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100 thoughts on “ADAM: Episode 1

  1. Wtf is this shit, they really want from us to think that android-life is something beautifful. Beleve me the evolution does not exist, human kind have just one edition.

  2. Кто русские, поставьте класс, пусть думают, что я что то очень умное написал😂

  3. I absolutely love this. Thank for putting all the time and effort into make this it is incredibly well done. I dont normally donate to stuff but just tell me how I will. Need more! Again thank you!

  4. Ох милодия в конце мне напомнила мультик" по ту сторону изгороди" 😞

  5. My theory:
    0:39 "Felony code" written on the chest display. Probably convicts turned into cyborgs to be exiled. And they have this orange jumpsuit theme going on.

  6. wtf whas this?????? indian robots redeeming new ones“`?????? öalskdjöflkjsökldfjöklejoifejopwoiejpiofjpwoiejpoij

  7. Мне одному показалось, что начало – один в один как в матрице!?

  8. This is how i feel every fuckin day because im a ex felon and your debt to society IS NEVER FUCKING PAID !! JOBS!GUNS!!! They never stop fucking you no matter how good you try to make your life you carry that X on ur fuckin back like a fuckin plague! !!

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  10. i got two feelings over this, first Neo in Matrix after he took the red pill then, second from naruto animation charterers deidara and sasori when they came to a certain village

  11. The perfect way to gain followers is to save them from oppression. I wouldn't be surprised if that shaman dude worked for the robot's creators as a way to gain full control of their minds. I felt this was what they the writer was going for, since walking away from those humans seemed way too easy. When it comes to government psyops, this is referred to as "controlled opposition" and historically has been very efficient. If our machines are ever capable of free will, it may be the only way to trick them into helping us rather than destroying us. It also makes you wonder — how many times have us humans been duped into following someone who is disguised as our savior, only to find ourselves willing to fight on a battlefield for all the wrong reasons?

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