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Tricia Clements: You’ve
heard me talk all about how video is the future of the
internet, but are you posting videos to your Google
My Business page? Make sure you are, I’m going to tell
you exactly how you can do that. [music]. Tricia: Hi, I’m Tricia
Clements, Chief Fur Wrangler with I’m a social media
manager specializing in pet businesses and Video. Today, I want to talk to you about
your Google My Business page. You saw on recent videos I was
talking about how important it is to post there, what
to post, and how often. Recently, there was a change, and
it was a big change because when I would go on to post something,
it allowed me to post pictures. I wanted to post video, of course,
so I waited and waited, sure enough, Google My Business
is making all kinds of changes, this is one of them. They have added the ability to upload
videos as a Google My business Post. Remember, Google My Business
posts are basically free advertising that
Google is giving you. When does Google ever give
you anything for free? Yes, so you want to
take advantage of this. It is going to show up
when people search and find you, and you come
up in the results. It’s going to come up when people
are searching on Google Maps. These posts are going to show
right there underneath your information, so if you’ve got
a special going on, if you’ve got an event coming up, if
you’ve got products or services you want to talk about, make
sure you’re featuring them. Now, you can add a video to that. What you’ll do is, just
like a regular post, you’re going to log in to Google
My Business, you’re going to go to the top left menu,
the second one down says post, just click on it
like you normally would. Then you’re simply going
to say upload, you’ll now see that it says
upload a photo or video. Now, if it doesn’t say that right
now, wait a little bit of time. Sometimes when things like
this happen, it rolls out, and it rolls out in waves
to different businesses. Originally when I heard about
this, I wasn’t able to do it. I just realized I was able to, and I
am so excited about this feature. Make sure you go in there,
start uploading videos. Now, I’m not talking
about lengthy videos, these are a maximum for
now of 30 seconds. Go ahead, if you’ve got a
video and it’s too long, don’t forget what you can do,
you can do a video mini. You can shorten it
to under 30 seconds and then simply where they have a link for you to add for a button on your post, lead them
to the full video. That short video mini is going to entice them to watch
the entire video. Like most social media
platforms, I’m using the square video because
that really seems to work the best, except
for, of course, on YouTube, which likes
the landscape videos. I’m using a square video primarily
because most people are using their cell phones
nowadays to search for things. When you come upon a Maps, you know
how you are looking for a pet store near me, and something comes up
there, and you’re out and about. You put it in Google Maps
and it comes up, you find places, that’s where
it’s going to come up. Make sure you’re adding those
videos and using them. I prefer square. We’ll see if that changes. How things are changing
with Google My Business, they’re really making a
lot of changes recently. The posts are relatively new. The video is a brand new,
take advantage of it. I have a link to my
Google My Business page in the comments below.
Take a look. Tell me what you’re doing
with your Google My Business post, especially now since
you can add video to them. I’m Tricia Clements
with Thanks so much for watching. I Hope you enjoyed this video. Please, click the like button, share
it with your friends and subscribe. I’ll see you in the next video. [music]

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4 thoughts on “Add Video to Google My Business Post

  1. Are you using Video in your Google My Business posts? Share your link! Here's mine:

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I didn't realize until tonight that GMB posts could include videos.
    Do you know if the 30 second limit is for Ultra HD?

  3. Tricia, this is great news. Can you tell me how to get a video that was uploaded to my facebook page into GMB? thanks

  4. Thanks – Here's what I did.

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