AIM Retail Point of Sale Software: K&G Bike Center’s Success Story

My name is Dean. I work for K&G Bike
Center. We’re located in Kettering, Ohio, which is near Dayton. K&G Bike Center is a shop that
was voted best shop in Dayton, so my background is
basically I’m a business guy. I’ve been in business for all of
my career and I’ve used computers, throughout my entire career to benefit
the businesses that I was involved with. I serve in a capacity that’s
effectively the Chief Financial Officer, so I’m responsible for all of the back
end operations, which includes ordering, pricing, website support, financial
reporting. When I got here, there was no point of sale
system that was being used. When I opened the door and
I looked into the store, we must have had 1500 helmets in
inventory and they were purchased, they shouldn’t have been. The business in those days had three
different locations and they were each run as an individual business. There
was very little coordination, so pricing wasn’t consistent. Inventory
ordering practices were inconsistent. I don’t know how you would conduct a
business in this day and age without a point of sale system. AIMsi is a system that allows a retailer
to manage and control their inventory. If they need something, they put an order in the system and I
take care of it and make sure that it’s here. So our customers satisfied.
The employees are satisfied. We really operate as a seamless
entity because of AIMsi. Inventory and payroll are the two
biggest line items for any retail store, so we control our inventory to a very
fine degree and it never waivers. I mean we’re right on the money. Week
end and week out, month in and month out, with the inventory levels
that we want to maintain. Couldn’t do it without a system
like this. The move to version 12, we really appreciated it
because the database structure
that we work with now is much more flexible. There are things that we can do using
version 12 that I think were just not possible with version 11. I would tell a person to not look any
further than AIMsi as a solution for their needs. It does everything that
you need in our retail setting. It gives me all the tools that I
need to work with our suppliers. Gives me all of our financial
reporting tools that we need. Each night we upload all of our
inventory from AIMsi to the web platform. It provides a web shopping experience
for the bicycle enthusiasts that isn’t exceeded by any other
system that we know of. I would tell anyone that working with
Tri-Tech is one of the blessings that I have in my job.

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