Alibaba says Singles’ Day sales hit 91.2 billion yuan in first hour

well talk about size and volume the
world’s largest shopping event a single state brought to us by Chinese
e-commerce giant Alibaba kicked off today and within the first 90 seconds of
it going live the company says a process in astonishing 1.4 billion dollars worth
of consumer orders are reports millions of people waited for the clock
to strike midnight to start clicking their way through the limited amount of
items on sale and just within the first hour Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba
said it had racked up a staggering 13 billion u.s. dollars in sales on its
tenth annual singles day event on single-stage China’s version of Cyber
Monday and Black Friday shoppers were eager to shop for items such as
cosmetics clothes and furniture from 200,000 different brands
Alibaba says over 500 million users are expected to browse shopping sites such
as Teemo and to bow over the 24 hour period consumers also rare goods worth
some 8.16 billion dollars within 18 minutes beating alibaba’s entire day
sale in 2014 last year Alibaba posted singles day sales totaling thirty point
eight billion dollars almost four times the online sales made on Cyber Monday in
the US the Chinese e-commerce giant started a single say shopping event on
November 11 2009 Singles day was started in the 1990s by Chinese college students
as a celebration for people without romantic partners while China’s economy
has been slowing due to the impact of the us-china trade dispute Alibaba
singles day trading performance has drawn attention as a gauge of consumer
vitality and the world’s second-biggest economy who you are Iran news

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8 thoughts on “Alibaba says Singles’ Day sales hit 91.2 billion yuan in first hour

  1. Last year Alibaba Single Day sales was USD30 billions. And the New York new twin tower cost is around USD3.8 billion and is ranked as the world most expensive skyscraper, in other words the 2018 Alibaba Single Day sales was equivalent to about 8 units worth of the new twin tower of New York.

  2. Were the first 90 seconds of sales transactions sustained it would equal the entire US yearly GDP (nominal) in just 13.5 days. One has to admire the scale and robustness of the computer and network architecture required. Obviously the system (web site to order processing to credit card charge) designed for an even larger peak. The really interesting question is what is the architected peak.

  3. The ordered is not coming from Chinese the majority of ordered comes from around the world

    Alibaba is a manufacturer website means that buyer purchase with at least 1000 to 10000 per order , Amazon is a retail consumer and they average 1 order per customer .. probably the people who purchase from Alibaba they sell it in Amazon and other retail websites , you can not compare , it's totally different system also Alibaba has no competition in manufacturer sellers , Amazon has a competition in retail sooo many sites .

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