Adventures In Retail – Coupons! [Meeperfish RE-Animated]

Adventures In Retail – Coupons! Can I help the next customer in line? Hello, there! Did you find everything you were looking for today? Hey! Good news! You’re just in time! To STFU! I have some coupons! OMG what a %&@! A****! No problem, sir! *Ahem* I’m sorry sir, but the UPC code on the bottom of this coupon is… …clearly ripped off. So, I can’t enter it into my register. I’m really sorry. Whaddaya got biscuits in your ears?! Just scan the top part I’m really sorry sir, I just can’t get it to scan! !!! Sir! It was only for 50c off.

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41 thoughts on “Adventures In Retail – Coupons! [Meeperfish RE-Animated]

  1. Not gonna lie. This is…literally EXACTLY what working in the service industry is like. People. Please…be kind to anyone serving you. Their job probably sucks

  2. Truth. There is a specific retailer I worked for which will remain nameless where this happened but not to this degree. I had to pay the customer because she had a coupon for everything. No joke.

  3. Nichijou is one of my favorite anime comedies!!! So happy that and Game Grumps have come together to create this channel! Love you animation!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

  4. i was laughing so hard! working in retail i've been in that position so many times XDD

    minimalistic animation but your expressions and angles were on point 🙂 i'm so glad i subscribed to you! keep up the good work!

  5. As someone who works in retail I can vouch that some customers do really flip out over the tiniest things, though at my store you can just enter in a coupon manually if a non-expired coupon won’t scan.

  6. The best animator on YouTube hands down 💯👏🏾👍🏾 when I get some money I hope you will make some t shirt designs for me

  7. I got like, a push notification for this video on my phone? I'm not even subscribed, or complaining really, but I'd like to speak with your manager.

  8. If someone blows up at retail workers like this, they got other problems going on. Did you REALLY get mad because I didn't let you keep the hanger, or did your husband ask for a divorce? Did I REALLY wrap that ceramic cup wrong, or is your kid failing school? We're just punching bags son, we're not even people there.

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