$780 Profit in SHOES & Groceries – Retail Arbitrage HAUL

(Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. Good sh… Rezzy Resells. You see that?
That’s hustle. (music) I’m in my favourite place, an easy
place to make money at. Shoe time. These little mini carts
fill up so quick. That’s $390 retail of shoes
and about $340 profit. (music) What’s up guys, I just wanted to
show you my hustle, check it out. That’s $800 of shoes I just bought with
an expected profit of $700 on Amazon. We just finished guys,
we loaded the shoes up. Look at that, it’s amazing how little
space $700 of profit and shoes takes up. Literally at the grocery
store to get groceries and lunch and 50% off Easter candy.
I just made some money guys, easy. These are going to cost me $2.50 a
pack and I’m going to be able to sell two packs of them on Amazon for $15. I
said two pack not Tupac, check yourself. And just to set the record
straight, I’m not a shelf clearer. Okay, I left one for you
guys with that sweet tooth. I grabbed 40 packages of those Reese’s
and that’s going to bring in $2 profit on each one so that’s a quick $80. Cart talk with Luna, (Luna babbles). When you’re buying
groceries for resale, you need to check the expiration dates. Those candies expire in August
so they will be removed in July. Basically, you want to make sure
that however much you’re buying is going to sell before it expires
and before Amazon removes it because they remove
it before it expires. Onion talk, the rank is
so good on those candies. I am going to go to a couple more
stores and clear them out too. Obviously, I understand
this is an Easter candy and that’s why the rank is extremely
good but the rank is good overall. I used to eat candy and I
used to love these things. These are way bigger than
a regular Reese’s Cup and you can’t get them all year,
unless you buy them for me on Amazon. Who all seen a Leprechaun say yeah. As I was checking out, the
cashier try to come at me like, go Warriors because I
had a Lakers hat on. Come on playboy, you know I’m loyal
to my soil. Down for the Warriors. When you have a nine head like I
do you got to have a lot of hats, they can’t all be the same. My sourcerers came through
with five bags of books today. Is there anything more beautiful
than a big stack of textbooks just waiting to be turned into money?
I don’t think so. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
subscribe to my channel, add your comments down below and give
us a thumbs up if you liked the video. See you later.

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7 thoughts on “$780 Profit in SHOES & Groceries – Retail Arbitrage HAUL

  1. Don't forget, all chocolate has to be removed from Amazon warehouses by May 1st.and can't be sent back in until October.

  2. Thanks for the video. would you mind sharing if you do FBA for shoes or more merchant fulfilled. Thanks in advance!

  3. What's your go- to answer for "wow that's a lot of_____' or" why are you buying so many pairs of shoes / books? " are you honest and say you sell stuff or do you make something up? I mean I know that you have all this up for all to see, but at the store level it's different

  4. Did you pay your sourcerers to go find profitable books for you? If so, are your worried they would just sell themselves to make the profit?

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