Adults React To Yes Theory: Fooled The Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo Prank

– ♪ I’m sorry ♪
♪ I don’t how to eat burritos ♪ – Mm.
Yeah, baby. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are going
to show you a photo of a celebrity that has gone crazy viral.
– Of a celebrity? – There’s so much every other day
that comes out about somebody. I honestly wouldn’t even know. – Oh, yeah. Justin Bieber
being a monster, eating a burrito
like a devil. – “Justin Bieber eating
a burrito sideways.” Wow. I didn’t even– (chuckles)
I had no clue. – Who the [bleep]
eats a burrito sideways?! – He’s just so freaking famous
that a picture of him eating a burrito sideways
literally will go viral. What’s going on with the world?
– I’ve done that before. It’s when, like, too big
to do the other way. And so, you just
gotta munch at it. Is that even Justin Bieber?
Yeah, it is, ’cause he’s got a mustache.
Gonna say yeah, it’s definitely him. – Okay. I heard about this
a little bit, but I didn’t actually see the photo.
I know it’s fake, though. So, that has already
been ruined for me. – (FBE) So, we have more
to show you on this in a second, but that was a photo of Justin Bieber
eating a burrito in what many believe to be a strange manner. – It is an odd way of eating,
but hey, whatever. – (FBE) After this photo was released,
it was posted to Reddit, where it started to take off.
People started creating crazy memes and questioning Bieber’s
eating habits. – People are just so bored. – Let him eat the burrito
however he wants to eat it. I mean, it’s a free country.
Who cares? – (FBE) There are even news reports
covering the story, so we have some memes
and news reports to show you now. – Okay. Well, the news
is a little ridiculous. – Breaking news: Justin Bieber eats
a burrito like an idiot. (snickers) – “Justin Bieber thinks burritos
are harmonicas.” (laughs) – That’s crazy, man. Stuff just
takes off. Psh-zoom! (chuckles) – Justin Bieber has been
the butt of the jokes since the start of his career,
so this is just another one to add on there.
And this is hilarious. – “Does Justin Bieber not know
how burritos work?” Ooh, apparently not.
– No, I don’t think he does. He was never schooled
in the art of burrito eating. – I have no idea why this
is going so viral. It’s so dumb. – I don’t really see the harm in it.
I think it’s regular. – Just so crazy that people are just
really giving him [bleep] for this. – “I always ask people
what they would do if their date opened a burrito
and went at it from the middle, and everyone says that there’s no way
anyone would do that.” (chuckles) I don’t think I would necessarily
walk away from the date. I would definitely have
a bad first impression. But if they were cute
I’d stay. – He could eat the way
he wants to eat it. I mean, he obviously got a rise
and a reaction out of half of America. – If I had gone to have burritos
with my wife as our first date and she ate that, there would not
have been a second date. – (FBE) So now, we’re gonna show you
some clips of the news coverage of the story.
– This might piss me off, because this really
shouldn’t be on the news. – (anchor 1) Starting with
Justin Bieber… – ABC News?
(whispers) Holy [bleep]. – (anchor 1) …igniting yet
another firestorm of controversy… – This is so stupid.
– (anchor 2) So, how do you eat a burrito?
– (anchor 1) Not like this. – They’re roasting that man
with his music playing in the background.
– ♪ I’m sorry ♪ ♪ I don’t know
how to eat burritos ♪ – (anchor 2) And this is a photo
of what appears to be JB chowing down on a burrito
like it’s a corn cob on Memorial Day. – (anchor 1) And if you’re
not offended, you’re not American. – (anchor 2) Yeah. He’s not.
– I mean, yes, that’s correct. He’s not American.
He’s Canadian. – The more I hear them
talk about it, the more ridiculous
the entire situation becomes. – (FBE) So, after all the commotion
around this image, there was a video that was released.
– I hope this is a joke. I hope this is all
just a big joke. – (Thomas) So, then you…
– (man off-screen) Maybe from under. Yeah, like, cradle it.
– (Thomas) Exactly. – WHAT?!?!
– Ha! What?! What?! (camera shutter clicking) – (Thomas) Ahh… gotcha.
– Wow. (chuckles) – (narrator) Yup, that photo
of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways…
– Oh, whoa. – (narrator) …was completely staged.
– It wasn’t Justin Bieber. – (narrator) We are
the ones that did it. – I’ve seen these guys before.
They do the videos where they put a point on a map,
and then they go here. – The Yes Theory people!
They’re great. – (narrator) We stumbled
upon Brad Sousa’s Instagram, the uncanny Justin Bieber lookalike.
– His twin! His doppelganger! – He’s not really Justin Bieber?! – (narrator) We wanted
to prove a point, that staging a story,
as goofy as it was, can be done much more easily than most people can imagine.
– And it worked. – (narrator) So, our plan was simple.
Fly Brad out all the way from Canada to LA to pose as Justin Bieber
doing unusual things… – No [bleep] way! – So, they orchestrated
the whole thing just to show people
that you’re stupid. Yup, I love this so much. – (Thomas) All right,
we’ve been brainstorming ideas. – It’s a whole meeting!
– (Thomas) What if he’s caught doing really weird stuff?
Like eating a burrito sideways. – Hilarious.
– (narrator) We only had Brad in LA for two days.
So, the first day was dedicated to making him look
as close to Justin Bieber as we possibly could.
– Woww. – (Thomas) We’re gonna
need long sleeve. We’re gonna need pants, right? ‘Cause JB has got, like, leg tattoos.
– (laughs) This makes so much more sense now. – (woman) Okay. See? Exactly.
I told you. – That’s a wig?
That’s not his real hair?! – BRUH!
– (Thomas) You’re trying to think of something that would offend…
– (gasps) – That’s Justin Bieber! (laughs) – (Thomas) Yeah, exactly.
Hold it like… so that you– – (man off-screen) Yeah, cradle it.
– And it’s not even him. – The whole thing was staged, bro. – (narrator) Our viral strategy
was simple: Send out the video and photo to as many vlogs
and newspapers as we could find. – (Thomas) I think we have
either two objectives: either getting a bunch of views
on one of these links or just getting it published
in one of these gossip websites. – (Matt) I think we should find out
some Justin Bieber fan pages. – Oh, that’s a good point!
The fan pages! – (Matt) We just
checked the subreddit, and it is number one! It is number one!
– I hate that this worked. – (man) On mildlyinfuriating.
(laughs) – (amused) Mildly infuriating.
Those are perfect words. – (man off-screen) What?
– (Matt) This is the text I got from Darren this morning.
“You’re on Paper Mag.” – Paper Mag?!
– (Matt) Okay, [bleep] just went down. E! News posted on…
– Oh my god. – (laughs) – (Thomas) It’s getting
out of control. – (Matt) It’s everywhere.
Taylor’s sending me all these links. – Whoa, this got big and serious. – (Thomas) Just become
a Twitter moment, which means it’s at the top of the… – Oh my god.
– Why is it going so crazy? This just shows you
how much we care about celebrities. – (Conor) They’re calling.
(big exhale) Hey!
Hey, Erica! It’s Conor. – (Erica) Start from the beginning.
What day did you take the photo? – Is he talking to Access Hollywood?
– Nooo! (laughs) – (Conor) Last week.
I think it was last Friday. It was last week.
I think it was last Friday. I was just hanging out
in West Hollywood Park. – I feel cheated.
– (Erica) What do you say to everyone trying to prove it’s not Bieber?
– Nobody thought to call up Justin Bieber’s publicist?
– (Erica) They said this is a setup. What do you say to that?
– (Conor) That would be crazy. I don’t– (laughs)
I don’t even know why people would think that.
– (laughs) This is funny as hell, man. – He’s a good liar.
Eating a burrito sideways! – (Conor) And a lot of people
are questioning whether it was Justin Bieber.
It was definitely– it definitely was him.
I think the internet has spoken on that.
Cheers. Thanks. – That’s a genius argument!
It’s like, yeah, Access Hollywood, who would waste their time
staging a fake photo of Justin Bieber? They’d be such losers!
And then they did it. – I wanna hear what Justin Bieber
has to say. He’s like, “Whatever.
You’re just making me more famous. I don’t give a [bleep].”
– The world is so deceiving, and it scares me. – (FBE) We’re gonna show you
a video of Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun’s response
to all this. – Oh, Scooter! I saw him
from the Never Say Never documentary. – (Ammar) We’ve got something
super quick to tell you. – (laughs)
– (Scooter) First of all, I know what he looks like.
– (man laughs) – (Matt) We figured. We figured.
– (Ammar) Fair. – (Scooter) Okay. Number two,
I found it very amusing, because I had so many people
hitting me, saying, “Why is your boy
eating a burrito like this?” – Oh, good. I’m so glad
he responded this way. – (Scooter) The best part
is how I figured out it was you guys. I decided to put it up
on my Instagram for one minute and one minute only
with a little caption pretending like
I thought it was him. For one minute!
– Whaat?! – (Scooter) Within 30 seconds
of posting it and taking it down, your manager hits me!
– (gasps) Ha-ha! – (Scooter) You can’t
prank a prankster, but I’m gonna play along.
I’m not gonna say anything, because it’s really funny.
– (Yes Theory) Amazing. – (laughs) I love that.
Everything’s just in good fun. – That’s nice that they played along.
– It was a rollercoaster. It’s got an arc.
It’s got a three-act structure. It’s a lot. (chuckles)
I’m emotionally wrecked. – (FBE) Now, we can’t let you go…
– Okay. – (FBE) …before…
– I eat a burrito? (gasps) Seriously?! – (FBE) …before we have you
bite into a burrito sideways! – This is sacred. First of all,
I’ve known how to eat a burrito. Okay, I’m Mexicano,
we learn how to eat burritos out of the womb.
– That is so funny. What kind of burrito is it? – I don’t feel different
or weird. – I feel like I’m doing
something I shouldn’t. – This is blasphemy.
I could cry. – If you have a burrito,
you can hold this way. You can hold it this way.
It doesn’t matter. You can be on the go.
You need two hands for this. (laughs) – Mm.
Yeah, baby. Mm. Right there.
Burrito it out. – (FBE) So apparently, this was
all a prank orchestrated in order to to prove a point
by YouTube channel Yes Theory. – Yeah, I had seen them before.
They’re doing a lot of really fun stuff
on their YouTube channel. – (FBE) Yes Theory,
who have over two million subscribers, wanted to stage a story
in order to prove how easy it is to spread fake news.
– Ohh, interesting. They had a point to it.
Okay! – (FBE) Typically,
Yes Theory’s channel focuses on videos showcasing the team
doing outrageous stunts and pushing themselves
to break boundaries. They even challenged Will Smith
to bungee jump out of helicopter, which Will Smith accepted.
– Oh, that was them? That’s cool.
That’s really cool. – (FBE) What do you think
about the fact that they were able to pull it off this way
and confuse the entire internet? – That’s insane. I mean,
already things on the internet can go viral like wildfire, you know?
But a lot of times, it’s difficult when you’re planning
to try to make it viral. – What they’re doing is not anything
that we haven’t seen before. You can do just about anything stupid
on the internet and, you know, it’s popular for the week.
– Their point is important, but I do feel like–
at least, me personally, I’m very critical
of everything I hear. This was just innocuous
that it was like, why would I be critical of it? – They already have
a really big network as is, and they have managers,
and they have PR people. So, I think it’s easier for people
like them to spread something. – (FBE) Well, Philip DeFranco
also covered this story on his YouTube channel,
where he brought up an interesting point,
that as fun as this prank was, it shows just how easily
fake news can spread. – Yup. Absolutely.
– If Philip DeFranco was a fan of it, then I’m a fan of it,
because it’s true. Fake news is a serious problem. – (FBE) And oftentimes,
many people read headlines and assume they’re true
without fact checking or following up on the whole story.
As an adult in 2018, do you honestly ever find yourself
just repeating something you read without knowing
the full story first? – Yeah, absolutely. All the time.
I feel like if you see it in headlines, you’re like,
“Oh, yeah. I heard about that.” So, it must be true.
– Yes. I have. I absolutely have repeated something
that was just a headline that I didn’t go into.
And I realize how stupid that is, but I think a lot of us do.
– I’m always super conscious of– I’ll see a ridiculous headline,
but then I’ll click on it to see one, where the website came from,
who the author was, but then also where they’re getting
their sources, because then otherwise,
you’re gonna get fooled. – I make a really conscious effort
to not do that, honestly partially
’cause of Philip DeFranco. I watch him a lot,
and you just try to get the full story
and both sides before you start speaking
on it to other people. – (FBE) Finally, with everything said
and done, was all this commotion really worth it over a burrito?
– Yes, absolutely, because you just
don’t eat burritos that way. And if we let that go,
then what other kind of CHAOS will we create
in this world? – It was a good prank
to prove a point about how fanatical
this society is and how, you know,
lazy-minded we can be. – I’m glad that they were
trying to promote the idea that fake news is a real problem,
and people can just believe something. So, kudos for doing the right thing.
Although, I still feel like an idiot. So, [bleep] them.
(laughs) – Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Adults React. And shoutout to Lucario007
and TGZ. – If you wanna catch
the next episode of React, subscribe and hit the bell.
– Thanks for watching. Bye now! – Hi, guys. JC here,
producer here at FBE. Make sure to subscribe
to this channel, but also check out the React Channel
to see our reactors gaming, competing, and so much more.
Thanks, guys. Bye.

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