7 Steps of How To Start A Small Online Business

Seven steps of how to start a small online
business. If you follow the information that I’m going
to provide to you in this video. You’ll also have an unfair advantage over
97% of the people who want to start an online business now, you’re probably wondering what
is that unfair advantage of how to start a small online business? You see the online marketing industry is a
46 billion dollar industry. and only 3% succeed another word 3% generate
46 billion dollars a year and their income range anywhere between 15,000 to over 300,000
dollars a month not because they are smarter. They have higher IQ or the even educated. The reason is very simple they know more things
than the 97% that fail now the 97% that fail. the reason they fail is because there are
some information. They don’t know like the steps that I’m going
to show you in this video. So remember the information that I’m about
to give you are in sequential order another word. These steps are in sequence. You can’t do number three before you doing
number two and so forth. So don’t skip or bypass one single step. So, if you commit yourself to the information,
I’m going to show you in this video soon. You’ll be joining the three percent that generate
the 46 billion dollar a year. Step number one is Passion. You have to have a passion in order for you
to succeed. Not only on online also offline as well. If you don’t have a passion, it’s very difficult
for you to succeed in anything at all. So you have to have that passion. Mistakenly, some people think that they don’t
have a passion almost everybody has a passion, but some people don’t know how to bring it
about. That is not a problem. Because if you don’t know how to bring it
about, all you have to do is three things. One of them is put in the comment that you
want to know how to bring about your passion because there are some steps that I have that
can help you tremendously to know exactly what your passion is number to go ahead and
click on the Subscribe button and number three give the channel thumbs up. Please make sure to go ahead and do that. That because if there is enough people who
are interested in that I’ll go ahead and make a special video to bring about your passion
step by step. Step number two, which is foundation. Without a foundation. It’s going to be very difficult. Even if you have passion, which is Step number
one because a lot of the people I am talking about the 97 percent almost all of them. They start their online business without the
foundation that what I like you to do is think about the foundation as something that maybe
you are building. Something like you are let’s say building
a an Empire you build in your own building. Metaphorically speaking like your own Empire
your own building. Well, you can’t build floor number 2 before
you build in floor number one and it’s the same thing. You can’t build a floor number one before
you build your foundation. Now, of course, you have to have the right
equipment, which I call the success tools the success tools are very Similar to the
real thing, for example, if you want to create or if you want to build a building you have
to have for example to build your foundation. You have to have the right tool. like a earth-moving equipment to make the
digging you can’t like go and get a little shovel and start building a foundation of
a building. Right? So it’s the same thing as for online business
is very much the same and the success tools that I’m talking about. About I’m gonna put them in the description
area where you can have access to them. These tools are really not that complicated
but a lot of people that create courses or what have you they never teach them people
don’t know much about them and the people who would know exactly what to do with them
are the only one that actually survived and they are the three percenters that actually
generate almost all the 46 billion dollars that we see online. Line step number three, which is your skills. You have to have some kind of skills and I’m
not talking about very complicated skills, like some people when they hear skills. They think oh I have to be so good at something
not really as long as you have that passion and it doesn’t matter some people have a passion
of playing guitar for example, and they do make lessons and they sell their expertise
of how to for example learn guitar very quickly. So, Usually that’s why I talked about number
one is Passion because you skills you probably already have it, but do not sit there and
try to be perfect these skills because a lot of times people overdo it with perfection
and you really don’t need to overcomplicate things. As long as you have the basics you’re good
to go. step number 4, which is transformation a lot
of people are looking for Action and they’re not looking for just information. you can use information to transform somebody
what I mean by that is that when people are online, for example, they do have a need they
do have a problem. Okay, and if you a person to provide the solution
by information in the form of a product, that’s what I call the power of 3 because there’s
a person who has a problem you do have a solution and the common denominator is actually the
internet. So that’s what transformation is all about. It’s for you to transform the person from
whatever the problem that they have into a solution not just information, but you can
provide a good information that does the transformation and solve that problem. tip number 5, which is delivery. How are you going to deliver your product
to who just purchased it? Let’s say you have a person that just bought
your product. How are you going to deliver it? What medium are you gonna use now? Some people, they fail because they haven’t
thought about that very, well. They didn’t give it a good thought you need
to understand and you need to know exactly before you get started when somebody purchased
your product. You need to know how to deliver it. now I did mention before and the Sales funnel
system. They do also have a course delivery system. So if somebody bought that product through
that sales funnel, they’ll be able to go straight to the course in case you are delivering your
product by course, the other method could be an autoresponder or something else like
a download platform, but it’s very important to know before you get started about the delivery
system that you’re going to be using before you get started. Tip number six, which is automation automation
is very important to your online products without automation is going to be very difficult
for you. Another word. Imagine. If somebody put in an order for you to purchase
something from you, then you got to go and you got to find a computer. Then you have to go online. Then you have to deliver the product. It’s very difficult to do it that way because
you need to be able to have this done. Automatically without you even being involved
in other words, you could be on vacation or you could be sleeping and the delivery of
the product will take place either way. step number seven, which is scaling. Now. What is scaling scaling is Imagine like you
are using an escalator to go up you want to scale your business up. There is the right way to do it and there
is the wrong way to do it and again even this step also goes back to step number two, which
is the foundation without the foundation is going to be very difficult to accomplish your
scaling. Now, there are two types of scaling the wrong
one and the right one when the people using the wrong one. What they do is say is “I am selling products
things are going Okay”. So what I’m going to do now, I’m going to
go spend time on finding some other product for me to sell which is Okay to do but before
you do that, you want to maximize your conversion before you do that. It doesn’t make sense. If you conversion is low and it’s in need
of improvement and you are spending time on something you really don’t need to do at this
point. The first thing is you want to maximize the
return on the investment that you already have, which is you created a product and you
want to maximize the return the right way to do that is to. go ahead and maximize your conversion rate. Actually this is the conversion method that
is tied into “the tracking system” that I have mentioned to you in the success tools
because you cannot improve anything that you cannot measure you have to measure everything
before you go to the next level and start making or creating other products to sell
to your existing customers and to the new customers. now you have all the information and the know-how
of how to start a small business online. Now what I’d like you to do in case you like
this video, please give me a thumbs up and also subscribe to the channel. Now, what I like you to do is to tell me about
these seven steps that I just gave you which one is the one that you are having any issues
with please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to answer you’re comments because I

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