7 Important Online Marketing Tips From A 15 Year Online Marketing Veteran

Hi, my name is Mark Thompson and I’ve been
online marketer for 15 years now and it seems to me that over the last 15
years, you know, nothing’s changed. I still see the same types of questions, the same types of posts that
I was asking back in the day. So what I thought I’d do is I would give
you seven of my best marketing tips. Number one, pick one thing and
stick to it for at least six months. It normally takes that long for
things to start to work. Number two, you don’t need half the tools you’ve
bought or that you’re going to buy. Try and focus on learning marketing
techniques and they will last you for a lifetime. Number three, communication is
the first technique you should master. Often a series of good informative
posts and a checkout link will far, far, far outperform a sales page.
Everything comes down to the offer. So number four is know your offer. If you don’t have a good offer or
you don’t understand your offer, you’ll never succeed. Your offer will
dictate who your target audiences. It will dictate the message you
put in front of that audience. It will also dictate your
success. Number five, all successful campaigns are
temporary, so never get comfortable. There’s always something around the
corner and that will cause you problems, so expect them, take them in your
stride and move on. Number six, failure isn’t always bad. Just be sure to analyze what went wrong
and try not to make the same mistake again. Lots of things I try fail
that doesn’t matter. That’s a lesson. That’s something I can take forward
to the next project. Number seven, and finally, the simple option
is always the best option. Don’t overcomplicate your marketing. Start with the basics and build it up
over time. To use a baseball analogy, don’t try to hit a home run first. Time
out. Just try to get to first base. If you’d like to take your
marketing to the next level, come and join our free community, the
foundation over at Serious Marketers Only, you can get access by going to
joinsmo.com forward slash free.

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