7 Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing Right Now 2020

Hey, John Crestani here. And I’m going to be
going over with you today. 7 reasons why should start doing affiliate
marketing. Literally right now. When right now is the best time to get started.
Besides the money you can make, think with affiliate marketing of why to get started and just how easy it is to do this business model. Let’s go. Whoo-hoo! Here’s doing affiliate marketing. First off, let me
know in the comments if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing and trying out
this business model. It’s what I do for a living. I make millions of dollars per
year doing this business model. Now, I already wrote up the first reason why he
should start doing affiliate marketing now. And the reason is, is because you’re
doing it already, okay? What you have to understand is you’re already
recommending products to people or recommending somebody say, “Get
this book. You need to listen to this podcast or go to this movie or try out
this new blender or food.” You’re already telling people things every day, okay? So,
why not make money from the product recommendations you’re already doing?
Right? It makes no sense that you are helping grow other people’s businesses.
But you are not getting any money for it. And for those of you who don’t know what
affiliate marketing is, affiliate marketing is it’s putting up a link to a
product. It’s whenever you recommend a product you give somebody a link and you
get paid if they end up buying that product or whatever it is. Going to that
movie or you know getting a book, etc. So, you’re doing it already. Get paid for it.
Now, the second reason why to get started in affiliate marketing is it’s… It’s
freaking easy. You’re already posting links. You’re already posting on social
media. You’re already writing emails. You’re already communicating with people.
So, it’s just very easy to just sign up for an affiliate Network. There’s lots of
affiliate networks you can sign up for. In the description, there is
a number of affiliate networks that you can sign up for right now. So, you want to
get started making money from your recommendations. Join the affiliate
networks in my description. Join them all. Because you’ll get more products to
recommend. So, I remember when I got started and I was I was sitting in
college in marketing class. I was at Southern Methodist University out in
Dallas. And I was listening to the professor and they’re talking about
something along the lines of you know, color theory and magazines and like what
colors pop in a magazine ad. And I just was sitting in class and I looked around
the classroom and I noticed almost everybody was on their phones. And you
know, they’re… People you know, they hold their phones below their desk and I just
look around everybody’s just on Facebook or texting or something like that. And I
remember thinking to myself I’m like, “I was trying to justify why this
college experience was was important?” And I was thinking to myself, “Well, you know
what? They’re not paying attention. They’re not getting the knowledge. But
you know, this is useful information. But more I thought about the more I realized
I said, “This isn’t… the only way you can make money doing magazine ads as if you
work for a big ad agency.” And how that was… You know in getting a job for a big
ad agency. And I remember thinking, “That’s such a bad… You know, bad way to do things.
I don’t want a job. I want to learn marketing so I can make money. And I saw
all these people on Facebook and I thought why are… “Why are we not learning
how to do Facebook? Why are we not learning how to market on Facebook or
snapchat or Twitter?” And it just you know, something clicked for me and I was just
I I lost interest in college and I said, “This is stupid.
Why am I learning… I’m just learning how to work for somebody in a job? When I
should be learning real marketing? How to really reach people the way they’re
already using media.” The marketing they’re already engaging with,
nobody’s reading magazines. Nobody reads magazines anymore.
And that just made sense to me. And at that point, I
kind of dedicated myself and I was like, “I’m going to figure this out on my own I’m
not going to…” You know.. And I realized that college wasn’t gonna teach me how to
learn. Now, in this channel, I go over you know, I tried I try to kind of give you
that education that I never had. You know, keep that in mind. So, make sure to
subscribe and hit the notification bell and also like this video. If you know, if
you had a similar experience and if you’re looking to just self educate
yourself. You know, make yourself better. Investing in yourself, investing in your
brain investing in your skills and your knowledge is the most important thing
you can do. You can never go wrong investing in yourself. Now, the third
reason to start affiliate marketing is it is cheap, okay? You can do this. It’s
cheap or free, okay? It is by far the easiest way to reach people. As I said,
you can post links yourself. You can go on your Facebook. You can go
on Twitter. You can go on all of these sites you’re already using and use them
to market to people. Now, what’s the alternative, right? If you want to sell
products, if you want to start a business is you have to go and meet people person
a person. You have to actually talk to people or going in networking events or
go to conferences or go to conventions. And going places cost a lot of money and
it caught takes a lot of time. And you might not want to speak in front of
people and say, “Hey, Walter. Let me tell you about how great of a product it is
and why you should do business with me.” You probably don’t want to do that. So,
it’s so much easier and more effective to market online to start your business.
It just makes sense. Now, the fourth reason to get started in affiliate
marketing is there is not a lot of competition. Now, look at the number of
video views on this channel. You know, the biggest affiliate marketing channels
only have a couple hundred thousand subscribers whereas people trying to
learn how to motivate themselves or work a job or go to school or do anything
else. Millions of people watch those sales or whatever. Marketing is very
unsaturated. In fact, I teach a lot of methods on my channel. I encourage you to act
please subscribe and watch my playlist. I’m going to have my Filipinos put it up
somewhere about free traffic methods in this playlist in this series of videos, I
expose a lot of different ways you can get free traffic using social networks
and other sorts of websites online. But I see it all day long. And I try to expose
these things to help you grow your business and also helped me grow mine
because we’re working together here. Now, people understand how to post an ad on
Facebook. I think a lot of people talked about that but what people don’t
understand is Facebook group marketing or LinkedIn marketing. Or using a vent
bright to get your links out. Or meetup.com to get your links out. Using
deviantART to get your links out. These are all platforms I named that have over
50 million users on them. And nobody’s doing affiliate marketing on them. Why?
The reason is is that this is an unsaturated industry. People still
haven’t figured out all of the places where you could do affiliate marketing.
But I’m exposing them here on my channel to help you grow your business and also
to help me grow mine because we are working here together. This is the only
YouTube channel… Thumbs up for being a subscriber the only YouTube channel that
is focused on helping you make more money. This is a mutually beneficial
thing. This is… There’s you know, we’re both making money here. So, thumbs up to
be part of the only YouTube channel that has the correct incentives to help
everyone make a lot of money. Now, the fifth reason to get started in affiliate
marketing is it is world wide, okay? That’s 2 Ws for worldwide. So, as
long as you have a connection to the internet, you can go on the internet and
post links. And as long as you are… You know there’s a ton of affiliate networks
you can sign up for. Not every affiliate network works with every country. So, I
suggest you join everyone you can and see which ones you get approved to the
links are in the description. I have a ton of affiliate networks you can join.
Sign up for them all. Now, the sixth reason to learn about affiliate
marketing and it gets started is the actual process of marketing itself is actually a great way to learn about sales. So, you know, any business
needs sales. You know, if you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you’re going to be doing
sales. Bare basic fact. The money is going to come from one person over to you. Somehow
you’re going to get the money or you’re gonna get a commission but there’s going to
be some way with affiliate marketing that you need to get the money. Sales and
marketing are intimately related. And marketing is actually much… I believe
it’s harder than sales because sales, you have kind of that pressure, right? If I’m
standing in front of you it’s going to be more difficult to say no. Also, it shows
that I went out of my way to meet you or whatever. With marketing, you have to be
tactical. You have to make good use of social proof or funnels or urgency or
scarcity your risk reversals or benefits or problems and solutions. You have to
know all of these things. And you have to do them well. And marketing and affiliate
marketing especially is going to help you learn so much about everything
that’s involved in doing sales. I got, I I’ve never been good at sales. You know, I
I had a cold-calling job around college time and I had to do 100 calls a day.
That was my… That was my first job out of college, actually. And I just remember it
was you know, I got hired in this boiler room. It was like 50 guys it was
like mostly guys. I think they’re like 2 or 3 women. But it was just a room of 50
guys just hitting the phones every day. 100 calls a day was our quota. So, I
had a I did call 100 strangers every day and try to pitch him this
product. And I would call up dentists and doctors and accountants and lawyers and
just try to sell them this stuff. And you know, advertising packages and it was
just mind numbing. And I got hung up on every time. Really… like, you really start
you know doubting yourself. Like, it’s it’s very rare to get rejected 100
times a day but you do that in a cold-calling job. It’s kind of like Wolf
of Wall Street. And that sucked. You know, and I… I just couldn’t get sales. I think
I got like two but I never paid my salary. I was
Making commission only. So, as I was making only like a couple hundred bucks
a month. And it was really pathetic. And I knew that… I realized I sucked at sales.
But in the process, you know after that, I went into marketing. And what I realized
is you know over the years as I’ve done marketing. I’ve been doing affiliate
marketing for 10 years now. I’ve gotten good and I’ve realized that I understand
sales more intuitively and I can grow businesses because I got started
affiliate marketing. And in fact, many business owners I know got started no
matter what they’re doing with affiliate marketing. Now, the last reason to do affiliate marketing is there’s absolutely nothing to lose, okay? You
can’t… You know, if you use free traffic methods… And you go to my free
traffic playlist. You don’t have to spend any money doing it. But you’re going to
actually… You can earn real money. It’s kind of like a video game. If you use
that kind of mental model. And I like to use mental models when I’m doing things.
It’s a video game. You’re posting links. And don’t be attached to the outcome is
really important. But you just do it and you have nothing to lose. And you have no
outcome to be attached to. You’re going to become successful and you’re going to
make real money. And it gets really fun. And once you start figuring out you know
maybe you found out, “Mmm… Like, this is an unsaturated niche.” Deviant art. You know,
doing affiliate marketing in there. “Ooh, I can use Eventbrite to sell webinars.”
That’s a untapped niche. And you start finding your path and you start getting
better and you start making more and more money, again, like a video game; you
keep leveling up. I’ve leveled up in money over the years. I’ve also leveled
up in life. You know, having money has allowed me the freedom and the choices
to travel, to meet people around the world, to buy houses, to buy real estate,
to buy you know stocks. I’m failing fast or as most people wouldn’t have that
experience of you know starting a family young or buying real estate properties
or investment properties young or stocks. You know, I’ve been able to do that
because of the freedom and the choices that I get with affiliate marketing.
Where as somebody working a corporate job would not do any of this until
forties or fifties until their way further on in their career. So, affiliate
marketing gives you all these choices. You have nothing to lose by doing it. Now,
if that motivated you to start affiliate marketing, just say, “I’m starting now, okay?”
Say, “Starting now” in the comments because there’s no reason not to get started. If
you want to learn some of my paid traffic methods as well. If you want to
learn how to do paid advertising, I have a playlist I will put a link to in the
description or in the comments or something. Or one of my students if you
guys could… If you could link to it for me the playlist about free… How to do
pay-per-click with AdWords, that’ll be great. And I have a ton of content here
for you guys. So, many methods to make marketing. So many successful students
making gob loads of cash. It’s really exciting. You’re going to see some of them
shortly in my next videos. But I look forward to seeing you… Type in” I’m going to
start now”. Say “Starting now” in the comments if you’re going to do this for 20

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54 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing Right Now 2020

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  2. I am definitely starting today. My day off, and it is time for me to turn knowledge into action. I’m too old to not start today. Thank you for the motivation!

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    Alright, so I told my mom how I could make money online from Affiliate Marketing and she said school I said, (-_-) I'm only 16 and she wasn't having it. I said you can be any age and do this. I told her we cannot depend On our current education system because they don't teach you investing, how to build a business, can't rely on the government, teach us how to be financially free. I'm sticking with Affiliated marketing rather she likes it or not! 🤑 anyways, I have marketing to do.

    – Crestani 😊

    Edit: So I checked Clickbank reporting and I notice that I have 21 hops now! Yesterday I had 15. But I still have 0 sales. Not sure how I should grab the person's attention on how to buy the product. I'm just gonna look at your vids.

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