5 Things To Consider Before Starting An Online Business in 2019

– Before going ahead and
starting an online business, there are five things that are
super important to consider, and I’m gonna cover exactly what those things are in this video. As you’re watching, by the way, if you like, hit like, and also if you have any questions or any perspectives to share
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like this every single week, to help with mindset and
business and so on and so forth. Now, point number one before
starting an online business is that we’ve got to get
crystal clear about the reasons why we’re doing it. And the reason this is crucial is so many of us will start a business and then we’ll work on it
for maybe a couple of weeks and then things will get a bit tough and things will get a bit uncertain. And without that crystal clear reason why, without that pull motivation
of something bigger than us that’s gonna mean we
overcome our own feelings when we don’t feel like it, without that we will
give up and we will quit. So we’ve got to understand
why we’re doing it. Is it where we’re sick of the
career that we’re working in, and we’ve looked at the next 20, 30 years of how our life is gonna
pan out if we don’t change, and maybe we’ve realised
that it’s a non negotiable, we’re not willing to
stay in that environment for the rest of our lives
doing something that we hate and not really live in life at all? Maybe it’s spending time with
family, watching kids grow up. Maybe it’s travelling the
world, seeing the world, until we’re too old to do it, or until we settle down and it’s not really an option anymore. Whatever that reason
why you’re doing this, whatever that reason is, we’ve gotta get crystal clear about it. If it’s just, “Oh, “I just kinda wanna make
a bit more money online, “because I don’t really know why, “but I just wanna earn some money.” And that’s the only motivation. It’s not gonna cut it. Things will get hard, and then we will quit when they get hard. So get clear about your reasons why, and once you’ve done that as well, just sort of a follow
up tip on this point is, if you can find mentors, find people who have
already achieved the result and are already living that
life that you wanna live, find those people, and then you can model those people or look at what they’ve done. And that’s gonna give you
a little bit of a roadmap of how you can do it too. Number two is are you
focused on giving value? Now, again, off the back
of point number one, if all we’re doing this for is, “Oh, “I just wanna make some money,” and that’s kind of it, then we’re not gonna
be building a business or even creating anything
that adds value to the world and if it doesn’t add value to the world, chances of getting success, almost zero. The key in business is giving value, helping people solve
their pains and problems. Helping people find solutions
to their pains and problems. And the better you are at doing that, the more effective you’re
gonna be in business. Revenue is a byproduct of value. And if we’re starting off
with the intention of, “I just wanna make money and
I don’t really care what I do, “I just wanna find like
the most profitable things “to sell online and that’s it,” then we’re not focused on giving value, and we’re not ultimately
gonna be creating something that helps people and therefore, revenue’s probably not gonna
maintain in the long term. You might get a quick flash in the pan and a bit of cash here or there, but ultimately, you’re not gonna create a
long term sustainable platform of foundation that’s gonna enable you to live a different life
than what you live in now. It’s gotta start with value. And it doesn’t mean you need
to necessarily know exactly what you’re gonna do or
exactly what niche or product or service or whatever. You don’t need to know everything, but you just need to be clear
that your intentions are to help people, to help
make the world better, or maybe even not that scale, but to help make a
difference in someone’s lives by solving someone’s pains and problems, by giving them a product
that is a solution to something that they wanna solve. So that intention is super important. And then number three is
to align your interests with market demand. Because it’s all very well having an interest in a specific area, but if nobody online is
searching for solutions or to that area, if nobody has any interest
in that area whatsoever, then it’s not really gonna be very wise to build a business behind it. So on one hand, you don’t
wanna build a business that’s just motivated by,
“Oh, I just wanna make money, “and I’m not interested in value,” which is point one and two. But on the other hand, you also
don’t wanna build a business that’s around your passions, but where nobody online has any interest in that area at all. So, really powerful tool to use to start to align your interests with market demand is a tool
called Keywords Everywhere. So just Google search Keywords
Everywhere, Chrome Extension, and what it does is when you’re on Google and when you’re on YouTube, it’s gonna show you the amounts of people who are typing that search term that you just typed
into Google or YouTube. So the way that you would use this is, if you imagine that you’re,
say you get a business idea, or you have an area that
you might be interested in. Think about the types of pains or problems that people may experience in that area. And then think about what would
they type in a search engine or Google or YouTube, what would they type to potentially try to solve that pain or problem or what would they be looking for online? And then if you pretend that
you are your target customer, go through a journey as if
you’re them, type things, click websites, learn stuff,
come up with other ideas, type new things, go on a bit
of an exploratory journey, as if you were trying to
solve that pain or problem and pay attention to the search volumes of keywords that people are typing. And that’s gonna give you a bit of an idea of whether there’s a demand there. And once you can find a bit of correlation between something you’re interested in, or you have a bit of a passion around, and something that the
market actually needs, that’s gonna give you an idea of where to focus your attention and how to start building
a business behind that. And then by the way, as you’re
going through this process, if you wanna start learning
the different types of business models that you
could build a business around, then there’s a video that I did, which you can click on the top corner, “How To Make Money Online,” where I focus on the two
primary business models, which in my opinion, are
best for time financial and geographical freedom. That’s affiliate marketing and eCommerce. Now, number four, is that
we have to be willing, when we’re starting this
journey, we have to be willing to take action in the face of uncertainty. And what I mean by that is that, as we’re learning completely new skills, we’re going into completely
uncharted territory, and there’s many times that
you’ll have literally none of the answers except a vague rough idea of where you might wanna go. So for example, let’s say you’ve
uncovered a bit of an area that you wanna focus your attention in, like around your passions, where you’ve noticed there’s
a bit of market demand. And maybe you’ve decided that eCommerce, based on what you’ve looked
at on YouTube videos, maybe you decide that eCommerce
is about the way to go. And maybe you’ve got a couple of mentors who you found online who’ve
build eCommerce businesses, maybe even that focus in that same area that you’re interested in. And so you have a vague rough roadmap of maybe roughly what to do. But you know nothing more other than you wanna build a website on Shopify, but you’ve got no real
idea how to do that. And even when you’ve done that, you’ve got no clue how
you’re gonna market it, where you’re gonna get traffic from, you’ve literally got no idea, except that you kind of need
to build a Shopify store. Now for a lot of people in that situation, they’d be completely paralysed. They wanna find all the
answers, see the whole roadmap, see every step they’re gonna take and figure all that out before
they’ll even take action. That is the absolute wrong way to be stepping into this world. You’ve got to be willing
to go, “You know what, “I know nothing about what
I’m gonna do when I get there. “All I know right now is I’m
gonna build a Shopify store. “So I’m literally just
gonna start learning “how to build a Shopify store.” And as you do that, you
take more steps forward, you’ll begin to learn more about what you need to do after that, and things will start to
open up in front of you. And so point four is that
you just absolutely have to trust in yourself
that you’ll figure it out each time you take steps forward. The key is constant consistent action. The second that we paralyse ourselves because we can’t see the
path ahead, we’re done. So be willing to take action
in the face of uncertainty. And then point number
five is that you have to be in the mindset of whatever it takes, you are not going to
quit, you will not give up and you will keep going until you succeed. If any part of you is
starting this journey with any sort of mindset
around, “Oh, well, “if this hasn’t worked in
30 days or three months, “then yeah, I’m probably
not gonna be interested. “I wanna start seeing
results quite quickly, “and if I don’t, I’m gonna give up.” Like if that dialogue is
going on in the background, don’t even bother starting. Again, think of the the gym analogy. If somebody joins the
gym, and they’re like, “Well, if I don’t start seeing “that I have six pack
abs in the next 30 days, “I’m probably gonna quit, “I’m gonna stop going, I’m
gonna stop doing the workouts. “I’ll stop taking the action. “There’s other things really “that are more important to me.” How likely is it that
person is gonna succeed? It’s not gonna happen. It’s the people who show
up with the intention of, “I don’t care how long this takes, “I don’t care what I have to do. “I literally will keep going
until I make it happen. “This is me now. “This is my new way of life. “I’m gonna be like this
for the next three, “five, seven, 10 years. “Like this is the path I’m going down. “It’s do or die is whatever it takes, “I will never quit and
I can fail 1000 times, “and if I do that I’ll
either succeed eventually, “or I’m gonna die trying. “One of those two things
are gonna happen.” That’s the mindset that
somebody has to be in, whatever it takes, this is my
path now, this is my feature. And for someone who’s in that mindset, when it gets hard, when
it gets challenging, when they don’t see the results, they will fight through those challenges, and they will make it happen. But somebody who’s not in
that mindset, he’s like, “Yeah, if it gets a bit
hard I’m gonna give up. “If I don’t see results in 30 to 90 days, “I’m gonna give up.” It’s gonna get hard, and
you’re gonna give up. Simple as that. So make sure before
you start this journey, you are willing and you are committed, and you know that whatever happens, this is the path that
you wanna go down now. Gotta be in that mindset. So if after watching
this, you’re now like, “Yeah, I’m ready. “I wanna make this happen. “I’m clear about the
reasons why I’m doing it. “I’m focused on giving value to people, “not just making money, and
that’s the only motivation. “I’ve also aligned my
interests with market demand. “I’m in the mindset of being willing “to step into uncertainty, “I don’t have to figure it all out “before I take any action.” And finally, “I’m in the
mindset of whatever it takes, “I’m not gonna quit.” If that’s you, then in
the top corner right now, you’ll be able to click
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at different business models that are gonna enable you to
put all of this into action. So click that watch that video. Also, hit like if you’ve enjoyed this, comment below if you have
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bottom corner right now. Alright, so thanks very much for watching. Really appreciate it. Hope this is valuable. And I’ll see you in the next video where you can start learning
how to make money online. Bye for now.

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  1. 9️⃣🔥5️⃣ Would love to hear your comments and perspectives on this, what are your experiences with this or do you have anything to add? Would love to hear them, comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  2. Great video! Yes,is very important to change the mindset regarding the money and with it also the character- to make sure you don't get destroyed by riches once they come. Money is not the root of evil, but the love of money in a selfish way of not being blessing to others and give value…this can be a downfall. Thanks for sharing, Dan!

  3. Thanks Dan, I personally think that’s great information for people already on the journey as well. We get so caught up in learning new things that sometimes we forget to remember the small things, or maybe that’s only just me, 🤣. Great video.

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