A Small Business Making Detroit a Comeback City

It took me a while to get to this “aha”
moment of really wanting to do this or not really wanting to do it but deciding to do it. I wanted to do it for years and it was this realization that if I didn’t
do it I would regret it. I’m convinced that I couldn’t have
done this anywhere else other than Detroit. My name is Eric Yelsma. And we are in Detroit Denim’s Factory We’re a little different in that we’re
not just a brand but we actually make our own stuff and that’s really unique
in the US and in North America. The fact that we did it in Detroit I think
has a real manufacturing backcourt. You know if you look historically
Detroit was just always this sort of Rust Belt middle America manufacturing
place and there’s still those ideals and belief of making things. I’m very proud of what I made because
I feel so good when we made a very good jean. All of our raw materials
are domestically sourced and so there’s a premium associated with that in terms
of the quality of denim we get and the thread, even the hardware that we use and
the leather that goes onto the patch. So many of the brands in Detroit want to
work together because we all want to grow. We all want to see Detroit as a
city become successful so when we do something as simple as making aprons for
a food truck or a new restaurant in town or a coffee shop it just instills
the sense of community. We have the city of Detroit motto which
I’m paraphrasing but “from the ashes we will rise.” And that is really symbolic for Detroit
because we’ve had our ups and downs, but we always seem to come back. We’re trying to create a new system that is fair to its employees pays living
wages, is fair and sustainable to the environment. That’s our biggest challenge of all, is like how do we create a new apparel model that’s not so gross. Obviously the effect that the
automobiles had on here, good and bad. There’s remarkable substance to
this city that’s really inspiring.

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44 thoughts on “A Small Business Making Detroit a Comeback City

  1. $50 jean cost $200. All those people asking for manufacturing jobs be build in USA is asking to drive everyone into poverty

  2. I am glad to hear about a positive story about Detroit. Previously all that you would hear was doom and gloom and that can't last forever.
    Go for it Detroit!
    Aussies love the underdog.

  3. Detroit sucks! It is a shit hole city in an even bigger shit hole state! Michigan itself sucks a really big D and balls!
    I hate MI so much! I was born and raised in a small town near Lansing. I lived in MI about 23 years. Twenty Three miserable years! I hated every nanosecond of it! It was an unnecessary waste of my time and life!
    It snows way too much up there! It is colder than a witches tit in a brass bra in the freezer!
    I got so sick of that useless, bullshit ass state, especially one year when it just wouldn't stop snowing! It ficken kept on snowing until the middle of May that year! That ficken pissed me off! Another year it got down to 14.5 F below Zero! Then, another year it went down to 20 below Zero!!!
    You have to scrape ice and snow off your windshield every morning! You shovel snow or use the snow blower. You clear snow off your driveway and Two hours later, snow is covering the driveway again and you have to shovel snow again! It was bullshit! Sometimes it snows so much, snow piles up in front of your door and you can't get out, cause you can't open the door!
    I don't have to deal with that stupid ass bullshit anymore because I moved over 1,000 miles away! I live in Florida now! Because, I decided I ain't going to take it anymore!!!
    MI is a waste of space and it can burn in Hell forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever!!!

  4. Once again, Detroit takes a product that we all use and made it cost way more than it should. 200 a pair? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that.

  5. I haven't looked them up yet and I plan on it cuz I'm originally from Saginaw Michigan them jeans better not be $200 a pair they going to have to bring the price down immediately. Michigan vs. anybody. 100.

  6. Interesting all the people crying like bitches about how much they cost.
    American clothing manufacturing is not cheap but the quality is top notch.

  7. Im a NorCal resident but ive visited metro Detroit it deserves a solid comeback good to see a positive direction coming forward there
    Definitely will buy from this company opposed to other companies that source ot of country

  8. Do eminent domain on the abandoned lots and houses to give them to the working poor. Do eminent domain on the empty industrial buildings to lease them cheaply to worker's cooperatives. That will free people to maximize their muscle and creativity.

  9. People saying 200 bucks is expensive for a quality, handmade product?!?! If they had SUPREME on em people would queue for days to pay 5 times that lol

  10. For the cheapskate losers living in mom's basement complaining about price stay home and shut up and to think why shit is made overseas it's because of bums like these who complain about price thank you very much

  11. Paying $200 for a pair of Jeans is not unheard of. Look at what a new pair of True Religion cost. What about Rock Revival jeans that are upwards to $200 and are made in China. If guys can pay $300 for a pair of Air Jordan sneakers they can buy a pair of Jeans for $200. Hey and you might find them on sale.

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