5 Phases of Marketing | Phase 1 – Lead Generation

Hey everyone Travis Robertson real
estate coach CEO and founder of Robertson coaching
international where we help agents just like you
create businesses that support their lives not run their lives. I’m really excited
to bring to you today the five different phases of marketing
and what we’re gonna be doing is we’re going to be looking at the five phases that every single person who comes in contact
with your business are gonna move through from the time
they become a lead to the time that they become a sale and give you the opportunity and the
understanding of how to capitalize on each of these five phases and drive
people through them to convert more clients, make more money
oftentimes off the lead you’re already getting. So
what’s the first phase? the first phase is what we like to call
lead generation and every phase by the way has a
question; a question that you need to answer for your business or for your
marketing plan so what’s the question here? the question
here is this: how will you generate new leads for your
business over let’s say the next 12 months. now
most agents think well, I want to generate leads as many
ways as I possibly can the problem is this the more you try and
do the less effective you become. instead
what I want to do is this I want you to focus on one to three major lead generating activities
that you’re going to employ in your business over the next 12 months.
become a master at them rather than trying to do them all
ineffectively so pick one to three different lead
sources now most people ask us okay but that’s
great but what are the three that I should choose you know it’s a great question. Some of
that’s going to depend on your budget, the time that you have to invest
to the resources that you have available to you but beyond that what you want to do is
you wanna focus really on those things that are going to move you forward based
off of the goals that you set for your business but let me do this I wanna share with
you three of the lead generating tactics right now that are working very very well for our clients two of them
by the way are great at generating listing leads and if you’re like most
agents pretty much everybody could use more
listing leads right so what are the three different tactics that are working
really well number one direct mail marketing. I know it’s old school people go oh
but direct mail marketing it’s so 1995 but here’s the thing: everybody’s
been moving their business online right now all the marketing is in where? your inbox or on social media and
it doesn’t mean I don’t like marketing those areas but what I found is this our in
boxes or our mailboxes have become extremely quiet so this is
the thing is our mailboxes have become so quiet do what we want to do is you want to get
through that noise through that clutter what better way than to hit people in
their mailbox tactic number two Facebook leads Facebook advertising Facebook Ads have been generating hundreds and
hundreds of awesome listing leads for our clients if you’re not doing facebook advertising
it’s time to invest a little bit of money and a little bit of time and explode your
listing inventory and finally number three is strategic
calling…strategic calling, see what we found is that most agents that
come to work with us and that start working with our coaching
program have clients or leads or people that they haven’t contacted in a while and so what we do is we have them make a
list about let’s say the hot leads from the past six to 12 months that they were so close, right there of
either buying a home or listing their house and then what
happened? they never move forward. so what we want you to do is we want you to
compile a list of all of those people but rather than just calling them and
saying “you know, hey, you still interested in selling your home or do you still want to buy a home?” what we
needed to do…the key is you must provide value. So how do we
do that? what we encourage you to do is call with
an item of value so maybe it’s an updated CMA for an old listing lead or maybe you are working with a buyer and
that buyer had a certain type of home that they were looking for. It all comes down to providing value,
providing value, providing value. So those three things right there can generate listing leads and buyer leads
very very quickly for your business. and they’re working exceedingly well for
our clients but there are so many different ways so many different things that you can do
to generate leads the key is this fine just a few focus on one to three, cut all the crap and that simplicity is
gonna allow your business to explode. As always, I’m Travis Robertson, it’s been a pleasure to serve you. If you have any questions on this leave a
comment below like this video on youtube feel free to
visit us online at travisrobertson .com We’ll answer any questions you have and if you
want to find out of coaching may be right for you we’d love to talk with you as well. I look forward
to seeing you in the next video and serving you with more these. Take
care you guys.

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49 thoughts on “5 Phases of Marketing | Phase 1 – Lead Generation

  1. Glad to hear that good old snail mail is the way to go , we use it for out CRM program and mail out info to existing clients every 60 days. Ask any of our clients who got them their mortgage and they will be able to tell you…better yet they an tell their friends and be rewarded for it.

  2. Here's the first of a 5-part series where I reveal the 5 stages of marketing that prospective clients move through as they go from being a lead to becoming a sale. In this video, I'll teach you how to master lead generation and share 3 lead generating tactics that have proven successful.

  3. Great advice.  Will you be expanding on the Facebook ads part in a future video?

  4. Hi Travis.. I am making a project on Lead generations and I think this video gave me a good stuff to proceed in my activities. 

  5. great video. I agree simplicity and mastering the lead generation you are focused on is the best way to go about it.

  6. hey Travis i am starting my carrier as a lead generator whether it would be helpful in future or not 

  7. Hello Robert, my name is vivek i am from India, in Real Estate marketing, i know people who want toinvest but not now after 3-4 months but to justify my salary my money i need it now they are increasing the time they dont even give time to meetings sometime how can i make this possible as early i want, 

  8. I tried call lead generation but I get bore when 5-10 people don't response properly.

    I am trying from 10 months and I still don't get a single lead. what do I do? I bought everything for generate lead

  9. Thank you very much for this! I have been given at marketing responsibility at my NGO, and I was having trouble being effective due to my lack of background in marketing. This was extremely helpful.

  10. Great videos for lead generation..but
    may i know how to identify the potential customer and for whom i need to send the email…please give me some suggestion.

  11. Lead generation is an art and relevance is the most important aspect these days. Without intuitive marketing you can have all the quote on quote correct keywords in order to show up on a google search but that is not what your clients/customers are always looking for. Humans have learned to communicate in a now pretense and not just type in general terms to find a particular product or service.

    Just like Travis says " the more you try and do the less effective you become" Running a business takes enough time and has enough moving parts already with trying to become a pro at lead generation. I have been in phone sales for timeshare sales and lead generation is HUGE. I started focusing all my time on generating revenue and pared up with LeadMonsters Inc to help with the flow of new clients life blood. Focus your time on what you are good.

  12. The Biggest issue is that advertisers face with respect to Facebook lead ads is that the lead data gets collected on th Advertisers Facebook page & not in the Advertiser CRM. Kindly, let me know the marketing plan who rely significantly on lead generation on time. PLEASE.

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    Where you can manage your leads anywhere you want.
    For More Details – https://clickhook.io

  14. Thanks for a great video.
    You give an example for real estate. What would lead generation look like for those interested in a ghost writer / writing coach to write a memoir or meaningful life story?

  15. Check out my funnelling system shoptothebank.life it's the best I have ever seen and it makes me money no matter what company I am funneling. https://helpteens.theconversionpros.com

  16. 4 years ago u are right, but now…i don't think facebook ads would be a smart choice. but i'm really agreed with you on the adding value to listing leads that's workable regardless of time, place, anyone.

  17. I'm in lead gen face to face I'm naturally good at it but no one is doing other things and I want to hit the top and get on the business development program asap

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