Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

Okay so I’m going to show you affiliate
marketing strictly for beginners here. Now affiliate marketing ain’t that
complicated and can make you a lot of money. In 2012, when I started getting it
big in affiliate marketing, I remember I was in my mid-20s and I was buying tip
bottles and tables for my friends and you know at the bungalow in Santa Monica
and in Las Vegas, affiliate marketing can create wonders
for your life. So I suggest you take a listen and follow along because building
this skill can change your life. Now there are 3 basic steps and I’m
going to go over them on my computer with you in just a second. But the first step
is you need an affiliate link, okay? This is how you’re going to get paid. People
click on your link and they buy the product that you are recommending they
buy. You make money. Okay, remember you need people to click on your link and
buy a product and you make money. Really that simple. What are called affiliate
networks handle everything, okay? So you get your link from an affiliate
network and I’m going to show you this on my computer. We’re going to use Clickbank as
the example here. The second step is you need to put up an ad. Again, what we’re
doing is re- marketing. This is much better than doing you know what most
people do to make quick money is doing sales you know. They’re selling stocks or
they’re selling furniture or bed you know, mattresses or whatever. People are
selling lots of stuff to make money but what’s great about us is we don’t
actually have to physically talk to anybody. We can be anywhere in the world
as long as our links are being shown to people and our ads are being shown to
people, we’re making money. So that’s marketing. Now how you get your ads out
there, okay? You get your ads out there using an ad network. And an ad network is
Facebook ads, it’s Google ads, it’s YouTube ads, it’s… There’s a million ad
networks out there. Taboola Outbrain, Exo click, MGID. There’s a
million ways to put your ads out there to make money. Now, this is a bit of an
oversimplification of the process. There’s other ways you can get your
affiliate link out there. You can post on Instagram, you could post on your own
Facebook profile, you can email it to somebody, you can start a YouTube channel
and put affiliate links in the description. I probably have affiliate
links in my own description right now. There’s you know, you can text it to
somebody. You can do a million ways to get your affiliate link out there but by
far, the easiest way to make quick and big money with affiliate marketing is
putting up ads. If you want to become a millionaire, you’re going to have to put up
ads. If you want to make a few hundred bucks, you can do that. You sending your
link to your friends and getting them to buy stuff but again, that’s not how you
build a sustainable business. If you want to make serious job but feel free
to take your affiliate links and send them to your friends and people to buy
stuff. Now, the site I’m on here is Clickbank. Clinkbank is an affiliate
network that’s been around 21 years. So you can do a search for affiliate
networks and find other affiliate networks out there. Amazon’s got an
affiliate network. You can see join now for free. You can promote stuff on Amazon and
earn up to 10% commissions. eBay as an affiliate network, Walmart has an
affiliate network, Uber has an affiliate program, has an affiliate
program. Almost every major company has an affiliate program now because
affiliate marketers are driving the future of online commerce. There is a
whole movement. There are millions of affiliate marketers out there that are
out there, marketing products posting up links getting people to use different
products or services. Now, I prefer using Clickbank.Clickbank’s was the
company I made my first thousand dollars in profit in a single day with. This is
back in 2011 and I remember that day. You know really changed my life. You know
that was big money for me at the time. And it really affected me in a great way.
Now what you need to do to get started is create an account. Now, when you
an account you will have to enter in your personal information. If your whoa
worried about entering in you left entering your personal information and
your banking information and also set up a nickname for your account. If you are
not comfortable entering in your banking information for an affiliate network
then don’t join one. Just you won’t make any money online. No matter… If you’re
going to get paid by Amazon or any of these companies, you’re going to have to enter in
some sort of payment information to have them pay you and if you want to
look up Clickbank, you can look up the history of Clickbank. It’s been around
for it’s been around for a pretty long time. You can look into it from all that
stuff. When you get into Clickbank, you click the marketplace right up here, okay?
Here’s the marketplace. This is where you will find the products that you can sell.
There’s a bunch of categories of where you can find products to sell along the
left side here. But what you could also do is just click this button right here
to find products in which you can market. Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to
look for a product that has a lot of resources available for us so we don’t
actually have to do a lot of… We don’t have to think of our own ad. It gets
deeper how you can find an ad. You want to find a control based on a
competitor’s ad or you just want a copy a competitor. But I’m not going to go into
how to do all the research or all that stuff necessary. Again, affiliate
marketing is a business and to learn a business in 5 to 10 minutes or even
15 minutes, you’re not going to do it but hopefully this gives you a broad strokes
overview of how this business model works so you can get started. If you want
more of a deep dive into affiliate marketing, make sure to subscribe to my
channel and you’ll get a free course. It’s a 10 part video course on
affiliate marketing and how you can get started in this industry. In here, we see
there’s a bunch of products that are selling. Now, these products are sorted by
popularity. That means that these are the products with the most affiliates making
sale with them. Again, you want to promote
McDonald’s, you want to promote whatever is winning. You want to promote what the
utmost other people are promoting that are marketing and that are marketing
successfully. You might think to yourself, “Well, don’t I want to market
products that nobody else is marketing?” No, you don’t, okay? That’s how you lose
money. You want to… If you’re going to sell… Start them… If you’re going to
start a burger franchise, would you rather open up a McDonald’s or would you
rather open up a you know Jack-in-the-box? You want to open up a
McDonald’s. McDonald’s win, okay? That’s the largest burger chain for a reason.
It’s because they pay the most commission’s, they make their people the
most money, they go out of business the least amount of time to make the most
profits. Open up at McDonald’s. Don’t open up a jack-in-the-box. You’re going to make
more money. So that’s why we go with the winners here. We go with the top products
that have the highest gravity, that have the most affiliates. Now in this case, I’m
actually going to go… There are 457 pages. I’m going to go to a product called
the red tea detox which has very high gravity. You get paid $30 if somebody
clicks on your link and buys the product, okay? And you know over 220 people get
paid, make commission’s with red tea detox every single week. So that means
220 people, some people may get just $29 and some of those affiliates may be
making tens of thousands of dollars. So that’s how this works. I also have a
popular product on Clickbank marketplace. It’s on the second page. It’s called the
super affiliate system and you know we have… We don’t have 220 affiliates
promoting it but we have a lot of people who were paying every week. People get
paid on average about 500 bucks and it’s sold in you know all these different
countries in Brazilian and Irish and Spanish, German, French and English,
okay? Enough about my stuff. Let’s go on to red tea detox.
So what we would do to promote this and get our link is we’d simply click
promote button right here, okay? We click promote and we would enter in your
account nickname. Now, if you were logged in to Clickbank and you create an
account your account nickname would already show up. I’m going to enter in one
of mine. Now what you do is you click generate hop links then okay and what we
see is we see we got a link. This is known as our affiliate link. So we’ve
just got step one of the tutorial done. You could also… We could right click and
I could click copy or it can click there. That’s our link. If people click on that
and buy the product we win. We make money. If we can get a couple people find the
product a day, we start making a full-time income. If we get you know a
hundred people buying the product today, well now you’re making about $3,000 every day and you owe me a beer, okay?
So let’s get into this. Now to figure out our ad, we could you know it is a
deeper subject of how to research competitors ads and find out what’s
working. You know this is a weight loss ad. There’s a lot of weight
loss ads out there. But I’m going to make it very simple. This is a for beginners
video. So what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to take ads. We’re going to
take ads directly from their affiliate page. So as you see, this is a
huge resource and a lot of people overlook the affiliate page resource. Now
what you’ll see is if we look at my affiliate page, which is right here. We
can scroll down to the bottom here and I actually provide people with examples of
ads that people put on Facebook. So these are you know I give people straight
ads that they could copy so people don’t have to have any questions
about what the ads look like on Facebook, what they should be advertising on
Facebook. I make it very easy. But so does red tea detox. So let’s look here. So
here’s their affiliate page. As we see right here
and they have a lot of resources available for you. So they have they have
banner ads, they have product images, they have videos, they have all this material,
okay? Articles look at all this stuff. Keywords, they tell you what keywords you
can go after. They have a lot of materials to help you become successful
as an affiliate of their product. So we’re going to get back to this. Let’s go
right here. We’ll look at banners. So right here, we have a banner. You
know discover how this overweight mother of 2 went from fat to thin in just two
weeks with a secret fat melting tea recipe from Africa. Whoa! That’s a good ad,
okay? That’s pretty good and I like that. Let’s
download, let’s copy this image. So I’m just going to click save image and I’m
going to go to my desktop and I’m just going to click save image, okay? So I just
did a right-click and I did save image ads. So nothing too complicated there. So
we just accomplished step 1 and step 2. We got a link to the product we want
to sell and we also got an ad that we can use to place on websites. I
downloaded 300 x 250 pixel ad. The next step is we have to find an ad network to
advertise on. There’s many ad networks out there. but I’m going to use one that is
relatively easy. Now this is a beginners video and one thing you need to keep in
mind is that Google and Facebook don’t like you placing affiliate links
directly into their ad networks. Those companies like to see that you
actually have your own website and that’s for security reasons. They’re
worried about affiliate links that can be switched to easily. So to advertise on
Google and Facebook, you need your own website so you’ll actually need your own
squeeze page or landing page or whatever you want to call it. But you’ll need your
own website to advertise on. That’s outside of the scope of this video.
I teach more about that in my actual training course but to become an
affiliate marketer on those networks and use those that had networks once again,
you will need your own website. The ad network that we’re going to use for this
example is called Exo click, okay? Exo click is one of the largest ad networks
around. They’re known for being the number 1 dating…Sorry, adult ad network
but they’re very friendly to affiliates. As you see on their home page
they’re interviewing affiliate guru Charles Ngo. They’re
going to attending the Moscow Affiliate conference. So they’re very friendly to
affiliate marketers. Now, what you would need to do to sign up for their ad
platform is you would just click sign up right here and you would click that
signup link and you would enter in your information to get started with them. Now
I’m already logged in to the dashboard. I’ve signed up previously with Exo click
and as you see I have a balance of $705 in here. So I’ve
placed money, I’ve spent a lot of money on Exo click and Exo click is a pretty
good traffic source. Now I’m in what’s called the advertisers tab and that’s
because we are considered advertisers on the Exo click platform. Now in order to
start my advertisements, I’m going to go to campaigns and I’m going to go to new
campaign right there. See that? So I’m just going to click that. So what I’m going to
do is I’m just going to type in a campaign. I’m just going to say diet demo. Diet demo
for YouTuber’s and we see we have banner. 300 x 250. Now there’s a lot of
different sizes here but again for our example, we chose a 300 x 250 image.
That’s 300 x 250 is talking about the how big the image is. It’s 300 pixels
wide 200 pixels deep. Let’s select that and then we will select what actual
you know, what categories we’re going to advertising. So I’m going to stay away from
the adult categories for the purposes of this training.
There are some weird categories in there. And we’re going to pick entertainment and
lifestyle. So what I’m going to select is I’m just going to select the celebrities
and gossip category and I will select online communities. Right, that sounds
good. I’m going to deselect this and I’m going to deselect all the adult categories.
Hope you didn’t see that. Okay, so let’s choose to
advertise in the Dominican Republic too, okay? Why not.
Dominican Republic, just to switch things up, okay? So now what I’ll do is I’ll
click over. I can click save campaign. I can click save campaign then I can click
over on advanced targeting and what we’re going to do is we’re just going to move
towards the end of this, okay? So suppose we need to create an ad. So I’ll select
you know English. Again, this isn’t… I’m not going to go deep into how to set up
your advertising. Setting up advertising is there is an art to it. There’s an art
and a science to setting up your advertising. But let
me just go through this real quick. And you know I’m just going to go through
this real quick and get to the point we’re placing our link. Cool. Now
we’re at the point where I put my ads. Now as you see, we’re on section
5 of marketing material. I’m going to create some ad variations. Now, I’m going to
respectfully ask my Filipino editors to blur out the parts with images of
human genitalia in them. They say there’s some crazy advertising. So here as we
see, we can enter in our landing page url. So this is where I’m going enter in my
affiliate link. As you see, I have my affiliate link right there, okay? So I’m
just entering my affiliate link right up here. Now next what I’m going to do is I’m
going to upload files. So I’m going to upload my ad file which I had previously
downloaded in the just a minute ago.
Just click upload files. Here we see I have that image, okay? So I’m going to
click that image. We have my image right here as you see, it says pending and what
I’m going to click over here is add one variation. Now we are ready to go. So all
I’m going to do is click save campaign. It’s processing.
Let see and it says the maximum frequency capping time is 24 hours. So
I’m going to go back change this to 24 click save campaign. Cool! Voila! We just
added our campaign as you see it says campaign added. Everything is pending
approval so if you see that right here, it says status pending approval and
all we kind of have to do now is wait for our ads to be approved and we are
off to the races. We got our link you know, we setup, we found a
good ad to use and we set up an ad on an ad network. So now people are going to
actually start visiting our link. Booyakashaaa! That’s how easy it is. It’s
not hard to start affiliate marketing. Now there are complexities to making
sure that your ad is being delivered to the right person. That’s called
optimization or targeting but if you get good at this, it will change your life.
Your life will never be the same. You will be able to live a life of freedom
and luxury however you want in the world. It’s absolutely amazing. Now, this is just
the beginning. This is just a tutorial for beginners
here. This is just the basics. It only goes deeper and you can subscribe to my
channel and go down the rabbit hole and see how far it actually goes. You’ll get
a free course once you subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell. I
also have a training course called the Super Affiliate system. You can either be
an affiliate for me or you can take my course and learn about how I do
affiliate marketing on Google, Facebook and YouTube and other an ad networks as
well. Like this video and please, comment below if you learn
something. Just be like, “Hell yeah!” in the comments or if you have questions, let me
know what questions you have. Love to see the interaction from you and hopefully
see you in a video soon.

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