Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT a WEBSITE or Blog for BEGINNERS

In this video I am going to give you some
strategies on different places, that you can promote your affiliate link without using
any website or blog. So you don’t need to manage a website and. you don’t need to pay
any hosting. In fact these entire methods are free to do, you don’t need any upfront
investment. Let me start by giving a quick introduction. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning
a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product
you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you
make. There are 3 different parties involved in
this process. I will use a diagram to make it clear. i WILL ADD THE Related notes to
the bottom 1.
affiliate marketer It’s where the marketing happens. In this
case, it will be you. An affiliate promotes, one or more affiliate
products. The goal of the affiliate marketer is to attract
and convince potential customers, the value of the vendor’s product so that they actually
end up buying it. Vendor – This party that creates the product. and the 3rd party is the affiliate program
or network. The affiliate program is like a database of
lots of products, out of which the affiliate marketer can choose which to promote. The
affiliate program supplies the affiliate link & tracks the referrals to the vendor website.
In order to make money there are 5 steps you need to take. The first step is for you to register with
an affiliate program. This can be amazon associates, click bank, JVZOO or any other you choose.
2nd step, you need to find a profitable product to promote. I’ve done a previous in depth
video, on How To Choose The Best Affiliate Products To Promote, I will link in the description
below in case you haven’t watched it. then the 3rd step is to get the affiliate
link for the product you selected. This link uniquely identifies that it’s YOU that’s sending
the user to that particular sales page of the vendor. It’s likely that your links will look like
this.. And let’s be honest, few people are going to want to click on that.
So as the 4th step, you need to shorten that link . some people use, which also
has tracking purposes. So you will be able to see how many people have actually clicked
on your affiliate link. the 5th step is getting people to the sales
page. More people that buy, the more money you earn.
For example, if 1000 people visit the sales page and out of that 200 people buy the product,
let’s assume your commission is $20 per product. Then you earn $4000 !!
How fast you make that money, is something that you control. It is based on how many
people visit the sales page and how many actually buy.
So where do you find these people. That’s where the traffic sources come in
For completeness I am adding Website here but as the title of this video said, I am
not focusing on that. There are several other methods Email marketing
We use email on a daily basis to keep in touch with loved ones, communicate with coworkers,
and interact with companies when we want to learn more about a product or service. Affiliate
marketers can use email, to earn money as well. That’s by promoting your link, via solo
ad email marketing. I will create a future video on this topic. Make sure to subscribe,
so you don’t miss out on it. Social media
Many social networking sites allow users to place affiliate links within posts, profiles,
and updates. This means you can use popular social sites with millions of active users
to promote products as an affiliate. Let’s take Facebook
Choose a topic you enjoy and start building an active audience by sharing relevant information
people will love. Once your page starts growing, start promoting products you know your audience
will enjoy. Let’s say you started a Facebook page devoted
to all things yoga. You could use the Amazon Associates Program to recommend yoga gear,
clothes, or books that people would genuinely like and benefit from using.
Other social sites Facebook isn’t the only social media site
that allows affiliate links. You could also use Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram to make
money as an affiliate marketer. But remember, since you don’t technically own your social
media accounts, you need to follow the rules each site has regarding affiliate links. And,
as a general rule, you shouldn’t only be posting, pinning, or tweeting affiliate links
alone. Instead, focus on the quality of content first and only include affiliate links when
they add value to the information you’re sharing.
YouTube If creating written content isn’t your strong
suit, consider using youtube videos to promote your affiliate product.
But remember, you need to focus on providing genuinely useful content, that will help build
an engaged community. One of the most natural ways to include affiliate links on YouTube
is to do honest product reviews. You must show people how to solve a specific problem. For instance, dont publish a ‘bluehost Review’
video – publish a ‘How to Set Up Your Website in 5 Minutes or Less’ and suggest
bluehost for their web hosting solution. In my previous video I mentioned 5 methods
to drive traffic from YouTube to a specific link. I will link the video in the description,
check it out if you are interested. Forum
The last method is using forums. The goal your is to offer your affiliate product as
a solution. I’ve seen many people do this with QUORA, warrior forum etc So as you can see , you can do affiliate marketing
without having a a blog or website. Which method will you be using to promote
your affiliate products ? Leave a comment below. If you learned something new from this video
please give it a like. If you like more videos like these where I go through actionable tips
to grow your income, hit subscribe. I upload videos every Saturday.

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15 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT a WEBSITE or Blog for BEGINNERS

  1. Can you do this without being monetized by YouTube; sounds like you can?? I believe this is a very helpful video for us beginners… thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great info. I’ll have to watch a few more time and take notes because I’m an β€œon paper” type of person.

  3. Great tips! Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some income recommending products you personally use and can vouch for.

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  5. Very informative video. I was wondering Amazon have affiliate program if so how can I start and does it cost anything

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