A Cleaner Business Website Solutions

Introduction to A Cleaner Business Website
Solutions Hi, my name is Lynn Miller, and I’m Evan
Schmidt and were representatives with ISADEX Corporation, developers of A Cleaner Business
website solutions. In this video Lynn and I will to talk to you about the benefits and
features that you’ll come to appreciate should you choose to make A Cleaner Business
your online marketing resource. First, we should probably explain why we’re
qualified to provide cleaning businesses with a successful website. Our team of professionals at ISADEX Corporation
has been developing, marking and hosting web applications for small businesses and organizations
since 1997. In recent years, we have established a successful online presence for a client
in the cleaning industry. That’s right, and the development of features for their
website, coupled with our innovative marketing resources, ultimately paved the way for the
creation of a sophisticated, attractive, and highly effective website for cleaning professionals
everywhere, now known as A Cleaner Business Website Solutions. Most importantly you will find that A Cleaner
Business Website Solutions is a highly effective online marketing tool. With 70% of consumers
today searching online for local products or services, it is more important than ever
to have a successful website for you business. You’re right Lynn! A Cleaner Business Website Solution gives
you the tools you need to help you market your business online, rank higher in search
engines, and network your business to generate more leads. Some significant features that
make A Cleaner Business website a great marketing tool, is our integrated search engine optimization
capabilities. Your website will be predesigned to outperform your competitors search rankings,
and ultimately produce more leads. Additionally we understand the importance of social media
for developing a successful online marketing campaign and have included direct feeds from
Facebook and Twitter on your homepage and even encourage YouTube video embeds for product
demonstrations or customer testimonials. Another significant advantage of A Cleaner
Business Website Solutions is that it’s a completely pre-developed web application.
Countless hours have already been devoted to its success. This includes time for planning,
development, content preparation, advanced features, extensive administrative resources,
and even sophisticated online marketing tools, all which ultimately allow new clients to
instantly step into a turn-key solution for their business. Ultimately your website subscription will
give you the power to customize the content of your website to meet your exact needs,
while immediately giving you the advantages and resources from our years of experience
developing, supporting, and marketing successful websites. It goes without saying another advantage of
A Cleaner Business Website Solutions is the low cost. Because the site has been pre-developed,
we can provide low cost packages starting at just $49.95/month. At A Cleaner Business, there is never a set
up fee or development cost and all training and support is included. Your low monthly
subscription includes hosting of your custom domain name and your personalized email accounts. We know that websites that are attractive
and inviting are also more effective at establishing customers. So we’ve included features such
as rotating banners, services provided, ask an expert column, customer testimonials, cleaning
tips, an appointment scheduler, as well as a contact us form. All these features are
designed to encourage and maintain interest from your visitors. Ultimately, every visitor
that registers is saved in your administrative area so you can send bulk emails with special
promotions and coupons to these contacts, helping you to strengthen your relationships. Some of the main features of your A Cleaner
Business website include: No development costs
1 low monthly fee Modern features and functionality
Completely updatable content and pages High search engine rankings
Excellent lead generation These are some of the reasons why Cleaning
Professionals all over the nation are choosing A Cleaner Business as their website solution. If you would like to learn more about this
exciting product please visit our website at http://www.ACleanerBusiness.com. And if
you would like to receive an online demo on how A Cleaner Business can work for your company,
please email us directly at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-582-7085.

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