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hello welcome to another episode of five
business rules. I’m Monica I’m Nicole. And today we are going to
talk about what to include on your website About page. A lot of people I
feel like treat their about page as just a bio page and just throw on the bios of
leadership and don’t really delve any deeper than that and that’s a missed
opportunity. And part of it is that I hear more than anybody and personally
had this is that it’s hard to write about yourself and so I could do my
whole website content but I still have Monika help me on my about page because
it is really hard to figure out what to say. It is. It’s hard to be objective
it’s hard to figure out what people actually want to know and don’t want to
know you’re just you’re clouding gets really muddled so hopefully these tips
will help. First things first. Value proposition. Your value proposition
is absolutely on your homepage you know that you know you know it’s supposed to
be the first thing that people see when they come onto your homepage. Include it
on your about page too it just reinforces why they want to work with
you, what you can do for them. So in other
words this is what makes you special. What makes me different from me other
800 web developers, marketers out there that can help you. You want to say this
is why you should work with me. It’s just a great reminder another thing to
include is why you founded the company this is a very personal story and it can
absolutely help create connections you can see your clients might see a little
bit of themselves in you or might think oh my gosh that is wow that’s so neat I
didn’t know that about Nicole. Like Nicole was a you know big horseback
rider back in the day if she mentions that in her bio and I’m a big equestrian
you know and I have a horse I’m like oh god I already feel simpatico with
Nicole because we have that connection. So this is goes
back to that old rule people know who our people work with those they know
like and trust so what you’re trying to do is give somebody a reason to connect
and like and trust you exactly and another way to do that is
with your philosophy your approach your values again it’s just helping people
get to know you better get to know what makes you tick. And especially for a
service provider like us being able to articulate you know our approach
and what what you can expect when you work with us that’s very helpful because
it’s very different when you go and buy a product you know service provider
working together so it’s nice to know what that relationship is gonna look
like. So think in terms of this I asked this so many questions I Drive my
clients not extent like why are you doing this I’m like a five-year-old: why?
why? You know but I’m gonna like I’m never gonna just do a cookie cutter for
you and for some clients that’s great other people just want to get it done
and don’t want to worry about it so this is this can to say help make or break
your case a little bit because if your style seems to be compatible with
somebody then that’s great that gives them something there if it’s not that
filters it out you don’t have to waste your time with them. Exactly yeah and oh
that’s an awesome point because your about page can actually really help you
qualify leads. Right if you don’t create a connection that’s not someone you’re
gonna want to work with there it’ll probably be a difficult working
relationship moving forward because you don’t get each other. And here’s a bonus
tip make sure there is some kind of call to action on your About page so once
they’ve seen that and they’ve seen they like you there’s an easy way to get in
touch with you. Yeah I love that. A couple more things to include are the benefits
of working with you or the results that you deliver this reinforces the value of
your services and it can help push that person one step closer to making a
purchase so this is
kind of the equivalent of if you say social proof or testimonials to a fact
you can actually have those on there but you can say I helped grow traffic 75%. I
increased revenue whatever it is that you do if any time that there’s hard
numbers that you can point to that show that you are capable and experienced
that’s really helpful. Right and if you can have testimonials that also speaks to
that and reinforce that message I mean that you know you got yourself a new
client. You’re gonna be fighting people off because they’re want to work with you. Exactly. They’ll be banging down
your door. So anyway those are the five things to include on your about page
hope you found it helpful if you have any questions or need any help
definitely let us know we’re here for you. Have a great day! Bye. you

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