5 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies 2019 (High Sales Through Low Cost Marketing)

Are you feeling stuck about your marketing
campaign does not work? You have tried digital marketing or Facebook
ad, run through your funnel but doesn’t get the result that you want? In this video, I’m gonna go over some of Guerilla
Marketing strategy in 2019. Now, some of this strategy can help you and
your business thrive, so don’t go anywhere! For the best mindset on how to make money
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a brand new video every single week. If you’re still struggling to find a perfect
marketing campaign for your business, by the end of this video, you will know 5 of the
strategy from guerrilla marketing. Now, before I start, I want to explain to
you what is guerrilla marketing. It’s a tactics that was used in Vietnam war
to take advantage of element of surprise and ambush with trap and underground tunnel. Guerrilla marketing also offer an amazing
experience; so delightful, so out of ordinary that buyers are left amazed and impressed and
willing to purchase. Guerrilla campaign does not fixate the process
or does not follow any rules or any structures. Here is the 5 strategy. Number one; water bottle. Rather than spend money on yellow page ad
or Facebook ad, you buy a bunch of small water bottles. Now, let me ask you this, how do you feel
when you are hiking with the hot weather? At the end of the hike, you drink the cold
water, how do you feel? Feel good, right? You pick a location near your house where
tons of people hike, you bring a big cooler full of small water bottle with your label,
your face and your information. You spot at the end of the trail where people
finish that hike and you just pass the water bottle. You tell them this, “hey, I know you’re tired
from the hike, here’s a cold water bottle for you. If you need a relationship or business coaching
or dry and cleaner service, here is my information right here”. You give away two hundred of small water bottle
and one week later you’ve got two customers. Is that worth it? Comment below, I want to hear your opinion. Number two; catching the viral trends. I’m not talking about Thanksgiving, Black
Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas, but you should you utilize those holidays to drive
some sales for your business. I’m talking about those kind of viral trends
like hooverboard. Do you remember hooverboard? That item is really popular and fidget spinner
as well. Now, what is trend for June? LGBT Pride Month and July 4, Independence
Day. You should create some kind of offer to ride
with those trends. Now, where do I look for the trend? Buzzsumo, Google Trend, YouTube Trend and
Facebook Trend. Comment below which guerrilla marking tactics
are you using for your business. Number 3; partner with local business. Let’s say you offer relationship coaching,
you go to local marketing agency, you say this “I’m gonna coach 3 of your employee about
their relationship, who need help with their relationship or that family member who need
help. In the same, you can help me to advertise
the marketing campaign to the local people”. If you are a local business like sell insurance,
let’s call that Tom Insurance company. You’d go to a local Subway or Quiznos, you
ask the owner “are you willing to give a soft drink for free? I will bring hundred people to buy your six
in sub, but I need you to give the soft drink offer for free”. The owner is gonna be like “hell yeah!” you
say “okay, great. We will print out all the flyer and give them
out away. When they come to you, all you need to do
is tell them how proud you are partnership with Tom insurance company. After that, you’re gonna explain who you are,
what you’re selling to the owner so make relationship with the owner. Choose the holiday like July 4th or Halloween. You print out 3,000 flyers or the more the
better. You go pass out the flyers before that day. You will be surprised how many people gonna
show up. You get my point here, you are creating a
momentum that people gonna know you because the owner talk good things about your company. Number four; book influencers. Let’s say if you want to write a book and
you want to publish and you want to people buy your book and know about your book, you
list a hundred influencers; CEO influencers, public speakers in your niche, and then you
mail them two copies of your book with the letters. The letter might say this, “I sent you the
two copies, one for you and one for your assistant. In case if you want your assistant or somebody
else in your company read it for you and tell you about it, because I know you are really
busy”. Number five; car stickers. Have you ever been to Santa Cruz Mystery Spot? This is amazing place and you should check
it out if you have a chance to visit northern part of California. The way they do marketing is really really
smart. They’re actually two people around the place,
and at the end of the tour, everybody receive a sticker called “Mystery Spot”. Guess what, everyone want a free stuff and
they gotta stick to their car because they have a great experience with the Mystery Spot. They’re gonna tell about your family and friend
how great experience they have, so they stick it to their car. So every car have that sticker when driving
out the lot, and that’s like raising awareness. Guess what, you driving in the freeway, you
spot that car that have that yellow sticker, you spot that car that have that sticker too,
like so many cars have that sticker, you curious. You get my point here. Now, you know exactly how to use guerilla
marketing to your advantage with these five strategies. What about if you want to learn organic marketing;
I have free one-on-one session where I share organic market and how to scale your business
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