#78 [Web TV] How To Systemize your Business

Hello and welcome Janet Beckers here with
your wonderful WebTV tip of the week. Today I’d like to talk to you about a really
simple solution for when you are running a virtual team that allows you to systemize. So first of all I’d like to give a great
big shout out to Angela Sands; I’ve got a link down below so you can go and check
her out.And the reason I’m shouting out to Angela is I asked a question on Facebook
for people about just an organizing of a virtual like an online operations manual because I
was finding that ours is getting too big and we were finding it a bit difficult to find
things as our team grew. And how did I get to stop some people accessing some things
and other people being able to access those; just simple logistics. And Angela very kindly
spent some time with me on the phone; answered my questions straight away. So the problem, if you are developing checklists
and systems on ‘this is the way that we do this, this and this in my business’.When
you bring a new person into your business, you want them to be able to access some of
those but you don’t want them having the keys to the castle to start with. And you
want to make it so that’s very easy to be able for people to find those new things;
those step by steps and how to understand how does it fit in with everything in your
business. Easy if you are running an office, you just
have an operations manual. If you’re not running it in that way, if you have a virtual
team, how do you do it? Well this is the solution that we came up
with and that was using Dropbox. Now we use basecamp for communicating with our team and
that’s what we were previously using to put all of our procedures in.But it doesn’t
have that lovely folders underneath folders underneath folders which makes it easy for
people to see this relates to this relates to this. Dropbox, and I’ve got links down
below for that, works out really well because you can just create that folder structure
on your computer, it will automatically go up to Dropbox and you can decide which of
those folders you’regoing to share with what team members.
So, for us this is been a really good solution because it’s simple and allows people to
search and I have got control as the business owner over who gets to access what and when.
So I’d love to hear from you.Is this something you used? Have you found another solution that is simple?
I’m sure that there’s quite a few different ways out there for you to be able to share
these resources easily and cheaply with a growing virtual team.So love to hear from
you.Have you got another solution that you’ve used that’s worked? Have you had any problems
that you’ve been able to solve in different ways?
I’d love you to be able to hear and I know there are going to be people watching this
video. They’re going to be watching your comments
because if they haven’t got this problem now it’s not going to be long before they’ve
got that as soon as they bring on one person to help them in their business.
Love to hear what you want to say as well. Link your comments down below. Bye.

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