$8,000 in TWO WEEKS Online Retail Mastery Student Review

hey what’s going on Amazon sellers or
hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers my name is beau crabill and I’ve been
selling online for over a decade now I started out in eBay hustling and kind of
scaled up until I got an Amazon and I’ve actually be able to go figure out how to
simply buy products at a low cost and sell them at a higher cost and buy them
from the same exact suppliers that sell to Walmart Best Buy Target Macy’s and
Game Stop ok and I’ve actually been able to coach people for the past few bits
and explain to people well on how to sell big brand-name products on Amazon
and every single video I make on this youtube channel if you have not
subscribed yet probably a good time it’s simply to show you how to sell
brand-name products on Amazon and this video is not going to be more of like
kind of a tutorial I’m doing but it’s me showing you
actually a testimonial call that I did with a student and this student has been
in the course for a little less than 45 days now and actually once his procs got
selling on Amazon which has been in less than a two-week period he’s done $8,000
in sales from his Amazon products ok it’s actually a little less than $8,000
and actually he decided to sell some of those products eBay as well and did over
like $1,000 so through this call I answer asked him a few questions he
answered them and he had some really good insight this guy his name’s alex is
a really great guy hard worker very humble and I think
you’ll really enjoy his answers and hopefully get some good insight and good
value out of this and yeah so hopefully you enjoy this and let me know down
below in the comments on what you think of this video yes there’s some general
questions so you got started a little like what about 45 days ago or something
on those lines yeah but that’s when I really actually started making money
with your course because I did some private labeling and retail arbitrage
that it’s a lot more than labor intensive and a lot more
you really got we can really gotta find stuff like you said it says if you used
to work but it just doesn’t work as good as today yeah for sure yeah so you were
so you were doing some arbitrage and private label beforehand yeah
a little bit of online arbitrage which is even harder yeah when did you uh so when did you first
like kind of get into Amazon was it like months ago we’re like how long ago get
you kind of first get in okay so not too long ago not too long – maybe like seven
months or so so that’s pretty good once you got into the course did you
have your business set up first or did you have to get all that information like your resellers permit everything yeah already because me and my wife we ran
this was in June – you were running on a laptop business because I had somebody
that could supply me broken laptops and I was able to fix them up and resell
them on eBay I have the investment money I’ve had from that I used it on your
course along with buying my first product first couple perfected it
suppliers so that really helped out in beginning that’s nice are you still
doing that business oh yeah I bet that’s expression on you because you got
shipping deadlines and everything like that yes um so how long did it take you
to get your first product ordered once he got into the course I did it head-on
I mean every day from night to day from Day to well ya at night to day I’m
learning everyday just looking for suppliers suppliers suppliers and
when I found one when I found some couple of good ones I got that price
list and I say maybe we can happen before I made my first order but that’s
because I was really looking for all the suppliers like I was just collecting a
bunch yeah yeah for sure in the beginning is where most the times most
likely spent is just finding that first initial initial deal and everything like
that so yeah so like how much you’ve done
so far in the gross sales and the second product hit Amazon at the same time so
it’s a nice right so between that and eBay because I already started Multi
multi channel fulfillment this I already had the repetition on eBay and I was
very useful and little under two weeks actually maybe a week and a half eight
thousand Wow that’s it that’s pretty impressive for sure on selling every day
like one or two a day but along with the other products that were selling ya know
those were pretty high ticket item right the one product yes yes it’s pretty good
when I started to started it it dropped a little bit cuz of people dropping the
price but it was about maybe it was 30% drops of 80/20 for a 20% now alright
it’s pretty good it’s pretty good did you have to get any brand approval
or have to go through any categories at all for those sony sony product that’s
good oh that’s yeah and Sony’s not an easy brand to get approved now obviously
have to be working the right supplier but that for sure help that’s that’s nice
that’s definitely pretty good and I know you’ve actually communicated
with few people inside the course like how has that been helpful inside like
the Facebook community I know you’ve connected with a few people but how’s
that been in the group I connect to them in a sense of trying to help them out
because I do not have some pretty expensive Amazon I do have one guy in
the course that we work together on because if between two people it’s a lot
easier for finding new suppliers that you couldn’t before
yeah when it comes to actually making purchasing orders you can combine your
first chip purchasing power and you know the player might be able to draw the
price with you or you probably just be able to just beat the minimum at the suppliers in that way it’s smart not to mention that when you’re looking for
items you got like even though we have the amz analyzer like 37 thousand yeah
that’s for sure I mean yeah definitely reaching out to others can be beneficial
in that kind of I guess those in the next question is have you basically been
doing besides reaching out to other people
have you been doing this on your own or have you hired any VAs is it completely
on your own no just like in the course right now so not like counting my helper
like other people sell bar you just are you just basically doing this like your
amazon account just you or is there other people involved right now its just me awesome so doing the solo at 8000 sales
that’s pretty impressive so where do you see yourself at this point
call it maybe a few months maybe a year from now about just scaling like what do
you see yourself behind your goals for the next few months in the next year
well I listen to a lot of different speakers that I like to listen to
expression hero you know I don’t know if you know what tom bill you he brings a
lot of a lot of motivational speakers off to the show
and so my goal set at a million then this year so even if I don’t reach it
you know what like that phrase goes you know you know shoot for the moon if you
don’t need it at least yeah awesome yeah I mean what I always like to look
at those things like especially looking at bigger numbers just kind of dissected
by like weeks or days cuz I’m hit two thousand eight thousand two in two weeks
that’s four thousand a week we do that for every single week that’s over
whatever two hundred thousand dollars or something on those lines it’s a lot huh
I’ve been doing the math I make fifty times four thousand yeah I think that’s
right yeah so about two hundred thousand so yeah I mean I think you’re going down
the right path and it’s yeah that’s definitely smart to shoot for higher
expectations because really I mean the business definitely you can scale to
that point it’s just off the time factors and that kind of goes to the
next point is because you have a job right now so there’s definitely some
like time involved but are you finding because since you found your first
couple products do you think you’re spending more time less time or about
the same on the business basically today while you’re already selling products
now I do rise you’re still in the like beginning phases since you’ve only been
for like 45 days from like that but are you you do you think you’re gonna be
spending more and more time on this or how do you kind of look at that actually
true for me not I mean if the price the thing is that you taught me that I was
going to share the Breitbart if you don’t have those competitors that try to
always undercut you mm-hmm and it’s on the same level I don’t really see myself
spending too much time I mean once that products labor intensive work it is
finding the suppliers and finding the product once that’s done you
paid it and they send that in and I don’t think they have to worry about it
too much I mean I was in LA the most time in I was doing this I’m just on it
but I’m just on it now because I just I don’t know I just like watching what’s
going that’s yeah I kind of noticed I myself too and it knows other people to
kind of spend more time looking at their sales and actually like because there’s
not really much to sell I look at especially when you get to the point
where you’re like restricted categories and but if you’re like you’re in hazmat
you’re in restricted brands that really reduces competition where there’s not
going to be a lot of sellers involved so yeah that’s that’s pretty good
we’re looking at there so with the business you’re doing right now
how many suppliers are you working with right now I see I’ve got a good strong
maybe like two suppliers right now strong other ones uh we have some other
good suppliers but I haven’t ordered anything from them yet okay what would you say for somebody I guess
is on the may be on the fence of getting into the online retail business maybe
they’re doing private label or you’re doing arbitrage maybe haven’t sold on
before what advice would you give to someone who just is like in the like
middle of designed to jump into this business the damn friends dig under the
fence or rip that fence off the ground and say yeah is the thing is a good it’s
life is always like them and if you don’t if you don’t jump the fence you’re
gonna be a that fence and just interpersonally you if it’s a risk to t
I don’t I’ve been on that side too I’ve been the other side right now we’re like
watching this and just looking for information that this gonna that’s gonna
say to me hey this is the thing to do it you know you gotta do it just freakin do
it you know it’s joy and just try it out and just take the risk make the jump and
if you just don’t do it then you’re always gonna be looking for other good
people it’s just it’s havoc it says don’t be money into everything that you
that you want to do and then you don’t end up doing it because you’re looking
into it so yeah I mean I got I can definitely tell with you that you’re
definitely an action taker for sure and that that’s probably the biggest I would
say benefit you have and probably well I tell with most people that I usually
have successes they just take action I remember there’s actually one product
you were looking at I was like I mean maybe I would get it but you’re like you
know I’m gonna take the risk which it really wasn’t really a risk when I kind
of give people feedback on products I’m usually a lot more I would say
conservative and try to look for ways to say no just kind of beyond that way but
yeah I’m you definitely are an action taker which we’re sure if anyone’s
watching this is definitely number one trade to have so that’s awesome to see
that yep awesome so I think that’s about all the questions we have so I’ll
probably if there’s any last points you want to give into any other points yeah first things first
is that if you’re that type of person that hat because like I said out there
too if you’re that type of person that hesitate because it the way the way you
see me now I wasn’t always like this no I like to touch a lot a lot of
motivational speakers because even though you have like that type of bag
your mind it’s like well maybe use privilege review yeah the thing is a lot
of people were underprivileged and the a lot of drives came out of them so mhm
really put those those are those tips and advice that they have in their lives
and you add it on to yours you know it’s it can go a long way because your mind
your mindset starts changing you start thinking like in a different way it
really helps it really knows a lot because then when it comes to making
investment decisions you start basing it more on tactical instead of emotional I
think I maybe this will sell but I’m not sure it’s gonna sell and instead of
focusing on if it’s gonna sell you start making like rational decisions like if I
couldn’t work or maybe a will because of this so it helps a lot with the
investment decision because I’m now like I said you always just be never mind no
I just go to make uh just go to neck off just go ahead you’ll be scared you know
yeah that’s actually some really good points yeah that’s awesome that you said
that but yeah I mean there’s definitely a lot of people kind of just analyzed a
lot of things and yeah you actually did make a really good point about how
people like think I go maybe someone’s privilege but I do see a lot of people I
would say that are like extremely successful and kind of like the pursuit
that you’re at they’re like started from like maybe hardships or like having to
work really hard to go learn it like rhyming right now you’re working
midnight shifts and everything like that and still doing this business so that
shows a lot of character and that’s awesome so I’m really looking forward to
what you’re gonna be doing months from now it’s all just crazy that Ivar had
this great success but um yeah so that is really awesome to hear so thank you
guys so much for watching now if you like this video make sure to leave a
comment down below make sure to LIKE and subscribe
however you can see alex is a very humble guy and you can tell just I mean
at least I can tell by it just the way he’s answering the questions is he is
one as an action taker and too there’s a very positive attitude and if
you combine those two together it’s pretty good combination okay now if you
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