#87 [Web TV] Is Business About Money or Not?

Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with
your Wonderful Web TV Tip of the Week.Today, I’m asking you the question, is business all
about money? Well, I’m going to say no and I’m going to say yes. Let me explain. The
thing is the whole object of being in a business is not just about making money. The whole
object of being in a business is to solve a problem; to give people what they want,
to help people get a problem and to solve it, to give them what they’re looking for.
If you can do that, you’ve got a business. So if you’re focusing on the problems you
are solving and being able to solve it in as many ways as it is going to make it as
simple and as fast for people as possible, you will have a successful business. Making
money is the way of keeping score. It’s the way of knowing how well you’re actually doing
that and getting those solutions for people. So in that way, business is not just about
money. Money is about the score keeping of how successful your business is. The other
side of that is business is all about money. Sure, you can be helping people, but if you’re
doing it for free, you’re not in business; you’re in a charity and you’re probably not
going to be getting the results for people that they want as much anyway because they
are not going to value it as much. So, business is about money. You’ve got to be charging
for what you are doing to get those results for people because at the end of the day,
your business is going to make the money that’s going to support your lifestyle, support your
family. So yes, business is about making the money, it’s about making the profit, but if
you start with business is core to who do I help? What problems do I solve and how do
I do that?, the rest will flow. So, I’d love to hear from you. Do you agree, do you disagree?
What do you feel about? Is there not enough emphasis on business being around money or
is there too much out there? Love to hear what you think as well. So, leave your comments
down below and I, as always, will come and join the conversation with you. Bye.

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