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84 thoughts on “5 Teespring T-Shirts That Made Over $100,000+ 🤑💃 (How To Make Money With Teespring)

  1. Hi everyone! I hope you are having an amazing day wherever you are in the world 🌞🌏 poll time: what video topic would you like me to do next? I'd love to know! 🌞

  2. I assume this is not the net profit. If you factored in everything, they're making a lot less. The amount on ad spent, the amount of returns, and some of these shirts are 5+ years old.

  3. Hi, Sarah, I hope you are good👍. I am a graphic designer, and I make a few sales on my print on demand store but something wrong with it, and I don't know what is it. I want to ask you if you could review my store and give me your honest✨ review it will be an interesting video to talk about. Thanks for the value you give us on this channel.

  4. Hi Ted, thanks for your awesome videos. I’ve learned so much from them. Q: is there a way we can find other dropshippers supplier? Thank you

  5. My daughter made designs for our niche market and used cafepress to sell them, but back then, over 10 years ago, they hardly sold. Now I have an Ebay store and am looking for drop shipping to add. Is there a way for her to relaunch her designs (on mugs, shirts, shopping bags etc.) from and then I could dropship on Ebay? Thanks, going through all of your videos, so helpful!

  6. Hi ! new to dropshipping and still learning before getting into action. Your channel was very informative and your videos made me grab a notebook and actually take notes!

    What is your opinion for dropshipping anime action figures regarding copyright/intellectual property laws? Since anime producers only promote their animation and manga and I rarely see that they promote merchandise.

    Should you consider it also risky just like US action figures? I am very interested in the niche but i need opinions before it might turn into a disaster in the long term.

  7. How is the best way to sell print on demand plus dropship? Can I use etsy for both or should I start a shopify? If you have a video you can refer me to…please do

  8. I think the biggest thing I got out of this video was the happy feeling when I heard someone who doesn't have an American accent who knows the difference between football and soccer.
    I mean the rest of the video is good, but that was really kind of refreshing. ❤

  9. So, here's a question I have. I've heard of shirt sizes as S, M, L, XL, etc etc, but what in the hell does S – 4XT even mean? It's the very first shirt design option/size in Teespring, but…huhhh? o_O

    I'd like to know the translation into S, M, L, XL since google blew up not knowing either; yet, spits measurements that doesn't speak my language here. lol Please help!

  10. Hey Sarah
    I’m a Malaysian so I really really worry about copyright violations so could you make a video showing examples of what images you can use and not use.
    And about the Club house course can I Q&A with you 24/7?

    Would appreciate if you can reply!🤗

  11. Hi Sarah. Could you tell me why you feel 100,000 to 500,000 targets is the sweet spot for facebook ads? Because I have a feeling the answer will provide further insight into how the ads work.

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  15. Hi Sarah, I'm watching you for a while I work at Tespring but I didn't make much profit I want to talk to you.
    Your videos make me optimistic.

  16. Nice for ideas but in reality what sold before has very little relevance to what will sell today. As matter of fact take a shirt that is selling now , clone it completely, try to resell and most likely you will not get close the same sales if any at all.

  17. I already use Teespring for my YouTube channel merch. If I wanted to sell custom designs on Etsy or eBay, do I direct the buyer to my Teespring store or does the order go directly to Teespring? And how?

  18. Hey Sarah!

    I have something I can't understand on TS – Why do my listings look different from others?
    Here's an example – Mine –>
    Other chap –

  19. Hey From: @t . Great vids, i have learned alot from you! I create my own graphics and have them now on pod products expanding product line daily but sales yet is next as the marketing is the hardest, I have 1 affiliate tho thru Instagram. Ive spent 4 days straight building my shopify site so and watching vids while doing it all. Now the hard part, to make some $! I have a unique product line since I create all the artwork . Care to look

  20. Hey Sarah could please link the video you referenced regarding how to get approved for Amazon Merch? Much appreciated! <3

  21. I've tried multiple times, but I can't get a reply from Teespring customer service. Are you sure they're a good company with whom to do business?

  22. Sarah, really love your videos! I really like the way you make things easy to understand. So for your next video I'd like to see ( that is if you haven't done it already ) is to expand on the ways to ( or strategies ) to get noticed IN A BIG WAY like ninja tactics, such as the Facebook fan method etc. to get big sales whether they are short term or long term strategies. Keep up the great stuff, oh and more dancing please 😉

  23. There’s a huge difference between this T-shirt made such and such and what a shirt is grossing. She keeps saying making and that’s just not true.

  24. i smell ballocks, reminds me of threadless. from good to bad production. for the artists, some just copied other people work and they get credit

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