#75 [Web TV] Personality Type and Business Models

Hello and welcome. Janet Beckers here with
your Wonderful Web TV Tip of the Week. Today I would like to talk to you about personality
types and business models. Now this is a topic of discussion that came up in our private
Facebook group; one that is just for customers only of the Wonderful Web Group and we were
talking about what sort of personality types suit what types of business model. Are there
certain personality types that shouldn’t be in business? So, what I want to share with
you is just a couple of quick pointers to help you to work out how to apply this. Now,
personality typing; there’s a lot of different ways of working out personality types and
this is actually something that we go to in depth in the Profiting You module which is
your program but also a big part of our Shine Online program. Now with this, there is a
couple of different personality types. One, and this is such as myself, is a person who
works well in front of a crowd; it gets their energy from a group. So, for me, I know what
works well to my particular personality type is working with groups of people and that
is why I like to do a lot of teleseminars, webinars, videos where I can get my message
out to a group of people and I really think well on my feet when Im actually presenting
in front of a group. Other people who may have a different personality type that is
going to be more suited to working with people one on one with smaller groups, more intimate
– you can still use those methods but they may not sit as well with you. They may not
be really working on where your true energy is. So for those people; working in smaller
groups. So if you’re working on teleseminars, perhaps you work with smaller groups where
you can really get that lovely energy. Or, you may really, really work well with that
one on one things that complement what you are doing with your online programs as well.
So thinking about that in terms of your energy and that doesn’t mean it has to be one or
the other, but it’s great to be able to really focus the bulk in equal time with those methods
that work well to your energy. Now, another one that came up is people who, through the
different sort of personality profiling are seen as supporters so people who are very
much the people who get things done. You know, you get people who come up with the great
ideas of ‘let’s do this and let’s do that’ and you have got other people who are the
ones that really are the ones that implement and get things done because if you just wait
for the big idea people to do it, it’s just not going to happen. But a lot of times, people
will tell you if they your personality type that really, you’re meant to be supporting
a business; not be the business owner, not be the entreprenuer. Well, you know, I sort
of do not ring that at all. The thing is, if that is your personality type, and interestingly
it’s about half the people in the world, is pull on what your strengths are. If you are
a person that is naturally the person that gets things done and that is naturally the
supporter, you do what you do well which is shine the light on others as well through
your business and, I actually have, even though I’ve got that kind of big picture, working
with groups, I actually have a bit of this supporter part to my personality profiling
as well and that means if you’ve got that, you work very, very well as an affiliate,
as a Joint Venture partner, as a person who is shining the light on others and other people
can look at you and trust to know that you’re the person that’s going to give them the good
advice on who is going to be the person that helps them the best and this can be an incredibly
lucrative way for you to be building your business on the internet. So, you still have
systems and solutions yourself but you focus a lot on shining the light on others. If you
focus on that, shining the light on your customers, shining the light on people who you recommend
in your industry, you’re going to be finding that it’s going to be very, very seemless
and working within your energy to build your business. So, there’s just a few ideas on
different personality types. There’s so many more of course but these are just a few and
how your business model can be adapted to really play to your strengths. So, I’d love
to hear from you. Personality types; do you know what type of personality type you are
and how have you been able to use that knowledge to help you grow your business? Have you got
questions around that? Have you found yourself in a model that was just wrong for you or
that you finally found the model that really was perfect? I would love to hear from you.
I find this stuff absolutely fascinating. So please, leave any comments down below and
any links you’ve got to great profiling tools, please share them and I’ll come and join the
conversation as well. Bye.

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