Accessibility updates in OneDrive for Business on the web

(machine startup)
(music) If you’re interested in file access and sharing improvements in
Office 365 for people with disabilities.
(Accessibility updates for OneDrive for Business) In the next few minutes, I’ll give you an overview
of the latest updates in OneDrive for Business.
(Accessibility updates for OneDrive for Business) I’ll show you the work our team is doing
to offer an enhanced experience when using screen reader and keyboard to navigate through files in
OneDrive for Business on the web. (Melissa Torres, Program Mgr., OneDrive)
Many features and commands are available
directly by using the keyboard. Using the Tab Key, you can move between
the main portions of the page from your list of available views. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Katie Jordan opened. Use Arrow
Keys to move through different Sub-links Your Office 365 groups, your search box,
quick command bar and list of folders and files. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Groups opened. Use Arrow Keys to move
through. Menu. New. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Use Left or Right Arrow Keys to navigate
and the Enter key. Tab. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Files. Tab. 1422.jpg, Modified October 28. You can also navigate throught these sections
using landmark regions if supported by your screen reader. In this case we’re using JAWS. Once in the list of folders and files use the keyboard Arrow Up and Down keys
to move up and down the list. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Contoso Electronics Sales Presentation.pptx. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Contoso Electronics Sales Proposal.docx. Use the Right and Left Arrow keys to read information from the available columns Same as you do in Windows Explorer. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Microsoft Word document. Name.
Contoso Electronics. Open context menu. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Modified October 28. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Modified by Katie Jordan. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Only shared with you. Once an item is selected you can use the Arrow keys to navigate to the
menu to open the list of available actions. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Microsoft. Name. Open context then Enter. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Context menu. Download to move through. But you can also use the keyboard shortcuts
to carry out the most common file operations. To see them, press the ‘?’ key. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Question. Keyboard shortcuts. For example, press Space
to select and deselect items. Press F2 two to rename a file. JAWS SCREEN READER:
F2. New name cell. Press ‘S’ to grant others access to this file Let’s go back to sharing a file. As the dialogue opens, notice focus is automatically set
to the ‘Add people’ box. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Enter name or email address. Edit. Type and text. As you start typing,
we let you know there are matches available. JAWS SCREEN READER:
Suggestions are available.
Use Up and Down Arrows to select. After submitting Share a confirmation is provided
alerting you that the action took place. These are just a few highlights of enhancements
we’re making in OneDrive for accessibility.
(music) You can start using them today
and give us your feedback
(music) Thanks for watching!
(music) (music) Microsoft Mechanics
(music) (music)

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