8 Months Of Building a Online Business: What I’ve Learned – Building an Online Business Ep. 30

Woah, problem solved! What’s up guys, Jason here, aspiring entrepreneur
and welcome to episode 30 of Building an Online Business From Scratch. In today’s episode it is going to be a bit
of a recap on what I’ve been working on thus far. So we are going to go away from the typical
tutorial style where I’m taking you step by step how to do something to grow your business. And I just want to share with you what I have
been working on over these past couple of months. You know, give you some insight that I have
now that I’ve been doing this for 30 episodes so, that’s about 8 months. Now you know we skipped a couple of weeks
here due to some computer crashes, which I’ll talk about in a second. So in this episode I just want to share some
lessons learned and then let you know where I’ve come from and then where I’m going
next. Now as a quick reminder of what I’m actually
building here, so I’m building a consulting sales funnel, but I’m going about it, what
I’ve learned is a very over complicated way. So I’m actually going to be testing something
else on the side that if it works, I’ll share with you and if it doesn’t, I’ll
share it with you any way. But one of the things I’ve come to realize
in filming this series is, it’s really hard to document and implement at the same time. So I want you guys to be encouraged by the
fact that part of why it seems to take me so long, is because I do it and the I record
these videos and then I upload them to you. I don’t just throw them up on Youtube, I
go through the proses of writing a description for each one, coming up with the tags, answering
comments and questions that come in. I’m even talking to people via e-mail about
their sales funnels as well. Learning from them, bringing it back to this
series. So I just want to encourage you guys that
it does not have to take you as long as it has taken me, especially if you are not trying
to do Youtube, series or document the whole thing and put the sales funnel together. So that being said, where am I at right now. Right now I have a complete webinar sales
funnel done. So that’s good news and bad news. Putting that whole funnel together took me
about 6 months to complete to where I am now. I also have a 11h course that took me 3 months
to put together. Now this is not the first time I’ve put
together a course. The first time I put together a course, it
probably took me two or three weeks and the course was only a few hours. So you definitely want to make sure, if you
haven’t put together a course yet, you definitely want to do that funnel process first, and
then put together the course. Because it is a lot easier put together the
course and do the Facebook advertising stuff, I’m going to be getting into in the later
episodes. Of course I did things a little backwards
because I needed the time that I would be dedicating towards putting together a course,
to be documenting this process. Because I decided on the onset, you know what,
I’m just going to show everything, even if I fall flat on my face. Which so far I kind of have. So the entire funnel took me 6 months to build,
then 3 months for the product itself. There is a bit of an overlap here. And then another 3 months, and this is where
it gets really annoying, in software testing. So I have gone through 5 or 6 different solutions
for trying to create a, first I tried to create a hybrid webinar, eventually gave up on that. And then an automated webinar, and I think
I have finally found a solution in Stealth seminar. So for you who have been watching, you know
that a few episodes back I went through different webinar software and I decided to go with
Everwebinar and then I tried Clickfunnels, and then I also have another one Webinar Ninja
but the hybrid webinar system in all of those had faults that was just so big that I wasn’t
going to be able to do what I needed to do effectively. So I decided to try out Stealth seminar, so
in future video I will be going over that process of building that for me as we speak. And this yellow brick road that I like to
call it, of entrepreneurship has had a lot of potholes. I mean I have had software not work, I’ve
run webinars to pages and offers that had broken links, recently I had my computer crash,
right about a week and a half without an actual machine, trying to share my wife’s Mac. That was a mess. And then of course just getting sick because
of I’m trying to do too much. Loosing clients because my performance fell
below the bar of what their expectations where. And they were right to leave because I wasn’t
giving them the attention that I needed to and my quality of work was suffering as well. So one of the things I wanted to share with
you guys is that I’ve really learned on this journey is focus. Just focus, focus, focus doing one thing. So here is what I mean by that. When I say doing one thing I mean, choose
your side hustle, choose your business and then just focus in on that. I mean I at one had five different projects
going on, that’s just way too much. It is ridiculous. I mean you are running around feeling busy,
but you are not actually doing the depth of work that you need to be successful. So that is number one and then number to is,
with in that one project choose one thing each way. So for example here, I’ve decided that my
social channel is going to be Youtube, so I’m all in on Youtube. I’ve tried to do Youtube and Instagram,
and what I’ve found is, ya I did Instagram pretty well for a couple of days, but other
areas began to slip because I just did not have the bandwith in my day to do everything
I needed to do with the depth that I needed to do. And that is a big thing. When you focus in on one thing, you are able
to give the depth of attention and work and detail that you need to be successful. So for me, one project, the sales funnel,
one social media channel, Youtube, one advertising channel, Facebook. And as a result of the decision, things like
my website has just fallen off. I literally just paid some guy on Fiverr to
slap something together for me so that at least there is some halfway decent website
looking thing when you go to Jason Whaling.com up there. So at least it’s not an aero page which
it was for quite a while. Like SCO, I have not done anything with SCO
because I’ve decided that the way I want to build my business and brand, I want to
focus in on Facebook advertising and Youtube. You know, Youtube for organic and Facebook
for paid. And that’s just the decision I made. So I think one of the biggest things that
I can impart onto you that I’ve learned from this journey is just focus. I know I did a video a couple of whiles back
on entrepreneur add, but really focus and depth is the big, big key to success when
you are trying to build your digital lifestyle business. So where am I at right now. Right now I’ve got my funnel just about
complete. I mean I had it a complete funnel and click
funnels and then I decided to bring in Stealth seminar because both Clickfunnels and Ever
webinar are not mobile friendly and really it’s a mobile world now and I need a webinar
software that is going to really work seamlessly well on mobile. I want someone who goes through my funnel
to be able to do the entire thing on their phone. And I strongly urge that you do look at your
funnel the same way. So I’m actually now focusing most of my
attention on that my pages and each step of the funnel process is optimized for that smaller
screen experience, and of course that includes the webinar as well. So that’s one of the things, the big shifts
that I’m making. The sales funnel is done, the product is done,
and after running about $2000 in Facebook advertising I only got 11 people to sign up
to the webinar. Now the good news is I know that my, I’m
pretty confident that my messaging, landingpages’ style are pretty dial in and spot on, because
people that actually made it to the page, did opt in at a good rate. So that will just tell you how many people
actually clicked. If I say 11 people signing up, so the landing
page was doing alright. So I know it’s on my Facebook campaign site. So the next 8 to 9 video’s after I do the
Stelt seminar video are all going to be about Facebook advertising, and I’m share with
you my new strategy. What I’m going to call the $5 a day Facebook
lead plan. And so, what I’m going to be doing is taking
all of the knowledge and experience that I have from working with the agencies that I’ve
worked with and for and my own personal experience recently and I’m going to be combining that
to work for a smaller budged. Cause one of the biggest things I’ve realized
is, the strategies and tactics that I’m used to using and that are taught in a lot
of courses assume that you have a pretty long runway and a pretty deep checkbook to go through
the testing. And I realize that when I’m doing it personally
for myself I don’t have the level of cash flow that some of the businessesI work for
do. So what I’m applying in their businesses
to help them be successful isent necessary working for this project because you know,
I’m not throwing 3 or 5 thousand dollars a month into advertising to have that nice
runway for testing. So I’m really excited to be sharing that
simple strategy with you. And essentially I’m just going to be chipping
away at that big Facebook machine, and I’m going to be showing that part very raw, very
live. Which means, were going to have a couple of
weeks where all I’m going to do is show you everything that didn’t work, but together
eventually we are going to find a solutionand system that does work. Using this framework that I’ve come up with
for all of us who have much smaller budgets. So when I say smaller budgets I mean you are
spending less than a thousand to two thousand dollar a month on Facebook advertising. If you have three or five thousand a month
then most of the advice out there you are going to be able to do just fine with, because
of how long your runway is. But for the rest of us who don’t have that
type of deep checkbook to play, to literally just burn money you figure it out the $5 a
day Facebook plan is definitelygoing to be for us. And speaking of us I hope that you have enjoyed
this journey so far. I hope that you have learned something from
everything that I have been sharing with you. I mean the whole point of this series is to
help people like ourselves figure this thing out, because this really, this building an
online busyness thing, this digitallifestyle business thing, whatever you want to call
it, is crazy. It’s difficult, it’s hard. I mean, I would have never imagined that I
would have gone through so many different webinar software, ado responders, and landing
page builders just to find something that works. I mean I have even gone through courses, now
that I’m going to bash them I won’t name their names, but they are pretty famous marketers,
gone through courses trying to implement their stuff and found out that if I wasn’t paying
for infusion soft or some shopping cart that’s $200 a month their strategy wouldn’t work. So the whole point of this series and largely
this channel is to just show you the process and demystify it. I mean, building a busyness is not a clean
process. It’s messy. It is kind of like going into the kitchen
and you don’t know what ingredients you need and sometimes you don’t even know what
dish your cooking, but you know that you need something on the stove and you just got to
keep going at it until. You keep chopping up those vegetables, keep
playing with those spices until you something that actually taste good. That actually works. So I sincerely hope that you continue with
me on this crazy journey of 0 to hopefully hero down the entrepreneur yellow brick road. So if you have some value out of this video
or any of the others in the past, please go ahead and leave a comment below, and just
let me know what is the biggest struggle you are dealing with in your busyness or what
is one of the biggest lessons learned from anything in building your business, it does
not have to be from me. Just something that you could share with the
rest of us that will help us in our journey. For example, in this video I Talked a lot
about focus and depth. That has been one of the biggest things for
me, but maybe it’s different for you. And we all want to hear about it. So go ahead and hit that like button and then
comment below with that. So I want to thank you again for watching
and until next week we are going to go back to the tutorial style videos, keep building
the business you love. Take care.

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5 thoughts on “8 Months Of Building a Online Business: What I’ve Learned – Building an Online Business Ep. 30

  1. OMG! you are so correct… both about trying to run more that one business at a time and spreading yourself tooo this and not seeing any results. For me I started a Youtube channel more than 3 months ago where I share healthy and unique food ideas and natural cures…. which was ALL new to me and so much to learn. It caused me to put my Real Estate Investing on hold, because I didn't have the time and it was something new that I was learning as well from scratch… and if that wasn't enough.. a few months ago I started also doing Affiliate Marketing and became an Amazon Affiliate, but have not made ANY MONEY because I have to learn everything.. I was always putting the REI stuff on the back burner… Whew!! When I complained to my husband about not knowing how to make any money because i didn't even know how to create a web page on WordPress.com and was getting nowhere because i had no clue. He sent me your free sales funnel page. I don't know what to give up on.. because I'm not a quitter ..haha!! Help!

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