Abandoned Blockbuster – Springfield, OR

(Music) Hello everyone, we’re here at the abandoned Blockbuster in Springfield, Oregon. So let’s take a look. This space is for lease. This can become a new store, office, or restaurant. Here we have the inside, as you can see. Everything is completely empty. Except that there’s a trash can in there. That’s gotta be the nicest star I’ve ever seen. This is where you return your movie after renting it. It turns out this former Blockbuster went out of business back in October 2013. Here we have the old counter. This is where you would’ve paid your movie or rent a movie. And two kinds of wood in there for no reason. You can also see the light on the very left corner is dying. As everyone knows that there’s the last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon. Which is still open. I might plan to go to Bend, Oregon. I have never been to Bend in my entire life. But, I’m not sure when exactly I’m going. So… it will take time for me to do that. And that’s pretty much it. Alright, that’ll wrap up for the video and don’t forget to like, comment, share by doing so and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.

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9 thoughts on “Abandoned Blockbuster – Springfield, OR

  1. I miss blockbuster. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the convenience of smart tv but.. it was fun to visit and browse until you found exactly what you were in the mood for that day.

  2. I wish I had more time to watch these videos I just can't get any free time because of homework I've been trying to get some more free time

  3. Thats funky to see.. the place used to be filled with dvds and movies.. now empty.. technology isent alway so good.. nice job

  4. These are getting harder to find! Mine before being torn down actually still had a sign in the window that said "Blockbuster." This one is set up quite similarly to how mine was set up!

  5. That counter is where they used to charge all of the late and rewind fees! One of the major reasons they went out of business….other than not being smart enough to purchase Netflix for a paltry $50 million when they had the chance!

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