6 things you should immediately know about keywords

so how important are keywords for your
business ah there’s that elusive word again keywords you know you should have them but why and how are they identified? now here are six things every business
and brand should know. I’m Caria Watt the creator of the CariaCares
show and a digital strategist with nearly two decades of experience in
marketing and communication. My mission is to help you achieve and exceed your
marketing goals through a tailored digital strategy for your business and
be your digital coach. Now if you’re new to my channel please subscribe and
follow me on social media for some good vibes and because it’s free. Gone are the
days when a website could be packed with keywords and receive traffic. Search
engines are becoming more intuitive and algorithms are favoring high quality
content which may include relevant keywords. Now maintaining a strong
keyword presence on a website can seem tricky, but before you bury your head in
your hands, here are a few simple things to help you master keywords for your
business. When customers search for your product or services, what do they search
for? What terms do they use? Do they call your shop a salon? A barbershop? Perhaps a hair cuttery? Although your car dealership may consider your cars to be
pre-owned, what do your customers search for? second-hand cars? used cars? so
considering the search practices of your audience is the first step towards
identifying strong traffic driving keywords. Now this is the language that
your customers use when searching on Google. Structuring your content on your
website around terms and phrases that your customers are using for searches is the most effective way for your business or brand to create
content that’s well positioned for higher ranking. Keyword research is a
very important step to SEO search engine optimisation. It’s important because of
the following reasons… Number 1 an engaged audience – to begin producing
content that’s relevant to your audience you must understand what keywords are
bringing traffic to your website. So figure out what interests your audience
and then write the content around that. Number 2 increase conversions – relevant
content will not only attract visitors but it will also attract qualified
traffic. Now you have a higher conversion rate if the content you’re producing is
meaningful to those who are reading it There’s a study by Juniper research
on the return of investment of email relevance for engaging your audience you
can increase a net profits 18 times more than just email broadcasting. Ask yourself
are you answering the right questions? Number 3 marketing trend insight –
analysing keywords will offer you insights into current marketing trends
and consumer behaviour. Keep up to date on what’s popular and important to your
audience, and use it to keep your content relevant. Prioritise your time
properly. Don’t spend time creating content on keywords that are not
increasing your bottom line. Use keywords that are generating success to your
advantage Now this can have a huge impact on your
return on investment Number 5 expand your long-tail
efforts – when you use for keyword research to discover other keyword
queries and you can expand your long-tail efforts and I covered this more in another
video down the track. A long-tail research is the most popular type of search
according to SEO Moz this type makes up 70% of traffic now effective keyword research can help you rank high among phrases
that matter most to your audience and break into new markets, and overall
strengthen your visibility. Number 6 place keywords in the right spot –
identifying your ideal keywords is only half the battle once that’s complete
putting these keywords in the right locations is the next step and this will
have a huge impact on your organic search ranking now studies show that 77% of researchers click on organic links over paid ads with this in mind your
organic search rank is important to your long-term success, so always look at what your customers are interested in and what they want. You can easily conduct a
keyword analysis and I can show you where to place them in my social media
playbook course to use your research to help structure your marketing campaign
around a specific theme or audience. Now you can find a link to the my social
media playbook course in my bio or on https://CariaWatt.com and remember to like and share this with a friend who can use a helping hand
why because Caria cares about women helping women and men, who could use a
helping hand. Now I’d love to hear from you and know what is one takeaway from
this week that you can do now right and feel free to reach out with any
questions you might have until next week peace

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