Alex From Target | Google My Business #MoData Local Awareness Video [Local Site Submit]

Girl 1: Oh my gosh guys, Alex from target wants us to meet him somewhere.
Girl 2: Who’s Alex from Target?
Girl 1: Are you serious? Girl look. Yeah I have worked at that target for about three months now. Girl 2: He is so cute.
Girl 1: I told you! You want to meet him
Girl 2: Where is it at?
Girl 1: Somewhere around here we’ll find out in the car
Girl 3: Let’s go.
Girl 2: I can drive. Cashier: Hi sir, welcome to Delish Bubble Tea can I help you? Girl 3: Oh my gosh I am so excited we are going to get to see Alex!
Girl 2: So am I.
Girl 1: He’s really close by guys. Alex: Can I have a bubble tea with tropical blend? Cashier: What’s your name?
Alex: Uh Alex, from target. Girl 3: He’s so cute. Like did you all see Alex’s last video?
Girl 2: Yeah it’s so funny?
Girl 1: Wait what was it? The one where he was talking British? Alex: Oh and by the way, in the next like 10 to 15 minutes a lot more people are going to start showing up. Girl 3: Is that it over there?
Girl 1: No. It’s something else. Girl: Guys, no one’s here.
Girl 3: What?
Girl 1: What?
Girl 2: Come one we have to go find him.
Girl 3: The next one, the only, the last one is on 75.
Girl 1: Well its right up the street let’s head there.
Girl 2: All right let’s go. Girl 3: I don’t think anybody’s in there.
Girl 2: Oh my gosh it’s closed.
Girl 1: Well Google it again.
Girl 2: We have to find him come on.
Girl 3: Let’s go. Girl 2: He has to be here. Oh my gosh.
Girl 3: He has to be here, I am so excited. I am so excited to see him.
Girl 2: He is so cute. Girls: Is Alex from target here?
Cashier: Oh no sorry you just missed him. Girls:Come on. Alex: Bad data ruins teenage lives. Crowd: Can we find your business online?

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