Acctivate Inventory Management Software For Small Business Competitive Advantage

Business is the economic pulse of a nation. It’s the source of goods and services, the platform for innovation and
opportunity. Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington. From small
startups to global corporations, join me as we go inside the dynamic business
world and explore some of today’s successful enterprises. Sometimes our biggest savings in time
money and manpower come from simply being efficient. Stick around and see how. Purchasing and e-commerce, order fulfillment, inventory control – These are
all complex tasks facing thousands of companies all over the world. Challenged with these operational needs
and more, many companies attempt to manage their business using a
combination of their existing accounting software and spreadsheets. While their
current software alone is fine for many accounting tasks, businesses grow and
their needs extend beyond its accounting functionality and the use of
spreadsheets alone can prove to be inefficient, inaccurate, and unsecured. We became an Acctivate customer probably about ten years ago and prior to being an Acctivate
customer everything’s done on spreadsheets. As a small business, that
was the best way to do it at that time and as the business continues to grow we
realize that you can’t have multiple spreadsheets to figure out what’s in
stock, what orders need to be processed so we begin to seek out a new platform
that would help manage our business better, that’s when we became acquainted
with Acctivate and that’s how we became a customer of Acctivate. The leader in the accounting industry for evaluating applications has honored Alterity, the
makers of Acctivate, with numerous awards Acctivate is an inventory management
software solution with purchasing, omni-channel order fulfillment and
customer service and business management functionality that integrates with the
accounting software used by most small and midsize businesses and other
best-of-breed software products like shopping carts, shipping services and
productivity solutions. Many small businesses need the ability to track and
trace products from suppliers to customers, they need to know the true or
landed cost of a product with all the fees and shipping costs addd, and they
may want to sell to big-box retailers and need the functionality to automate
orders. QuickBooks customers will commonly grow out of the functionality of the
QuickBooks software, but they prefer to stay with the financials, so Acctivate is
a great solution that connects to the QuickBooks software and allows this advanced functionality for inventory management and distribution customers. By utilizing
Acctivate’s integrated tools, small businesses can now match the
capabilities of their larger competitors and in turn become more competitive.
Technology is the big equalizer. Acctivate allows small business owners to take
what they’ve traditionally use Excel spreadsheets for managing their products,
their orders, their vendor relations their customer relations and move it
into an automated system that lets you keep track of every order and make sure
that everything is fulfilled on time customers are happy and inventory is
well-managed. Activate is simple and easy to navigate, most businesses find that it
pays for itself within the first few months by automating otherwise manual
tasks and by eliminating time spent with many additional capabilities the small
business solution truly puts the business owner in control of the
company’s growth. Acctivate helped us grow exponentially very quickly because it
took all the data and put it into one source and with that one source we were
able to manage our inventory, our order processing, our customer service was more accurate in the information they can give to our customers which made our
responses more immediate and served our customer needs. When you combine all
those factors together, Acctivate helped grow our business and continues to do so
today. Acctivate’s a great solution for growing companies that want to keep
their existing accounting software and add operation functionality such as lot
number traceability, landed cost, keeping track of orders, being able to
fulfill multi channel orders from the web store, from EDI if they’re selling to big-box retail. We handle all of that in a seamless integration with the leading
accounting software. Within our company we have several divisions – we have
customer service who’s on the forefront so anytime a customer calls in they need to be able to look into the system and find out is it in stock is it available
what’s my price when can it ship. All of that is right there in front of customer
service. Segueing over to the next department which would be order
processing – they receive the orders in. They can immediately download it through any of our external programs we use and it becomes an immediate gratification
into the system, then they can process the orders out based upon the inventory
that they’re seeing and we’re turning our orders around faster which generates
more revenue which makes Acctivate a better solution to our business as a partnership.

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