Alexander Osterwalder: The Business Model Canvas

Now, what is this language about? It’s about nine building blocks. Nine building blocks that allow you to describe or design every business model you can imagine, ultimate possibilities, thousands of alternatives. So, let’s watch a little movie, two minutes that will explain what the Business Model Canvas is. If I explain it, it will probably take 15 minutes. So that’s why we made a movie so you can get a quick overview of the Business Model Canvas. So nine building blocks, pretty straight forward, the individual building blocks are not new. Probably most of you know every piece of it, right? If you looked that business a little bit you have an idea of what this is. But the important thing here is that we have all nine on one slide or on one poster if we print it out and that we understand how they all fit together. So we get the big picture understanding, not just the product, it’s for the engineers in the room products, great products are becoming a commodity. It’s the combination between great products and a great business model is going to keep you ahead in competition in the coming decade.

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