6 Core Strategies for Making Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

– Hey what’s up, Sean Cannell
here, rhymes with channel, and this is Think Media bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. But I’m so excited
because I was recently on the Creative Disruption Podcast with Derral Eves and Ricky Ray Butler and we talked all about
affiliate marketing and specifically how to get to started. Now, I’ve been doing affiliate
marketing for years now but when I think back
to when I got started, man, I was super frustrated. I wasn’t really getting
clicks on my links, I wasn’t making sales
and I didn’t really know what I was doing wrong and
so I think you’re going to love this video and
some of the insights that are going to help you get more views on your content and
ultimately make more money with affiliate marketing
even if you’re just starting so let’s dive into it. (rhythmic music) – Moving back to you, I mean
you’ve helped a lot of people, a lot of creators go from
the mindset mentality of oh, it’s just ad revenue to these types of opportunities. Like, what are some tips
that you would give both to the brand and also to
the creator when it comes to making money as an affiliate? – Yes, I mean, for
affiliate marketing I liked how you said you need
to know how to convert. I think that it’s so important to really think about,
essentially, customer journey. There’s actually a really good article to look at by Think With Google, they go deep and they studied
one, like, SUV purchase and they studied how many
touch points this woman made and it was over 400. And of course, that was a
much more expensive purchase, like $35,000 or something
but I really like to think about, you know,
all the way from what is the psychology of the person
that’s searching the internet? What is it they’re looking for? And so even for the creator
and then a brand working for a creator just because
you include a product in a video or even review a product, there’s some like very
important, just, maybe subtle and small, like call to actions that are important but they’re critical. Like if you’re missing that
thing and I think that’s that verbal call to action,
that verbal education of hey if you wanna check out links to these resources it’s
in the description below. Like if the creator
misses the call to action, then there’s a disconnect to that affiliate marketing
probably even being profitable. Furthermore, this is
you know, you’re inside of my mind here if I think about kind of even why should someone click the link. If you can layer on on a reason why to say but hey don’t just take my word for it, if you wanna check out
the links to this camera in the description below, read the reviews on the other side. And one of the things I’ve thought about where I actually,
whether it’s good or bad, I avoid products, I just
don’t even make the video in the first place if it
doesn’t have good reviews. That’s customer journey. If I’m like it’s great but
then they click through and they land there and
they’re like wait a minute, well then your integrity seems
like, it’s just confusing why does it have two and a half stars? – And it might have a good product but horrible service
and horrible logistics and then that destroys
your credibility still. – So that’s literally
thinking past your video and of course that’s
also another tip I’d give to creators is that to
really have integrity in the whole process, to of course always be transparent, to be
authentic, to review products or to be open with what’s
good and what’s bad about them and so it is funny, I
actually just avoid product, I end up not making the video at all. I only like, because why
start the process unless, lets talk about something
that’s really going to help people. I know maybe people need
the reviews of stuff that isn’t bad but a
lot of time I just like to find, and our promise is
like, what’s the best camera for YouTube, we really want
to narrow down like what are the three best options, really do our due diligence and then make those recommendations
and then think through that like, entire kind of
customer journey past our video because a great way to kill your brand is to recommend something,
same thing with your product, to sell some products that
once people receive them, they’re like this sucks. – Yes this doesn’t work very well. Why did somebody tell me to buy this? – You have no longevity if, if
everyone that is interacting with your stuff doesn’t see that the stuff you recommend is actually good and then I think the other
thing is having, being a true practitioner. I think where we broke
through in affiliates is a lot of people in the
industry especially back when I started were preaching to other, their peers,
who were really fancy, had a lot of technical knowledge and who, of course people that get into cameras and tech are usually
kind of snobby about it, they’re whatever and so
I kind of went the route of I’m not, I don’t
know the best you know, filmmaking camera with the
best, all of these details and color grading and, but what I know is that
these beauty gurus, we went straight to YouTubers,
people who did not want to be camera specialists but people that just were looking
for tools that were easy to use, so it’s like empathy for the creator that’s like
the flip screen matters, to be able to touch your screen and have it stay in focus matters, the mic input matters, user friendliness matters. And so it was interesting, I had to in the middle there endure some criticism from people like oh well
it’s not the best camera and you’re like you don’t understand, you’re not my audience,
like if you’re already off in this fancy world, that’s cool, but we really blew up
by almost making it kind of like cameras made
friendly, cameras made simple. – Cameras made for
YouTubers that’s what it is. – Cameras made for YouTubers that’s right. So I hope you got value out of that video and if you did can you
hit the like button. And if you actually want to
check out our jump start series with affiliate marketing,
these were just a few kind of overview insights and
tips that’ll serve you but it you are looking for
a more step-by-step approach of exactly how to use YouTube
and affiliate marketing to generate sales, make
money and build really a life and a business on your own terms, then I’ll link to that free
series on the YouTube card and I’ll put a link to it in
the description below as well. Question of the day, what is
your YouTube channel about? Like what niche are you in? You know, I’m in the tech niche right, we talk all about cameras
and gear and that’s a lot of what we talk about
with affiliate marketing but I’d love to hear from you. What is your channel about,
what topics are you covering? Tell me in the comments section below. And also, if you do want
to see this full interview that I did on the Creative
Disruption Podcast, I’ll link to that as well on the YouTube card. There’s a lot of other
insights about all kinds of things YouTube related
and some of the story and history of Think Media
and video influencers and the different projects
that we work on here. So check that out as well. Appreciate you so much, keep crushing it and I will see you in the next video. Police. Police? Peace. (rhythm music)

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100 thoughts on “6 Core Strategies for Making Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

  1. YouTube affiliate marketing is huge! I've also been doing it for years, and still recommend it to my students who are newbies in Internet Marketing, as it is super easy to get started. Thanks for the tips!

  2. That's really awesome. Love your tips and tricks to build our channel
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  4. Thank you so much for all the tips.^^
    Anyone who is interested in Japanese or Chinese, please come visit my channel.💕

  5. Thank you so much for all the tips.^^
    Anyone who is interested in Japanese or Chinese, Please come visit me.^^

  6. Thank Sean, I'm in the gaming nich (Minecraft in paticular) I've had a few channeps in the past, but I haven't really gotten into them, or they just failed dramatically. So I'm trying to fully set up this channel before I post.

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  8. Notification squad:

    My YouTube channel is about a life of a single mother who works 40 hours a week while going to school. In stead of posting every day I'm posting once a week with my main episode from Life as a single mother. And then I'm posting smaller videos like planning and class assignment videos.

  9. My YouTube channel is a very unique niche. It’s all about a very very rare chromosome disorder that both myself and my daughter have,15Q11.2 AKA Burnside-Butler syndrome. It is also inclusive of the comorbid conditions (eg my daughter also has Dysmorphia, autism, extreme anxiety, selective mutism, learning disability, Childhood Disintegration Disorder (AKA Dementia Infintalis), as well as sensory processing disorder.

    There are only a few thousand on the planet with the genetic condition, but it is likely that she is the only one of those with this combination of conditions.

    Medical expertise in this area of genetic deletion is slim to non, and accessing the little bit of information is almost impossible for many due to the scant availability, and when it is available it’s shrouded in academic medical jargon that then makes it not accessible to many. I try to uncover the research, and deliver it in such a way that it removes technical jargon and leaves a base level of understanding . I have only a few video’s on the channel, and as you would expect very few subscribers and views. This is not for profit in any way what so ever, so any guidance that you may have for me would be much appreciated.

    My day job is an online teacher of mathematics for a large private school with an international cohort of students. All lessons are live, and recorded, so a little like making YouTube videos but without the opportunity to go back, watch, or edit in any way (can be stressful and is not for those easily daunted).

    But as I said if you can spare any time to look over the channel, or indeed the website (I’ll post a link below) with the understanding that I’m a single dad, working full time, with a disabled child, and limited income, I would hugely appreciate it.


    Kindest regards
    Darren a Coleman from a very rainy wet North Yorkshire (UK)

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  31. Halleluyah to God that brought this Russian hacker to my way and I was funded $66,998
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  32. Halleluyah to God that brought this Russian hacker to my way and I was funded $66,998

    software I didn’t also believe at first but I was surprised +13375029795 txt him via WhatsApp

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