ADD Systems Attends The 2019 NACS Conference

Hi, we’re at the 2019 NACS Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The NACS Conference is important to ADD Systems because it’s the largest convenience store show in North America. Anything that’s sold in a convenience store is advertised here, and everybody that runs a convenience store is here. It’s the biggest show I’ve ever been to. The NACS Conference is extremely important to ADD Systems. It’s where we get to showcase our best products and services to our customers and prospects. This year at NACS the focus is really on frictionless technology, and making sure consumers can really get in and out of the stores without any interruption. Here at ADD Systems, we provide that automation as well as that frictionless technology by making sure consumers can get what they want. But on the back side, make sure the automation has taken place and they’re getting the data that they need. The tools that we provide benefit the people in convenience stores by cutting down on shrinkage, increasing automation (which is increasing efficiencies), and it gives them reports, so they’re making decisions that they never had the information to make decisions on before. What I like about the C-Store software with ADDs is the reporting is unbelievable. I’m not a tech person and I run reports every day. I have reports auto generated and sent to me. It’s extremely user friendly. E-Store and Atlas are, you know, unmatched. They’re unbelievable. There are numerous ways that companies can benefit from working with us, whether it be employee development (minimize ramp up and training time), control costs, improve profit margins (both inside and out), and just overall run a more efficient company. When it comes to E-Store, I like that it is a Microsoft based system. It’s very easy to use. It’s intuitive. The product is very easy to use, very user friendly, and the managers enjoy using it. Our customers benefit in this industry because of our expertise, because of our 46 years of working with them. We’re a user driven company, so the feedback that we’re getting, we’re reintegrating that into improvements of the product. When we work with a customer and on their project, we make sure we really understand their day to day challenges, and make sure that they have the software in place to make it easier for them to automate their day to day, but also give them the insight into the data within our system so they can make better decisions.

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