AEROFLOT flight to Moscow | JFK-SVO BUSINESS CLASS – Wow!!!

Are you considering flying Aeroflot but you’re thinking:
“Hmm, is this a good airline company?” So today I’m going to show you guys what is it like Aeroflot is the main airline company in Russia and today I’m on a direct flight New York – Moscow Departing JFK in New York There’s just one detail: I’m flying business class One of the advantages of flying business class is that you get to experience the lounges, right? So Aeroflot doesn’t have its own lounge at terminal one at JFK But you can use lounges that belong to other airline companies Today, for example, I’m at the Alitalia lounge You get an invitation card and then you just present it at the door But I don’t know if that changes occasionally
or from season to season because right beside is the Air France lounge and both belong to the same mileage company So, who knows? Let’s go for a walk and see what’s here Not many options here, but normally
American lounges are like that You can’t compare to the lounges in Asia,
for example, Europe or even South America So I’ll take the chance to do some work Thank you _ Hello!
_ Hello, welcome aboard Let’s see what’s here Hmmm, fancy! I’ve never seen this. It’s sealed and I can’t open.
I’ve been trying for five minutes now Oh my god, I need some help Thank you very much Face cream Lip balm Hand cream, toothbrush, toothpaste And voilà! A broken nail trying to open the bag Thank you Okay, so let’s see what’s for dinner Everything seems great, especially the dessert Wow, they have hot chocolate I rarely find hot chocolate even in business class Does anyone know of any other airline company that also offers hot chocolate? Let me know, please Look at this how cool! That’s us, live! We wish you a pleasant flight Time to Moscow: 9 hours basically Thank you For the main course I chose the beef It’s filet with linguine, broccoli with hazelnuts
and a truffle sauce That was really delicious. Appetizers were my favorite I think it could have five of those There was also a salad, a soup But I skipped directly to the entree But I’m glad it did because it was actually a lot of food Quick bathroom tour. Lots of amenities… Nice and smelling good Lets see their internet options This is the cheapest Five dollars for 15 minutes or 10 megs This is the one that should last the entire flight, but it only gives you a hundred and fifty megs Which means, you can’t upload a video from here Actually with any of these options you can’t
download or upload any large file Probably can’t do Instagram stories either. It won’t last Gotta sleep now. Look at my face, I’m really tired Flat bed 6 hours later Good morning Oh my God! 5:00 PM already in Moscow And we’re almost there That’s why there’s no breakfast. It’s a light meal This is the smoked salmon sandwich Which is actually like a toast It comes with another one of those small appetizers Delicious! And a cheesecake And here is my hot chocolate They also have chicken noodles but I don’t feel like that for breakfast and I know it’s not breakfast, but still… How sweet! They gave us chocolate Ah! And we got a little gift! It’s a pack of tea. Love tea! Already getting dark again Ladies and gentleman The aircraft is ready for landing Whohooo! Here we go again Moscow is covered with snow, look at that Ladies and gentlemen, our aircraft has landed at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport terminal D The local time is 6:35 PM. The time difference between New York and Moscow is 8 hours The weather in Moscow is good and
the temperature is -15° Celsius Bye! Thank you, thank you! Flight attendants are so nice Oh my God, we’re getting a bus when it’s -15° outside The flight was really good I actually slept basically the entire flight And the food was seriously one of the best
I’ve ever had in business class And I’m not getting paid by Aeroflot, I’m not even working with them. They have no idea I’m doing this video. It’s just my opinion This flight is so crazy. When you leave it’s dark, when you arrive it’s dark, but in the next day I feel like I missed an entire day This is even funny! I think I’ve never seen so many
wrapped suitcases in the same flight I’m here in Moscow to work So I can’t show you guys the city but I have an entire series featuring Moscow
and St. Petersburg. Take a look! So I’ll see you guys on the way back to check out if the Aeroflot flight Moscow – New York is the same thing or if there’s any difference A few days later Time to go back home, it was a super short trip So now, let’s see how is it to fly Aeroflot business class Moscow – New York Lounges here in Moscow are always super busy So sometimes it’s really difficult to find a place to sit
down, and you need to share a table with someone Thank you Woohoo! Window seat No, thank you. I still don’t speak Russian _ “That’s the menu for our flight”
_ “Thank you” Wow, the menu is totally different.
I’m gonna try new things! Yummy! Oh, no! Seriously? Return your seat to the upright position Stow your tray table, open your window blind Oh, my God! Look at the snow Glad it was only there! Wow, look at this huge river totally frozen. So beautiful! Nine hours until New York City _ “What is your name?”
_ “Renata” Oh, Renata! Good to see you onboard What would you like to drink? I’d like a Sprite, please _ “A Sprite”
_ “Yes” For lunch I’d like the salmon, please Ok, Renata! Thank you for your choice Thank you! Thank you Hmm, a black dim sum Normally people associate dumplings
with Chinese food But Russians has dumplings as well. They’re called
pelmeni, but I think this is Chinese Here’s your salmon Thank you Maybe you want some bread? Yes, please. This one This? Thank you Risotto, bell pepper and two types of fish salmon and dorado Oh, wow! It’s nice! Thank you And for dessert, ice cream! Everything so good! The problem with flying from Europe
to the United States is that there’s no night. It’s only day for the whole trip. So it’s extremely difficult to sleep But the advantage is to see
landscapes you can’t see at night We’re flying over the Baltic Sea.
It’s frozen in several parts Arriving in Sweden And here is Norway So many mountains! It’s like the opposite compared
to the coast of Sweden 5 hours later Wow, we’re already in Maine! An hour to New York I could sleep like an angel!
And now they’re already serving dinner Thank you Chicken stew with nuts and noodles together with cheese, pistachios, and a profiterole Renata, thank you for flying with us,
it’s complimentary from our company Ah, thank you! So nice! Thank you! More tea! Your mobile phones and other electronic devices must be turned to a flight mode or switched off That’s Manhattan Por favor! Thank you, thank you Overall, pretty good experience flying Aeroflot The flight was very smooth Food was delicious, people very friendly I’d definitely do it again If you follow this channel regularly you’re probably wondering what was I doing in Russia? Wasn’t I on a road trip to Florida? Yes! This, my friends, is the real life
of a freelance journalist I work on multiple projects at the same time and this one brought me to Russia, very quickly I’m now in Orlando, but before showing you around I’m going to edit one more video featuring a Russian city I haven’t showed you yet Hope you like!

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  2. It is pity, Singapore Airlines does not fly from Moscow to the States anymore. Their corresponding stopover is in Manchester. Not sure why it is a good idea. At this time they have no stop-over in Eastern or Central Europe flying to the States. What a pity.

  3. В эконом Джапанаирлайнс все то же самое,В Катаяпацифик то же самое в эконом!Аэрофлот с Хабаровска до Москвы и обратно удивил лишь тем,что при взлете и посадке выводится камера которая снимает,что творится в низу это зачетно,а так ничего интереснова эконом в азиатских авиалиниях не хуже бизнеса в Аэрофлот!

  4. I'm half Korean and German but spent my childhood in Moscow. Even I live thousands of kilometers away from my former Motherland I always dream to spend my winter vocations there again! Nice video by the way

  5. Renata tienes que aprender a hablar de una manera totalmente diferente tienes que aprender a mover los labios es gesticular de una forma totalmente diferente

  6. I take it often and I think is quite a good Company in a period while other Europeans are loosing quality Aeroflot instead stands out from the crowd

  7. I always use Aeroflot when I am traveling from Europe to South East Asia. Cheapest and not crowded with "tourists".A pleasant experience.Thank you for your nice video!

  8. Did you pay this yourself or your company? If you would have paid, was it worth it? I’m considering the same flight..

  9. I flew Aeroflot business class once and the food and service were superb. It was better than Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines Business Class. Seriously.

  10. у Аэрофлота самое вкусное борт питание ! И это не только в бизнес классе ! но и в экономе тоже вкусно !

  11. Have flown Aeroflot, no issues. Love SVO airport. First time I flew into SVO it was just one old Soviet style building. Very gloomy. Now many terminals and totally modern. I wish I could live in Moscow or St pete. Thanks for the video. I will bet the ticket set you back some major rubles?

  12. Soon There will be more sanctions and one of them will be for the Aeroflot not to be able to lend the United States

  13. Renata—you did not mention the most important issue as I would consider. You did not mention the type of aircraft.—was it American or Russian as I am quite skeptical with Russian plane.Pls respond. thanks

  14. Renata, me encantan tus videos de Rusia! We’ve seen them all. Heading there this July – St Petersburg, Moscow and Vladimir/Suzdal. Flying Aeroflot Business after watching your video. Saves us layover time and it’s only 9 hours from JFK. Thank you for your very well done videos!

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  16. Thank you for making this video. I'm trying to become a digital nomad and spend most of my time in Thailand, and this video is very inspirational. I've lost count how many times I've watched. I'm excited to learn Aeroflot offers service from JFK to Thailand. The one thing I like the most is Moscow is equidistant between the two!!! That means one flight is 9 hours 20 minutes, and the other is 9 hours 25 minutes. Can't get more evenly distributed than that. Ha! Other airlines are like 15 hours then 4 hours. Four hours isn't so bad, but don't like being on a plane for 15 hours. I think Swiss Airlines is the next closest to being evenly distributed.

  17. La verdad …. no le fue nada mal …. yo he viajado desde Moscú a Kamtchatka en Aeroflot …. pero en aviones de fabricación Rusa …. francamente que la industria aeronáutica Rusa no sabe de lo que es un poco de comodidad y menos algo de lujo ….

  18. , The main thing is not to lie about Russia, and everything will be fine! /// Plus for video!

  19. Thank you for your great video, I love Aeroflot, that was a first airline I’ve flew with! And since than, I’m a frequent flier of Aeroflot!!! I think you must try out their Boeing 777-300ER, that cabin is much more comfortable and newer, 777-300ER are flying to New-York too, but not always( Also I want you to try their SSJ100 and B737))) They have nice cabins too) Also they have different-old-style Business class on some of their A330s, on some A330-300 and almost at all A330-200 that are on routes to Lis Angels, Miami and Havana))) They have only one A330-200 flying with a new cabin Waiting for these videos))) And I love your videos, especially of Russia, СПАСИЬО

  20. What a horrible business class lounge at JFK. They should be ashamed to serve vending machine food. And I don't like the 2-2-2 seating. But the food looked really good on Aeroflot

    Austrian airlines offered HOT CHOCOLATE in business class during the breakfast service prior to arrival in Vienna. I don't recall it being offered any other times.

  21. I liked all your Videos about Russia! I didn,t see you many, many Months really!
    And, I know very well you Face, Renate&Face!!! Pretty Smile, pretty Face!!! BR.

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    die Weltubermacht haben und besitzen, und bestraft Russland mit sanktionen, was
    nicht gerade fair ist! Das ist nichts anders als the "Worldmortage"!!! Sehr unfreundl.

    "America first" um jeden Preis, ich finde das sehr egoistisch und schrecklich!!! Und
    Wir haben leider nur ein Planet Erde&Earth! E Muito complicado bonita Paulista!!!

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  27. Reanate, and I know very well, you liked English to much too! Beautiful Language!
    My Grandmother said many, many time about English, it is a beautiful to , listen!!!

    Renate: "If you like this video, please subscribe to help me keep creating"

  29. Hey Renate, in Germany everyone say to you, "Hey Renate", not Hi Renat(a)!!!
    I want say to you, I like you really, and you make good Videos!!! Your Country
    is a great, rich with natural resource, with poor people 90%. Shame, because
    very great corruption, greed and Violence! The best Clima on the Planet Earth!

  30. That would be equal to first class service in the USA. You would pay MANY HUNDREDS dollars more for your ticket for the pleasure! I also can say most first class providers in the USA are not that nice. (I always fly first class) As a side note, when I flew Aeroflot back in the mid 90's it was a horror! Nothing like that at all!

    Renete, I like all your Video, don,t care, I liked all your Videos really!!!

  32. I wonder if they still have Polonium 210 radioactive residues or Novichuk deadly nerve poison on the seats from the latest FSB murders in the UK!? Just wondering!

  33. 90% of Russians can't afford these flights with a $178 USD a month pension and a GDP below that of New guinea…!!

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  37. I did flew many times on Aeroflot from Shanghai to Moscow on the 330 in Business class. The comfort and Drinks were spotless. Unfortunately the Food I didn't like to much. For the Price they asked I would even if needed bring my own food.

  38. My flight to Russia with my connections with Aeroflot were by fair one of the better airlines! The uniforms are above all you can tell the high regard this airline has for its pilots and attendants! Food great, flight attendants super nice and helpful. I love AeroFlot definitely will fly them again when I return to Russia!

  39. Hi, thnx for the video. It encourages me to take Aeroflot from New Delhi to Copenhagen. Hope its as good as the video.

  40. Aeroflot is total, unprofessional garbage!!! I will never use them again. They were late and lost my luggage going on my outgoing and incoming flights. How do you screw up with somebody’s luggage twice?? It took them two days to get me my luggage the first time they messed it up. Let’s see how long it’s going to take to get my luggage now that I’m home. Total stupidity and incompetence coming from the Aeroflot company. The meals on all flights were horrible. ALL of the flights for my trip were late, actually making me and other passengers miss the connecting flight in Moscow on the outgoing trip. Aeroflot is absolute trash!

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