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oh hey what’s up my friend and this one
I wanted to talk about could it hurt try to make that his online thing work and
then this one I just wanted to go over kind of like the the path and the
journey that I went through to get to this point where I’m at now
kind of like the groom pins and really explain to you my bike story and all out
there so this one has on could it hurt trying to make this online thing work
ouch I just want to go kind of like bike to school days and make when I was back
in school and I just like mr. boo and my friends and you know I kind of had an
idea of what I wonder and I just really wanted to have a big family with like
the good life and nice clothes and all that there and I was kind of like goofy
and I like gift the paper made me it’s and goofed off and gift to pay and I
didn’t really know how I was gonna do this year but no one when I was about 15
years old that I really really wanted to build some I really wanted to build a
headquarters kind of like a me and place like this here that I could run all
different businesses from I I thought that I have to go to universe a to build
one business to make it successful then the build another business may get
successful and another one and how that’s one main place where I could run
all these businesses from and this was kind of like my dream so fast-forward
after six years this is where I end up and up not office up there looking
across into the other Pelton and this was kind of like my job and this is
where I end up for my year placement and I really enjoyed it and I thought it was
great and all enjoyed the work but I didn’t feel like I was getting the
respect that I wonder and I was kind of getting treated like a baby and the
whole time I was there for the year at the end of the year I sat down and I was
doing the exact same thing that done the very first day I walked in there and I
felt like I didn’t make the progress that I really wanted to make within that
year’s time so I really started the dream bag again and I was thinking like
how high was I gonna do this here if I really wanted headquarters and the whole
time I was in placement I really started to notice about that online shopping
thing and how people were making online businesses and leveraging Amazon and
absolutely smashing it online by themselves making their own creating
their own opportunities and all that’s here so I was watching this guy and he
had actually made his own online business leverage in Amazon and that’s
what I done I went and bought his course on online arbitrage and that’s why I
kinda started to him and online arbitrage as like we buy
something and like Toys R Us or like Best Buy or des neige and you get it
sent to your house or you bring it to your house and then you have on Amazon
and then you post it from your house and I had all that stuff in my room and I
was running about getting that stuff and posting it and all right there it was
great I was working I was selling stuff on Amazon and there is just something
that wasn’t right I just didn’t really I was doing and I was having to run away
and get all that stuff so that’s when I noticed about drop shipping and this is
kind of like where you don’t have to have the product set in a boat you just
put up your website and then with someone came to website and bought
something you would buy it from the supplier and then send it to the person
and that was like a real eye-opener for me when you didn’t have to have all
these products sitting about in your room or in your house or wherever else
so that’s what I moved on to you I started doing this here as well and
that’s there was something that was messing the entire time but I needed to
learn when I started this online store the next thing Adam was an affiliate
website where I ranked the website on Google for a keyword like pull-up bars
and then linked out the Amazon associate for like different pull-up bars and
Amazon then that just totally feels really fast for me and I kind of learned
from not there woman I really wanted to have best online skyscraper and that’s
why I decided to do I have all in three before different business models there
was this there was just that’s one thing that if I just learned that one skill
everything else would be irrelevant and I could build an online skyscraper which
I’m doing right now day by day and that one thing I want to
share with you tomorrow and tomorrow’s email so make sure and watch out for
tomorrow’s email and I’m gonna share with you that want
thing that really made the difference for me and gave me that one thing to
focus on for this online business that made everything also relevant and I was
promised from yesterday you can pick up the their surprise from the link below
and I hope you have a great day I’ll catch you you

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