A tamale maker turns a $500 loan into a thriving business

I think Sara’s story serves as a really good example of why getting access to affordable mainstream financial services is so important. We think that there’s an opportunity for us to put the company’s capabilities, our partnerships in place, and do more. And when we looked at our partner relationships with credit unions and community banks, we became convinced that we can help. Sara came to Point West looking for some help. She was trying to find ways to put food on the table and put clothes on their kids, and she said: ‘Well I really like to make tamales. I think I’m pretty good at it.’ And so, Point West gave her a loan to go out and buy her first ingredients. We’ve been able to allow for more than $85 million of loans to be generated in over 18,000 households, and it can only get bigger and better from there. Since the beginning of the Visa Filing Incubator Program, Sara’s business has been incredibly successful. Not only is she serving larger clients doing larger orders, she’s been able to bring on some employees to help her through that process. Part of the reason that Sara’s family has the home they have today is because Sara saved money from her business, and today now she has a stable home for her family and a thriving business. There’s a lot about this project that gets us excited when we think about individuals like Sara. The energy that small businesses bring to every community in the United States… the job growth, the innovation, it really is at the heart of what built this great country.

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