Adding Elegant Dropdown Menus in WordPress – Your Business Website

Today we’re going to show you how to
add a drop down menu in WordPress and if you’ve followed out other
tutorials you’ll know we have our sample website So we’re going to teach you how to
create this elegant looking drop down menu right here. By the way if you’re new to our videos please check out our tutorial on how to
build a website that will guide you step-by-step on
building this website right here and only about an hour and a half so if
you haven’t checked it out have a look at that first. So let’s get
into it to start with your website will probably look something like this
where there’s a whole bunch of pages just place randomly in the top menu. Either that or there will be nothing there. So either way first thing to do is log
in to your WordPress dashboard, and once again if you haven’t seen a
video on how to make website this won’t be clear to you so please
watch that first. Before you go to menu your pages must be
set up, and you’ll already have done that due to
the content you put on your website so you’ll have all your pages such as the
contact us, and all the different services that your business offers. So they need to be
ready and set up. If they’re not, simply going into Pages,
Add New Enter your title, enter your description, and click Publish. That will then appear in this Pages menu, and will be ready to
use in the drop down menu. So first thing you need to do is go into
Appearance, Menus, enter Menu Name. I just use something simple like Header.
Create Menu. You need to choose this as your Primary
Menu So hit that, click Save. Now see that the
pages that you created before already pop up in this
section here. you can simply just click the ones you
require and add to menu on top of that if you want a custom page
which is not in this list here simply enter it in the list here.
We want a link to the home page which is simply Label that Home. Add to menu.
Now if we save that, and have a look at our website you’ll
see that that menus is actually reflected here but obviously its all jumbled up and scrambled, but it’s all
very easy now all you have to do is drag and drop. Say we want home at the beginning.
Our services after home. And then saved it there. Refresh our site. You’ll see that the order has changed. But what we want, like I showed you
before, is a drop down menu when the mouse rolls over Our Services the drop-down appears.
So going back into your dashboard, all you need to do is go to the items
you want listed under our services and simply drag so that it is indented. And do that
for your services or anything else that you need to do, and if you save that you’ll see that it’s reflected right here Also if you want to
add another sub menu under that, it’s as simple as dragging to
the right again intent that under the appropriate
section and when you save it that will actually
create a dropdown sub menu. There you go. So it’s up to you how you want to
structure your menus or your web site. Hopefully this has helped showing you
how to achieve this, now it’s up to you to the structure in
any way you, like simply drag-and-drop. And it is as easy as that. Don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel, and also like us on Facebook, because we
rely on word-of-mouth to be able to bring these tutorials for you. Thanks for watching!

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13 thoughts on “Adding Elegant Dropdown Menus in WordPress – Your Business Website

  1. HI! IS IT ALSO DEPENDS on what type of theme I'm using? because it's not appearing on my website. Thank you so much. I hope  can get soem answers because I'm just self taught.

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