you need to master before
starting in marketing is sales. Wait, what? Isn’t sales different from marketing? At the end of the day, me doing this with
you right now, let’s say this is the first time you’re watching me, and by the way, thank
you for watching. This is still sales. You’re always selling yourself whether you’re
at a bar, for example, you’re looking to talk to somebody else. If you’re looking to get a job you’re selling
yourself. Throughout the rest of your life, you’re always
going to be selling. If you want to learn how to get good at selling,
general selling, what you can do is read the Ultimate Sales Machine. This is from the late Chet Holmes, one of
the best sales books out there. There’s a ton of good videos on YouTube. You can search Victor Antonio sales, subscribe
to his channel. He’s got a ton of great content around there. Now, the second thing is, before starting
in marketing, it’s good for you to understand general marketing. Wait, Eric, isn’t that … What? You can read a book called Breakthrough Advertising. It’s no longer in print. That book is actually a couple hundred dollars
now. Breakthrough Advertising is going to give
you the general idea around human psychology. Human psychology has not changed for the longest
time. It’s not going to change. Humans are very prone to certain actions,
that’s why you should learn about marketing to understand human psychology, and that’s
how you can get people to eventually buy. Then, you can learn all the things around
search engine optimization, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing. What I see today is too many people will try
to jump head first into all these different things when they don’t understand human psychology,
they don’t understand general marketing. The third thing you need to know is how you
can delegate really well. I remember in the early days, I was learning
so much around marketing I thought I’m good at SEO, I’m good at PPC, I’m good at email
marketing, I’m good at all this stuff. I thought I was the jack of all trades, I
was superman. The problem is, you’re still only one person
at the end of the day. I remember when I was a kid, I watched this
one Chinese movie. The guy was holding chopsticks. This is a chopstick, okay. The guy was holding a chopstick to his pupils,
like “Here, break this chopstick,” the guy snaps it in half. No problem. Then, he gives him a pile of chopsticks and
then the pupil tries to break it. Can’t break it, right? It’s the concept of having a team. You can’t do everything on your own. You’ve got to learn how to delegate. Having an attitude of deference at the end
of the day is important. That way you can realize every quarter what
10%, 15% of things can you take off your plate, and then just continue to do that over, and
over, and over. It’s not that you’re trying to be better than
anyone. It’s that you’re moving on to more important
things to do. You have to have an attitude of deference. That’s how you can become a superstar in marketing. But, if you’re going to try to do everything
on your own, you’re going to try to be superman or superwoman, you’re going to be pegged in
that hole, in that square peg, and you’re going to be stuck. The other thing is it’s the attitude of openness. You have to understand that marketing is changing
so quickly, because technology is changing so quickly, so naturally the two go hand in
hand. What works today might not work in the next
five years, the next 10 years or so. You have to know what’s coming, you have to
be very open to what other people are telling you. You can’t be a know it all. You’re not superman or superwoman, you’re
just another person at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter how good you are, it doesn’t
matter how smart you are. You need people around you to help you, to
guide you, to keep you humble. The fifth and final thing is having candor. If you’re looking to get something done with
marketing, you have to talk with designers, you have to talk with developers, you have
to talk with people on your team. You have to talk to your CEO, as well. At the end of the day, if you can speak up,
you’re going to be able to get things done, people respect you for that for speaking up,
for being direct. The worst is when you’re not being direct
and you’re not telling the truth. It’s going to take people longer to get something
done and at the end of the day, it falls on you. So, these things, you combine all these things
together, these skills, these traits. These will help you longterm with marketing. The bonus I’ll give you as well is if you’re
getting started in marketing, let’s say you specialize in SEO, become a general marketer. This means becoming a T-Shaped marketer. It’s specializing in SEO, but it’s having
a general understanding of these other areas too, so you’re not pigeonholed into one area
and again, you’re opening, you’re expanding your mind. There’s a lot of venture capitalists that
used to be entrepreneurs. The VCs that used to be entrepreneurs, you
can see they’re talking about ideas, they’re talking about the future, they’re talking
about moving forward, which is why I like to follow entrepreneurs and VCs. Very future facing, so, that’s going to help
you, as well. Being very future facing, following the right
people, as well. If you enjoyed this video, you think this
is going to help you level up, leave a comment, tell me what you’re going to do, and if you
like this, hit subscribe. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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22 thoughts on “5 Foundational Skills to Master Before Starting a Marketing Career

  1. Hi, thanks for the tips, I follow you guys almost through every channel, when time allows, and listen to every podcast episode, you guys are great. But in this video you mention "Breakthrough Advertising" as a starting point and a base for everything else Marketing right… Kinda messed up if we can't get our hands on the book or the info… Is there another book, class or whatever that we can actually get our hands on that would teach and explain the same premises/concepts…? Thanks in advance!

  2. Great video man! I'm currently in college right now and was wondering do you need to know Calculus or Algebra for Marketing. I'm terrible at math

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    Namaste UI

  4. Thank you so much for this advice,
    It was very helpful
    I am Making specialist and i agree with you its very important to learn this skills 👌

  5. Is it too late to start a master in marketing at 26? Course I know marketing and sales is the best career for me… please

  6. I have a question. I’m in school for marketing right now. I’m currently working at Allstate with claims. Should I make the leap to leave and become say like a marketing assistant somewhere before I graduate? Or anything else you’d recommend? I have to pay bills, but I also want to start learning before I get into this advanced marketing courses. I’m in my basic core business classes and I’m bored and impatient.

  7. Hi soon I'll take makerting in college, my goal is to be a marketing assistant then be a marketing manager then marketing director. Any tips on how can I achieve that? And I'm also planning that after I reach that position , I want to level up and be promoted as a CEO, is it possible?

  8. This was great! Most of the information you covered was very essential, and I can apply it to develop myself more into the field of marketing! Watching the video has also encouraged me, because now I know what I can alter within myself in order to become a great, future marketer! Once again thank you Eric, and if you have any other video recommendations, please be sure to inform me!

  9. Hey Eric. Im a young kid still in night school & I was just looking for some advice because I got accepted to a marketing job entry level position but have no marketing experience and I was wondering if you had some tips on how i can better that skill …

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