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Drapers 2018 Connected Consumer report gave
valuable insights into Gen Z and their shopping habits, in this video we’ve picked out the report’s key
stats and also asked members of Gen Z to share their reflections. They’re young, savvy and digitally native:
for those born after 1995, Generation Z are the next important generation of consumers
and, while they might be young, they’ve got very clear ideas on how to spend their
cash. 93% of Gen Z spend between £20-£60 per month
on clothes. “About £200 maybe, £150.” “Probably about £80 per month.” “To be honest, I don’t know because I
don’t keep track. But a lot, because I’m a shopaholic.” 29% tend to shop on their mobiles whilst watching
TV and one fifth shop from their beds. “If I’m watching TV or something, then
I’ll just go on my phone because I’ve got the apps so it’s easier.” Despite being born with digital technology
at their fingertips, 40% prefer bricks and mortar stores while 45% prefer to shop online. “Always online. When I’m watching TV, I’ll have my laptop
open and I’ll be online shopping. Guilty!” “Usually on my phone because that’s what
I have on me immediately, all the time.” 77% of respondents said that they use their
phones to browse fashion, with 68% using their mobiles to make a purchase, supporting the
idea for a cohesive omnichannel experience. “I have looked online and then gone to try
it on, so I can try it on and then order it because sometimes there’s better deals online
– but I want to try it on first.” However, whilst Gen Z are set to be the next
biggest generation, overtaking millennials and babyboomers alike, Drapers’ survey highlighted
how crucial older shoppers are with their higher incomes and spending power. Yet, if retailers are to succeed in the future,
they must adjust to meet the needs and habits of this new generation. For more of our videos head to the Retail
Assist YouTube channel where we share industry insights and retail reflections or follow
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