5 Marketing Strategies from Kanye West’s Jesus is King – [Make Money Online Lessons]

– You might like his music, you might not. You might like his fashion
line, you might not. You might like his opinions,
but you probably don’t. Hey, this’s Peng Joon here, and today we’re gonna take a look at, the different marketing
strategies that Kanye West is utilizing and the method to the madness that you probably did not see. (upbeat music) You probably know this,
but Kanye West recently released his album called “Jesus is King”, and there was a ton of hype, speculation and gossip around this release. Now first of all, let me
just quickly explain to you what this video is not. Number one, this video
is not about reviewing how good or bad the music is. There are literally tons of videos that’s out there right now, and I’m probably way not qualified to talk about music quality and the beats and all that kind of stuff. Number two, this video is not about, whether Kanye is a true
believer of God or Christianity, and speculating whether he’s doing this, just for the attention. Again, there are tons of
videos talking about this. And let’s just say there’s
tons of judgy people out there throwing their
judgment hammer around. But let me talk about what this video is. This video is literally
coming from the standpoint of a marketer, and the
things that Kanye West is actually doing, the
strategy, the thought process, and what most people are not seeing when it comes to really
marketing, positioning, getting attention and
the different techniques that’s being utilized
to maximize attention, reach as well as profitability. Are you ready, let’s begin. Lesson number one is being unpredictable. In the books “Laws of Power”, one of the principles that says, “In order to get attention and power “is to be deliberately unpredictable.” What does that mean? It means throwing people off
and having people to constantly guess what is your next move. If you take a look at
what Kanye has been doing in literally last decade, he
has always been unpredictable. Take a look when he infamously
interrupted Taylor Swift, – Let you finish, but
Beyonce have one of the best videos of all time. (crowd shouting and clapping) One of the be…. – That came out of nowhere. Now doing this, releasing this album is in line with this principle. A year, two years ago, if people were to look
at what Kanye is doing, and behind the scenes, his
attitude and his behavior, releasing a gospel music type of album probably be one of the last things somebody would be predicting, what he would be doing in his career. So lesson number two is polarity. One of the most powerful elements
when it comes to marketing is understanding, it’s not
about serving everyone. ‘Cause when you try to go broad and try to appeal to everybody
with a neutral safe message, neutral is boring. Nobody wants to have
that neutral messaging because you’re just got to blend in with a sea of other messages that says the same exact thing. What Kanye does so well is constantly coming up with polarizing messages. Now what’s a polarizing message? Is basically a message that takes a stand, understanding that it will divide people and the people they will love him for it, will love him for it and
the people that’s offended, that’s fine as well. So you’ll notice that
again in the last decade, he’s been constantly
doing things like this, which is like publicly
rooting for Donald Trump. Now initially when he did that, PR outlet, news media outlets were saying
that was a publicity stunt. That was a blunder, it’s
gonna make mistakes, you know, he’s gonna pay for it. But guess what happened? Again, it was a polarizing message. He took a stand, and eventually
other people were saying, “Look at Kanye, he is so
authentic with his messaging, “he is bold, he’s able to speak his mind, “he’s able to take a step.” Now, when you understand
this in marketing, understanding that, love me or hate me, there’s no money in between, that is how he’s able to secure attention. And that is how he’s literally utilizing this to gain a bigger reach
and a bigger following. Lesson number three is scarcity. When people have money, do
you know what they wanna buy? When people have money,
people wanna buy the thing that they can’t buy with money. Now Kanye realizes this and
in everything that he does, there’s always some sort
of scarcity involved. If you take a look at his past products, for example, Yeezy, when
promoting his fashion line, Yeezy he or one of the Kardashian families, he will be photographed wearing a new item which is yet to be released,
all creating a buzz. In the past this can be
seen with Yeezy sliders which Kanye wore to a
two-Chainz wedding in Miami. Another example would be like, when he ran this Sunday
service to built for his album. This campaign has
considered him of hosting small intimate shows
with a full gospel choir. Now Kanye had no professional media taken, but does allow few attendees to record whatever they want on their phones. Now, this ensure that we end
up with a series of short, bad quality videos on the internet that will make some
serious traction online with all of his materials going viral. This is something that
he does all the time including launching new products, because people will have
fear of missing out. You wanna take your marketing
campaigns to your next level, think about how you can add scarcity, something that’s limited, because
people will want something that they can’t get, when
they can’t get it, even more. Lesson number four is timing. If there’s something
that Kanye does right is, utilizing timing for all
of his marketing campaigns. When he released his
album, “The Life of Pablo”, in a form of a listening
Party, which just so happened to take place at his fashion
show for his new line, Yeezy season three. Just as everyone is talking
about the ridiculous things he’s saying on Twitter, he released both at Madison Square Garden in front of thousands of people. Notice that whenever Kanye
comes out with something, when he secures this attention,
he will take that attention and snowball it to the next thing. He doesn’t just create one hit wonders, which is what many marketers
do and let it sizzle. He will take the attention, capitalize it, and then again forward
it to the next thing. And finally, lesson number five
is attention to controversy. Every marketer knows
today that social media is where the attention
is and what better way to secure attention through controversy. Kanye thrives on controversy. When that spotlight is on him, he just makes it bigger and bigger. And he knows that when
he releases this album, he is gonna get people talking. He’s gonna get the Christians talking, he’s gonna get the non-Christians talking, he’s gonna get Hollywood talking, he’s gonna get social media talking, talking, debating, speculating, gossiping about all these different things and he knows that, that’s bound to happen. This is exactly like what he
did a couple of years back when he said, “Slavery was a choice.” – For 400 years, that sounds
like a choice, (giggles) like. – Now, if that doesn’t stir controversy, I don’t know what does. Think about in marketing,
one most of the powerful ways to go viral, to get people tagging, getting people to share
is through controversy. And Kanye constantly does
this in the last decade, by the way is not a coincidence. It’s actually well thought
of, it’s strategic in nature. It is by understanding all
these different elements in marketing that actually
makes him a marketing genius. But then again, I would
love to hear your thoughts. How do you think you can
actually apply these principles in your business, in your marketing? Let me know in the comments
below and as always, if you love this video,
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18 thoughts on “5 Marketing Strategies from Kanye West’s Jesus is King – [Make Money Online Lessons]

  1. Excellent Masterpiece again
    Reminder :- This is the 3rd time am reminding you to make a video on how to find your buyer audience how to target competitors keywords

  2. 5 Marketing Strategies from Kanye West's Jesus is King
    1. Being unpredictable – Make the audience constantly guess your next move
    2. Polarity – not serving everyone
    3. Scarcity – Fear of mission out
    4. Timing – Upselling
    5. Attention through Controversy – go viral

  3. The controversial content works well because it becomes viral by creating a long discussion between the two opposing sides.

  4. Wow ?

    Can you make more videos like this?

    I can definitely apply scarcity and controversy and polarity in my messaging.

    Most people play it too safe and refuses to understand it from a marketing standpoint.

    “Love me or hate me, there’s no money in between” AMEN to that, no pun intended ??

  5. My biggest takeaway is to create a polarizing message, use timing and be unpredictable.

    These elements used right have the ability to create controversy, gets people talking and possibly allows content to go viral.

  6. A lot of thoughts to ponder on there as always. "Love me or hate, there is no money in between". Thank you for this video Peng.

  7. Kanye West understands polarity so well and that’s how he can create a lot of topics and news about him.

    I remember you always told us that neutral is boring. Polarity is how you can stand out in the market. This really got me to think about how I can come up with more polarizing message to stand out in the market.

  8. I will probably apply the being unpredictable technique in my marketing. Instead of letting my customers and competitors easily predict the next steps or products of my business, I think it is more easy to grab my client interest and attention on my business by making the audience to guess my next move.

    The biggest takeaway from this video is marketing is not solely promoting the effectiveness and usefulness of your products but also grabbing the attention and creating noises from the market and client before launching a new products.

    Anyways thanks for the videos, really learn a lot from it?❤️

  9. The number one thing to do before we sell is to attract because attraction equal to currency

    5 Marketing strategies from kanya west

    #1 Being Unpredictable
    – having people constantly guessing what is your next move

    – Understanding not serving everyone
    – Love me or hate me there is no money in between

    #3 Scarcity
    – when people have money, people want to buy the thing people cant buy with money
    – People have fear of missing out
    – People will want something they cant get when they cant get it even more

    – utilizing of timing
    – kanya create a snowball attention

    #5 Attention through Controversy
    Like slavery was a choice
    – people do controversy

  10. Kanye West was alway perceived by me as a fringe artist. Definition of 'Fringe' – not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme. From an observer, he is definitely unconventional! His techniques have an impact but also associated with High Risk, but we all know playing it safe in business means settling for moderate success.

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